Motorcycle riding may appear romantic, but maintaining a motorcycle is purely classic. And more so is upgrading your motorcycle. It needs patience, prior knowledge, and skills. Barry K. Richmond, our chief editor and motorcycle mechanic in California for 10+ years, had found this truth in 2015. Since then, he has been trying to establish a website on the motorcycle, including its maintenance, upgrading suggestion, parts, troubleshooting, etc.

Barry’s dream came true with Motorbikeinsider.com as he partnered with Chris Morris in early 2022. As Chris says, “I was a motorcycle buff early. Thus, I had used quite a lot of them and found that there are hardly any guidelines on motorcycle maintenance and troubleshooting on the internet. So, I was looking for a knowledgeable person on a motorcycle with great enthusiasm to launch a platform for motorcycle lovers. Thank God I found Barry. His enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion for motorbikes are truly unexplainable.”

After working more than 10 years in the motorcycle industry, Berry says, “During my professional life, I came across thousands of speed lovers. Sadly, most of them lacked proper knowledge of their motorcycle. I knew I could help them with my professional experience and zeal for these speedy beasts. However, I was skeptical about it until I met Chris. He truly has a great passion for motorcycles and unbelievable skills on different brands and types of motorbikes.”

Long story short, the partnership of Chris and Berry has resulted in Motorbikeinsider.com, and it looks forward to solving all problems of motorcycles, including buying suggestions, different parts, maintenance tips, upgrading recommendations, troubleshooting, etc., for their owner.”

Our Team

Although the idea to establish Motorbikeinsider was of Berry primarily, Chris also works in partnership with him. Currently, we have another team member along with Berry and Chris.

Chief Editor:

Berry is the chief editor with his 10+ years of professional experience in the motorcycle industry. He has worked with the most popular motorcycle brands and models during this long career. He has also got his diploma degree in Motorcycle Repair Mechanics-Adjunct from the Los Angles Trade Tech. His key expertise includes:

  • Diagnosing and repairing different problems of motorcycles
  • Maintaining, repairing, and updating the fuel, electrical, and induction system
  • Simplify the maintenance and troubleshooting instructions for our writing team
  • Showing proficiency and skills in motorcycle overhauling and tuning, etc.

Chief Product Researcher and Writer:

Chris Morris works as our chief product researcher and head of the writing team. He is truly a motorcycle buff, and he likes to exchange his knowledge on the motorbike with passionate people. He also modifies and repairs different motorcycles with love. Besides, he also loves automobiles, and we are grateful to have him as our chief product researcher and writer.


Hey, I’m Sarah R. Tavera, and I’m working as a writer under Chris and Berry’s supervision in Motorbikeinsider.com. I’m currently studying for BSc. in Automotive Industry Management. Although I’m not an old person, I’ve developed a great zeal for motorcycles and automobiles.

I won’t exaggerate, but I’m confident that I would be able to deliver the best information on motorcycles with my collaboration with Chris and Berry.

What We Do:

  • We will answer all the questions motorcycle owners ask in the simplest language.
  • We provide information on all sorts of troubleshooting regarding motorbikes
  • Fine-tuning and upgrading suggestions for those who want to upgrade their motorbike
  • Developing detailed maintenance tips on different motorcycle brands and models
  • In the future, we will start making a tutorial video on motorcycle maintenance and repairs

Written with passion and love:

Sarah R. Tavera,

Writer, Motorbikeinsider.com