The Harley Sportster Roadster 1200: A Sporty Cruiser For Aggressive Riding

For riders who crave a sporty riding experience, the Harley Sportster Roadster is a top choice. This motorcycle packs a powerful punch with its 1200cc engine, designed for quick acceleration and high speeds.

Are you in the market for a new motorcycle perfect for aggressive riding? Look no further than the Harley Sportster-Roadster. This sporty cruiser is designed with performance and a combination of comfort in mind, making it the ideal choice for riders who want to push their limits on the road.

Here, we will introduce what makes the Sportster Roadster unique, explore the model overview of the 2021 version, break down its design and style, dive into its powerful engine and performance capabilities, examine its riding experience, and discuss its competitive pricing and value for money.

Harley Sportster Roadster 1200

Model History & Versions

Model History & Versions

The Harley Sportster-Roadster has a rich model history with various versions that have captivated motorcycle enthusiasts for decades. Since its introduction in 1957, the Sportster Roadster has undergone several transformations, each adding unique features and design enhancements.

One of the earliest versions of the Sportster Roadster was the Xlch model, launched in 1958. This version featured a high-compression engine, providing an exhilarating riding experience for those seeking speed and power. Over the years, Harley Davidson introduced updates to the Sportster Roadster, such as the Xlh and XLXmotorcycle models, which offered improved handling and smoother acceleration.

In 2004, Harley Davidson introduced the Sportster Roadster XL 1200R, bringing a modern touch to the classic design. This version featured a rubber-mounted engine to reduce vibration and enhance rider comfort. The XL 1200R also boasted a redesigned suspension system, providing better handling and stability on the road.

The Harley Sportster Roadster 1200: Key Highlights

The Harley Sportster Roadster 1200: Key Highlights

Understanding the key highlights of The Harley Sportster Roadster 1200 is crucial for enthusiasts and professionals in the automotive industry. This iconic motorcycle model has gained immense popularity due to its exceptional features and unrivalled performance. By delving into the specifics of this motorcycle, one can truly appreciate its significance in the realm of two-wheeled vehicles. Here are the key highlights:

Specification Details
Engine Air-cooled, Evolution V-Twin
Displacement 1,200 cc
Horsepower 59 kW (80 hp)
Torque 96 Nm (70.8 lb-ft)
Transmission 5-speed
Seat Height 785 mm (30.9 inches)
Fuel Capacity 12.5 liters (3.3 gallons)
Front Suspension 43mm Inverted Fork
Rear Suspension Dual Shocks
Front Brake Dual-piston caliper
Rear Brake Single-piston caliper
Weight 250 kg (551 lbs)
Colors Various options available

Brakes, Wheels & Suspension

Brakes, Wheels & Suspension

The front suspension consists of 43 mm inverted forks, while the rear suspension includes a variable rate spring over a 36 mm piston. The braking system is equipped with dual-channel ABS, and the 19-inch front brake is a disc with a size of 300 mm.

The rear brake is also a disc, sized 260 mm, and the calliper type is a dual-piston calliper. The optional wheels are alloy, with a front wheel size of 19 inches and a rear wheel size of 18 inches. The front tyre size is 120/70R19 M/C 60V, while the rear tyre size is 150/70R18 M/C 70V. The tyres are tubeless.

Dimensions & Chassis

The Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200 has impressive dimensions and a sturdy chassis. With a length of 86.6 inches, a width of 34.6 inches, and a height of 43.9 inches, this bike provides a comfortable riding experience for both the rider and passenger. The chassis features a steel frame that provides excellent stability and handling, making it ideal for long rides or navigating through city streets.

Additionally, the bike has a ground clearance of 5.9 inches, ensuring you can easily tackle various road conditions. Whether cruising down the highway or taking on tight corners, the dimensions and chassis of the Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200 make it a reliable and enjoyable ride.

Key Features

Knowing the key features of a Harley Sportster-Roadster is of utmost importance for motorcycle enthusiasts and potential buyers alike. The Sportster Roadster model from Harley-Davidson is renowned for its powerful performance, superior handling, and iconic design. Understanding these key features allows individuals to make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing a motorcycle that suits their specific needs and preferences.

