The Harley Davidson Jacket: Is It Worth

Harley Davidson jackets are as popular as Harley motorcycles are. In fact, Harley Davidson is a leader in the worldwide leather jacket market. Whether you are a motorbike rider or looking for a fashionable dress, Harley jackets will surely be on your list. 

Its popularity is mainly because of the unique design, quality, and comfort the company ensures with every jacket. It makes Harley jackets quite expensive. If you think about getting one, you must first know how much is my Harley Davidson jacket worth. It becomes even more critical when you plan to sell the jacket since Harley vintage jackets have immense demand in the market. 

On average, Harley Davidson jackets are priced at $100 to $650. A few special editions may be more expensive. Plus, vintage jackets become pricier depending on their availability, quality, maintenance, and demand in the market. 

Therefore, in this article, we will try to find the worthiness of Harley jackets, their pricing, how much you can get by selling them, and where to sell them. If you love a vintage Harley jacket, keep reading this article to enrich yourself. 

Harley Davidson Jacket

How Much Is My Harley Davidson Jacket Worth?

How Much Is My Harley Davidson Jacket Worth

Harley Davidson leather jackets are trendy and a favorite among motorbike riders. Following this, the vintage jacket collection from the brand got serious attention among buyers. If you own a Harley jacket, you can make a handsome amount by selling it. Also, it will be an excellent opportunity for new riders to own a unique Harley jacket at a reasonable price. 

A used Harley jacket is priced from $50 to $100. So, it is pretty affordable. On the contrary, a few models with unique motorcycle riding features will cost $500 to $650, or even more. These jackets have a few unique features only available in a special edition. Thus, they get higher pricing. 

Now, we will break down the Harley jacket pricing into different categories. So, let’s check them out it. 

Perfecto Leather Jacket:

The perfecto leather jacket from Harley is famous as the mother of all Harley Davidson jackets. It has a classic look with a retro style. The jacket was listed on the Mercari website for sale at $64. 

Schott, one of the finest leather jacket designers, introduced the jacket for Harley in 1928. Later it became a style statement for motorcycle riders, and it continues. The jacket also has patented side-zip crochet for added comfort. You may have seen it in movies and on many superhit TV shows, as celebrities like wearing it. 

Harley Davidson Women Riding Jacket

Harley Davidson Women Riding Jacket

The women riding jacket from Harley is precious, with an embossed Harley logo of skulls and wings. The logo is on the upper shoulder and looks fabulous. Also, it has 3M wide reflective stripes. It improves the wearer’s visibility even in the darkest hours of the night. 

You can also adjust its closures to stop air from entering inside while riding motorcycles. The jacket is gettable around $60. 

Screamin’ Eagle Riding Jacket

This jacket will take your comfort and protection while riding a motorcycle to another level. It features a built-in spine and back protection. Plus, it has added padding around the elbow and shoulder to protect you from damage during accidents. 

The protective Screamin’ Eagle jacket is worth $175 to $200. One of the unique features of the jacket is that you can add body armor around the pocket of this jacket. It works as an extra layer of safety while riding motorcycles. 

Lastly, with pre-curved sleeves, this jacket doesn’t compromise on comfort. Thanks to its improved ventilation and lightweight design, you can even wear it in summer. 

Holy Fringe Batman Edition:

The Holy Fringe Batman Harley jacket reminds us of the good old American days. Its classic look, stylish design, and comfort make this jacket an all-time favorite for all. This jacket will be perfect for your fashion statement even if you don’t ride motorcycles frequently. 

The jacket is gettable around $175 on different websites. Although it is slightly pricier, the worn-out jacket, with its vintage appearance, is still worth your investment. You will also love the leather stitching on its right pocket, giving it a perfect 1960-1970s look. The jacket was inspired by the 1928’s Perfecto leather jacket, which increased its popularity too. 

AMA National Super Series Jacket

AMA National Super Series Jacket

This jacket was made actually for AMA National Super Series participation. Unfortunately, Harley never won the competition. Still, the jacket remains one of the top-selling and iconic Harley jackets. You can expect to get the jacket for $290 to $300. 

It has a light fabric with more of a custom and carefully tailored appearance. You may not find it suitable for wearing and riding motorcycles. Nonetheless, the AMA National Super Series jacket is still an excellent and sought-after collectible for Harley lovers. 

