The Harley Sportster XR1200X: A Special Edition With A Race-Inspired Design

The Harley Sportster XR1200X is a true masterpiece of engineering and design. With its sleek lines, powerful engine, and cutting-edge features, this motorcycle is a dream come true for riders who demand the best.

The XR1200X boasts a 1,200cc Evolution V-Twin engine that delivers 74 horsepower and 73 lb-ft of torque, providing plenty of power for even the most demanding riding conditions.

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast looking for a special edition bike that is both stylish and performance-driven? Look no further than the Harley Sportster-XR1200X. With its race-inspired design, this bike is perfect for those who want to make a statement on and off the road.

Here we will delve into the features of this iconic bike, including its engine performance, handling and suspension, brakes, wheels, comfort, and convenience. Whether you’re into street riding or racing.

we’ll explore how the XR1200X delivers an unparalleled experience in both areas. Lastly, we will provide you with pricing options, comparison details, and dealership information so you can get your hands on one of these beauties today.

Harley Sportster XR1200X

The Harley Sportster XR1200X: Overview

The Harley Sportster XR1200X: Overview

The Harley Sportster XR1200X is a powerful motorcycle with a 1200cc V-Twin engine that delivers 74 horsepower and 73 lb-ft of torque. It features a 5-speed transmission and has a fuel capacity of 3.5 gallons. With a weight of 562 lbs, it offers a stable and comfortable ride.

Equipped with Showa 43mm inverted forks in the front and Showa twin shocks in the rear, the Sportster XR1200X provides excellent suspension for a smooth and controlled ride. Here are an overview:

Engine 1200cc V-Twin
Horsepower 74 hp
Torque 73 lb-ft
Transmission 5-speed
Fuel Capacity 3.5 gallons
Weight 562 lbs
Seat Height 29.2 inches
Front Suspension Showa 43mm inverted forks
Rear Suspension Showa twin shocks
Front Brake Dual-piston caliper
Rear Brake Single-piston caliper
Tires 120/70ZR18 (front), 180/55ZR17 (rear)
Fuel Economy 48 mpg
Price Starting at $11,999



The Harley Sportster-XR1200X is a powerful and stylish motorcycle that offers an exhilarating riding experience. Some of its standout features include a 1200cc Evolution V-twin engine, which delivers impressive torque and acceleration. The bike also comes equipped with dual disc front brakes and premium suspension, providing excellent handling and control on the road. Here are the features:

– 1200cc Evolution V-Twin engine
– Dual disc front brakes with ABS
– Fully adjustable suspension
– Sporty, aggressive styling
– Lightweight aluminum wheels
– Upswept dual exhaust system
– Comfortable two-up seating
– Optional performance upgrades available
– Available in multiple colors and finishes

Design Inspiration and History

Design Inspiration and History

The Harley-Davidson XR750 served as the design inspiration for the Sportster XR1200X. The XR750 was a dominant flat-track racing motorcycle during the 1970s and remained an iconic part of Harley-Davidson’s racing heritage. With its blacked-out engine and exhaust system.

inverted front forks, and dual disc brakes, the XR1200X has a similar race-inspired look that pays tribute to its predecessor. Additionally, the bike features a unique colour scheme that sets it apart from other Harley models. Overall, the XR1200X is an excellent choice for riders who want to experience both style and performance in their motorcycle.

Engine and Performance

The Harley Sportster-XR1200X boasts an impressive air-cooled Evolution V-Twin engine with superior power and torque. With a capacity of 1,202 cc, this engine promises excellent acceleration and smooth gear changes with its 5-speed transmission. As a high-performance motorcycle, the XR1200X has top-of-the-line suspension components such as Showa front forks and fully adjustable rear shocks that improve handling and stability.

Additionally, the bike’s powerful engine can reach a top speed of around 120 mph, making it ideal for racing enthusiasts or anyone who loves the thrill of the open road. Overall, the Harley Sportster-XR1200X offers an unparalleled riding experience and exceptional performance capabilities.

Handling and Suspension

Regarding handling and suspension, the Harley Sportster-XR1200X is in a class of its own. The bike’s specially designed suspension system provides excellent control and handling, making it perfect for both the track and the open road.

Its fully adjustable Showa front and rear suspension can be customized to suit the rider’s height, weight, and riding style preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newbie, you’ll appreciate the ease with which the XR1200X handles corners and curves. This feature makes it worth considering for those who value precision and control on their rides.