  • ¬†Powerful engine
  • Aggressive styling
  • Enhanced handling
  • Sporty riding position
  • Customization options

Reliability & Build Quality

Reliability & Build Quality

Reliability is a key attribute that customers seek in any product. It ensures the item consistently performs its intended function without unexpected glitches or failures. A reliable product instils confidence in the consumer, as they can rely on it to meet their needs consistently and without any unwelcome surprises.

Reliability is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty, whether it’s a complex electronic device or a simple household tool. In conjunction with reliability, the build quality of a product is equally important. It refers to the materials used, the manufacturing process’s precision, and the item’s overall robustness.

A product with excellent build quality will exhibit superior craftsmanship, resulting in a sturdy and well-constructed item. Such attention to detail ensures that the product can withstand the test of time and endure regular use without succumbing to wear and tear.

Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200: Design And Style

The Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200 bike seamlessly blends modern custom style with classic design elements. Its sporty cruiser aesthetic is perfect for riders who want to look good while aggressively cruising down the highways. The low handlebars and forward foot crider control create an aggressive riding position, which adds to the overall aesthetics of the bike.

The bike’s suspension system also ensures riders enjoy a smooth ride even on rough terrain. With a powerful 1202cc Evolution V-Twin engine that delivers impressive acceleration and speed. The Harley Sportster- Roadster 1200 is great for those seeking style and performance in a 2016 Harley-Davidson Cruiser.

Comfort For Aggressive Riding

The Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200 is designed to provide comfort for aggressive riding styles. From the low-profile solo seat to the mid-mount foot controls. Every element of this bike is optimized to give riders a comfortable and stable ride. Additionally, the handlebar height is positioned for an upright riding position, which reduces strain on the rider’s back and arms.

The suspension system is tuned for sporty handling but provides a smooth ride over bumps and rough roads. Overall, the design elements of the Sportster Roadster 1200 combine style with function to create a comfortable yet exhilarating ride that’s perfect for those who enjoy long rides or daily commutes.

Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200: Engine And Performance

Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200: Engine And Performance

The Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200 boasts an impressive engine and performance capability. Making it a top choice for riders seeking an exhilarating ride. Equipped with a 1202cc V-Twin engine, this bike produces significant horsepower and torque to handle even the most aggressive riding styles.

Additionally, its fuel-lightweight chassis allows for easy handling at high speeds. Its suspension and brake systems are designed to deliver responsive handling and stop the power plant when needed.

Riders looking to fine-tune their experience can also take advantage of various aftermarket upgrades for the Sportster Roadster 1200, including exhaust systems and air filters. With all these features combined, the Sportster Roadster 1200 delivers a truly unforgettable riding experience that is both powerful and exhilarating.

1200cc Air-Cooled Evolution Engine

The Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200 is powered by a robust and reliable 1202cc Air-Cooled Evolution Engine. Making it an ideal cruising bike for those looking for power and performance. The engine features electronic fuel injection, which ensures efficient combustion and precise fuel delivery.

With a top speed of approximately 110 mph and the ability to go from 0 to 60 mph in just around 4.5 seconds. The Sportster Roadster 1200 has impressive acceleration and can easily handle aggressive riding. Additionally, the engine produces a distinct deep exhaust note, adding to the overall riding experience. Overall, the powerful engine of the Sportster Roadster 1200 delivers a thrilling ride that is sure to impress even the most demanding riders.

Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200: Riding Experience

The Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200 is perfect for riders who enjoy an aggressive riding style. The powerful engine and nimble handling provide a thrilling experience on the road. Adjustable suspension and dual disc brakes also ensure comfort and safety during your ride.

Beyond its performance capabilities, the Roadster 1200’s classic 2019 Harley-Davidson styling adds to its overall appeal for riders looking for a stylish yet functional motorcycle. With its sleek design and impressive capabilities, the Sportster Roadster 1200 offers an unbeatable riding experience for those who crave speed and adrenaline on their travels.

Handling And Cornering

Handling And Cornering

The Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200 is a motorcycle for riders who enjoy sporty and aggressive riding styles. The bike’s low center of gravity, responsive suspension, and agile handling make it perfect for cornering at high speeds and manoeuvring through winding roads.

The suspension system absorbs shocks from bumps and potholes, providing a smooth ride on rough terrain. The Roadster’s tires offer better traction and stability, making it easy to handle and control even when taking sharp turns. Overall, the Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200 offers an exhilarating riding experience allowing riders to confidently take on any road or challenge easily.