Harley Cow Leather Jacket:

The cow leather jacket comes with a bomber design and fur collar for that classic-retro yet elegant look that every rider wants. Also, at around $415, this jacket is there to cut your pocket. However, its pricing is worthwhile because Harley designed this jacket for motorcycle riders taking inspiration from army jackets. 

Thus, the jacket combines both comfort and protective gear of top-notch quality. You can’t help but love this jacket. Lastly, the jacket, strikingly similar to the US Air Force Bomber, will take care of your every need while riding on highways. From improved ventilation to quick customization, this jacket has everything a rider cherishes in reality. 

How To Identify Harley Davidson Jackets

How To Identify Harley Davidson Jackets

As you see in the list, quite a few Harley jackets are still available with their classic and vintage look. If you plan to get one of these jackets, you must first know how to identify and ensure that the Jacket truly belongs to Harley. It is vital because, in the past years, we have seen people selling jackets by the name of Harley, which are distinctly not from the manufacturer. 

Luckily, identifying a Harley Davidson jacket is no rocket science. There are three main ways to identify an HD branded jacket. 

3D Emblem:

One of the easiest ways to know if it is a real or fake Harley jacket is to check the tag and logo. The logo has a circle, and the letter “R” will be correct in the middle of this bold circle. The emblem is thick and dark. Plus, you should find the initial of the artists there. So, it is nearly impossible for fake Harley jacket manufacturers to replicate the emblem perfectly. 

Also, you should check the registered “HD” trademark tag. All Harley official merchandise will use the tag to ensure authenticity. The tag will be right inside the jacket. So, look carefully inside the jacket and ensure that it is genuine. 

Use Of High-Class Genuine Leather

One particular point that makes Harley jackets distinctive is their high-class leather. The company also chooses high-quality, durable, and comfortable leather. On top of it, you will also see distinctive colors and patterns for the jackets. 

There are a few ways to identify a Harley Davidson jacket quickly. 

  • Many Harley jackets and vests have removable liners with reflective stripes. 
  • The zippers and labels will be different in HD jackets made before 2000. It is especially seen in the 1950s to 1980s jackets. 
  • Harley jackets are famous for their toughness due to their rugged hardware and material. So, try to feel the jacket with your hands to see its uniqueness. 
  • Harley jackets will have a distinctive appearance thanks to unique design, color and pattern. So, you may look at these color and paint schemes. 
  • Finally, check the age of the jacket. If you want a vintage jacket, it will be worn out due to age. So, its zippers and leather will be slightly damaged instead of being shiny and perfect. 

Authenticity assurance:

When you want a genuine Harley Davidson jacket, buying it from an authorized dealer is always better. They will collect old HD jackets and sell them to you. So, you should try to find the authorized dealer for the Harley Davidson jackets and ensure their authenticity. 

Where Are Harley Davidson Jackets Made

Where Are Harley Davidson Jackets Made

No doubt, Harley Davidson is a proudly American brand. However, like its motorcycles and accessories, its jackets aren’t made only in America. Harley has production plants worldwide. Each of these production facilities also makes jackets. 

Currently, Harley has its manufacturing facilities in the following locations:

  • York, Pennsylvania; 
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 
  • Kansas City, Missouri; 
  • Adelaide; Australia, 
  • Manaus, Brazil;
  • Bawal, India
  • Thailand 

So, precisely identifying where your HD jacket has come from is complicated. Yes, it’s true, even though Donald Trump, in his election campaign, proudly talked about the American origin of Harley Davidson like many brands. 

Long story short, Harley uses many production facilities to manufacture their jackets and other accessories. But, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the jackets regardless of where they are made. It is because they carry the same status-symbol worldwide. 

Where Can I Sell My Harley Davidson Jacket

Where Can I Sell My Harley Davidson Jacket

You may sell the jackets through its Facebook fan page of Harley Davidson. Or, it is possible to contact local sellers, bikers, and forums to sell or buy Harley Davidson jackets. E-bay also enlists collectible HD jackets. You may reach them using their website or email address. 

Or, you can directly contact the buyer and sell your HD branded leather jackets. If you sell through online pages, you will have to share a percentage of the profit with them.


How much is my Harley Davidson jacket worth? If you have a vintage and classic Harley jacket, you can quickly sell it for $50 to $650. A few of the jackets with hand painting on them will get a price over $1000. The actual worth of the HD jackets depends on their rarity, condition, and demand.

Also, a few of these jackets have limited editions, which are collectible items to many people.  Henceforth, you should try to judge the market before buying or selling Harley leather jackets. It will help you get the best value. 

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