Brakes And Wheels

Brakes And Wheels

The Harley Sportster-XR1200X is a special edition motorcycle with impressive braking and wheel features. Equipped with dual front disc brakes and a single rear disc brake, the XR1200X offers superior stopping power. Moreover, its lightweight cast-aluminium wheels feature a sleek black finish and are fitted with specially designed sport-oriented tires for excellent handling and grip.

These advanced braking and wheel components work together to make the XR1200X an ideal option for riders who want a bike that can handle city streets and winding roads. With these features, the XR1200X delivers an unforgettable riding experience that will leave you wanting more.

Comfort and Convenience

The Harley Sportster-XR1200X is not just a high-performance machine; it also offers comfort and convenience. The bike features a racing-inspired design with modern technology and features that make it comfortable for riders to ride for extended periods.

The advanced suspension system ensures a smooth ride on all terrains, while the comfortable seat and handlebars provide an ergonomic riding position. The bike’s easy-to-read gauges, keyless ignition, and security system make it convenient for everyday riders. Whether you’re a racing enthusiast or a casual rider, the Harley Sportster-XR1200X delivers both comfort and convenience.

Special Edition Design Elements

With its sleek blacked-out design and bold racing-inspired graphics, the Harley Sportster-XR1200X is a unique and special edition motorcycle with both style and performance. Its high-performance suspension and brakes provide superior handling and stopping power on the track, while the lightweight aluminium wheels and sport-tuned exhaust system enhance both performance and style.

The XR1200X’s air-cooled V-Twin engine delivers impressive power and torque for an exhilarating ride, making it a perfect choice for riders who demand both aesthetics and performance from their motorcycles. Other special edition design elements include a unique seat and instrument cluster and a custom paint scheme that further adds to the bike’s exclusivity.

Unique Graphics And Colors

Unique Graphics And Colors

The Harley Sportster-XR1200X’s unique graphics and colours are inspired by its racing heritage. The bike comes in a sleek matte black finish with bold orange accents and racing stripes, giving it a distinctive appearance that sets it apart from other Sportster models. The number “1” on the side panels pays homage to the racing bike’s number plate, emphasizing the XR1200X’s performance-oriented design.

Riders can customize their XR1200X with additional accessories to enhance their unique style even further, giving them a personalized ride that truly stands out on the road. With its striking graphics and colours, the Harley Sportster-XR1200X will turn heads wherever it goes.

Signature Accessories and Parts

The Harley Sportster-XR1200X is a unique model that stands out from other Sportster versions. One of the key features that set it apart is its signature accessories and parts, inspired by Harley’s rich racing heritage. The high-performance exhaust system, inverted front forks, and dual front disc brakes contribute to the bike’s aggressive and sporty look.

Additionally, the blacked-out engine, wheels, bold graphics, and colour scheme give it a distinct flair. These design elements are not just for show but enhance performance and style. Overall, the XR1200X is a standout motorcycle that truly embodies the essence of Harley-Davidson’s racing history.

Riding Experience of the XR1200X

The Harley Sportster-XR1200X is designed to provide an unforgettable riding experience. Whether cruising on the highway or tearing up the track, this bike offers unbeatable performance and an exhilarating ride. With its powerful engine and responsive handling, the XR1200X provides ultimate control and manoeuvrability.

The sport-tuned suspension system allows for smooth handling, while the dual front disc brakes ensure maximum stopping power. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a motorcycle newcomer. The XR1200X will surely satisfy you with its thrilling performance and sleek design.

Street Riding Experience

Street Riding Experience

The Harley Sportster-XR1200X provides a thrilling street riding experience for riders who crave an adrenaline rush. Its powerful engine and responsive handling make it a popular choice among those who seek excitement on the road. The bike’s race-inspired design, featuring a matte black paint scheme and aggressive styling.

adds to its appeal on the street. Riders can customize their XR1200X with various accessories, such as performance exhaust systems and upgraded suspension components. Overall, the Harley Sportster-XR1200X offers a unique and exciting riding experience on city streets and winding country roads.

Racing Capabilities

The Harley Sportster-XR1200X bike offers a thrilling riding experience on the track, making it a popular choice among racing enthusiasts. With its race-inspired design and advanced suspension system, the XR1200X can easily handle tight corners and quick manoeuvres, providing riders with the ultimate high-performance experience.