Comfort And Ergonomics

The designers didn’t overlook comfort and ergonomics when designing the Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200. Even though it’s a motorcycle designed for aggressive riding. The bike’s mid-mounted footpegs and low-rise handlebar provide a comfortable and natural riding position.

This is conducive to quick manoeuvres and tight turns. The seat is sleek and stylish, with ample padding for the rider’s and passenger’s comfort. These design elements make riding the Sportster Roadster 1200 possible for long periods with minimal discomfort.

When choosing a motorcycle, comfort and ergonomics are crucial factors, especially for those planning longer rides. The Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200 strikes an excellent balance between sportiness and comfort. Making it an ideal choice for riders looking for both qualities in a motorcycle.

Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200: Price And Value

The Harley Sportster Harley-Davidson Roadster 1200 is a motorcycle known for its power, performance, and style combination. Regarding the price and value of this iconic bike, Harley-Davidson has ensured that riders get the best of both worlds. With a starting price of $11,349, the Sportster Roadster 1200 offers a great value proposition to motorcycle enthusiasts.

This bike has a powerful 1200cc Evolution engine that delivers impressive torque and acceleration. Whether cruising on the highway or navigating through city streets, the Sportster Roadster 1200 provides a thrilling riding experience that is hard to match. The sleek design, featuring a blacked-out finish and aggressive stance, further adds to its appeal.

Maintaining And Caring Tips For Harley Sportster-Roadster

Maintaining And Caring Tips For Harley Sportster-Roadster

Regarding maintaining and caring for your Harley Sportster-Roadster, there are several important tips to keep in mind. Here are some key points to help you keep your bike in top condition. By following these maintenance and care tips, you can help extend the life of your Harley Sportster-Roadster and enjoy many miles of riding pleasure.

  • Regularly Check And Change The Oil: Oil is essential for keeping your engine running smoothly. Make sure to check the oil level regularly and change it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Keep An Eye On Tire Pressure: Proper tire pressure is crucial for safety and performance. Check your tire pressure regularly and adjust as needed.
  • Clean And Lubricate The Chain: The chain plays a vital role in transferring power from the engine to the rear wheel. Keep it clean and properly lubricated to ensure smooth operation.
  • Inspect Brakes And Brake Fluid: Brakes are a critical component of any motorcycle. Regularly inspect the brake pads, rotors, and fluid levels to ensure they are functioning properly.
  • Check Electrical Components: Take a look at your lights, indicators, horn, and other electrical components to ensure they are working correctly.
  • Store Your Bike Properly: If you’re not riding your Sportster-Roadster for an extended period, make sure to store it in a dry, secure location with a full tank of gas and a battery tender connected.


The Harley Sportster Roadster 1200 is a perfect blend of style and performance. It’s an excellent option for those who love aggressive riding and crave a powerful bike to match their thrill-seeking desires. With its sporty design, blacked-out styling, and comfortable ergonomics, it’s easy to see why the Sportster Roadster is such a popular motorcycle.

The 2021 model has impressive specs and features that make it stand out. If you’re looking for a new motorcycle, we highly recommend the Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200. Get in touch with your local dealership today to schedule a test ride. So If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle, consider the Harley Sportster-Roadster 1200 and experience the thrill of the open road like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is Harley A Super Bike?

Ans: Many enthusiasts consider Harley a superbike due to its powerful engine, high-performance capabilities, and iconic status in the motorcycle industry.

2.What’s The Highest CC Harley?

Ans: The highest CC Harley-Davidson motorcycle currently in production is the CVO Road Glide with a 117 cubic inch (1923 cc) engine.

3.Is a Sportster A Harley?

Ans: Yes, a Sportster is a type of Harley-Davidson motorcycle that has gained a cult-like following among riders and enthusiasts worldwide.

4.Is A Harley A Cruiser?

Ans: Yes, a Harley is commonly classified as a cruiser motorcycle. One of the most distinctive features of a Harley is its powerful engine, which produces a loud, throaty rumble that can be heard from a distance.

5.Is A 4-Stroke Faster?

Ans: No, a 4-stroke engine is not inherently faster than a 2-stroke engine. The speed of an engine depends on various factors, such as the engine’s size, design, and tuning, as well as the overall weight and aerodynamics of the vehicle.

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