Its powerful engine provides quick acceleration and top speeds that rival other sport bikes. While its advanced braking system allows for precise stops and smooth deceleration. If you’re looking for an exhilarating ride on the track, the Harley Sportster-XR1200X is worth considering.

Price and Availability

Regarding the Harley Sportster-XR1200X, price and availability may concern interested buyers. As a limited edition model, this bike may not be readily available in all locations or conditions, making it challenging to find. However, it’s important to conduct thorough research and compare prices from various sellers before making any purchase decision.

Checking with reputable dealerships or online marketplaces can help potential buyers determine if and where this exciting motorcycle is available. The Harley Sportster-XR1200X is a popular motorcycle among enthusiasts and riders alike. As for its price and availability, it can vary depending on the location and dealership.

On average, the starting price for a new Harley Sportster-XR1200X is around $11,000. However, prices can go up depending on added features or customizations. Additionally, factoring in its unique race-inspired design and high-performance capabilities may make the XR1200X more valuable than other motorcycles.

Pricing Options And Comparison

Pricing Options And Comparison

When considering purchasing a limited edition motorcycle like the Harley Sportster-XR1200X, pricing and availability are critical factors. Due to its rarity, finding one for sale may be challenging, and prices could vary widely depending on the dealer and location.

It’s recommended that buyers carefully research the options available before making a purchase. Comparing prices from various dealers and considering additional fees or taxes could save you thousands of dollars. Even if it’s more expensive than other Sportster models, the XR1200X’s unique design and performance features make it an exciting choice for motorcycle enthusiasts looking for something special.

Availability and Dealership Information

If you’re interested in purchasing the limited edition Harley Sportster-XR1200X. It’s important to understand its availability and where to find it. While new models may be challenging at dealerships, used models can still be found through private sellers or online marketplaces.

However, when shopping for a used model, it’s crucial to research and compare prices from different sellers. Additionally, consider looking into Harley Davidson dealerships that may have used XR1200X models available for purchase. By exploring your options and making an informed decision, you can become the proud owner of this unique race-inspired motorcycle.


The Harley Sportster XR1200X is a special edition bike with a race-inspired design and exclusive features. This bike will turn heads on the road from its unique graphics and colours to its signature accessories and parts.

The XR1200X provides an excellent riding experience on the streets and the racetrack with its powerful engine, comfortable suspension, and reliable brakes. With different pricing options and comparisons available in dealerships, you can easily make it your own. So get your hands on this iconic machine today. Find out more about the XR1200X by visiting our website or contacting your nearest dealership.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How many XR1200X were made?

Ans: Harley-Davidson produced approximately 1,000 XR1200X models in the United States during its limited production run from 2010 to 2013. This stylish bike featured an air-cooled V-twin engine, upgraded suspension and brakes. And unique design elements inspired by Harley-Davidson’s racing heritage.

2.What years did they make the Harley XR1200X?

Ans: The company produced the Harley Sportster-XR1200X from 2010 to 2013. This model was based on the legendary racing bike, the XR750. And included a unique suspension and braking system for high-performance riding.

Harley enthusiasts continue to find the sporty design and impressive performance capabilities of the XR1200X popular, despite its discontinuation.

3.What is the rarest Sportster?

Ans: The rarest Sportster is the Harley-Davidson XR-750, produced solely for racing purposes. This iconic motorcycle has won numerous championships and was produced in limited numbers each year from 1970 to 2017. Owning a rare Sportster like the XR-750 can be a valuable addition to any motorcycle collection, showcasing its unique design and racing history.

4.What is a Sportster XR1200?

Ans: The Sportster XR1200 is a special edition Harley-Davidson motorcycle with a race-inspired design with upgraded suspension and braking systems. Produced from 2009 to 2013, this model is considered by many Harley enthusiasts to be one of the best handling and most fun-to-ride models in the Sportster line. With its unique features and limited production run, the Sportster XR1200 remains a highly sought-after bike among collectors and riders alike.

5.Did Harley make a 1000cc Sportster?

Ans: Harley-Davidson did indeed make a 1000cc Sportster. The motor was enlarged by 3/16″ to reach 1000cc, thanks to new 3.187″/81mm pistons. A Bendix carburettor was added to the mix to further enhance performance and rideability. This upgrade improved acceleration and overall power, making it a popular choice for motorcycle enthusiasts looking for a reliable and powerful ride.

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