Top 4 Ways On How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper & Louder

Cruiser bike owners are very much obsessed with loud and deep exhaust sounds. It is about their attitude and presence on the road that they want to create with these loud sounds. As a result, they want to know how to make motorcycle exhaust sound deeper & louder with a deep rumble rambling sound.

Regarding this, we will show you the multiple ways to make your Harley motorcycle’s exhaust louder, deeper, and more attractive. It is a common requirement for the cruiser bike owner who loves to rule the road and let people know about their presence. It is a matter of their attitude and honor; let’s make that easy today and tell you how you can do it. We hope our knowledge will give you the best input for your exhaust modification journey.

Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper & Louder

How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper & Louder: Top 4 Suggestions

How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper & Louder: Top 4 Suggestions

Factory-made new bikes do not come with loud exhausts. Often, motorcycle manufacturers will use a moderate exhaust system for their motorbikes. So, you will get a modest sound from the exhaust while driving. One of the best ways to increase the depth of exhaust Sound Effects is to change the stock carburetor. You may also try installing an aftermarket exhaust system.

It requires your mechanical knowledge and mechanics engagement to make it loud; there are several processes from which you can pick one to apply on your bike. It is best to get expert guidance on this matter.

1. Change Your Stock Carburetor

Change Your Stock Carburetor

Your motorcycle comes with an intake carburetor from the factory. It is tuned to make a balanced sound and not disturb people surrounding you. When you decide to make it loud, you must change the carburetor to another model. Also, you may tune it for a more audible sound.

It is a drill bit technical, so you may need help from a professional motorcycle exhaust gas pipe mechanic who can do it smoothly for you. Plus, you may get the carburetor from online shops at affordable prices. It won’t cost you more than $150 to $250. You may even get the carburetor at a lesser price if you search thoroughly.

2. Install An Aftermarket Exhaust

The stock exhaust keeps the motorcycle operation as silent as possible. Here, you cannot make a loud sound with your stock exhaust. So, you have to replace the stock exhaust when making motorcycle exhaust sound Deeper tone.

First, you must go for an aftermarket exhaust made for the loudest sound. Also, you must find one that suits your motorcycle model and make your one make a deeper sound.

When you search for the right aftermarket exhaust system, look at the model specifications of it. It will quickly help you know whether or not the exhaust system is made for your motorcycle model. Also, it would help if you took expert assistance for this job, as they can do it professionally. It might be a bit complex if you want to do it yourself.

3. Get Aftermarket Ignition

Get Aftermarket Ignition

When you have a stick ignition, it is pretty silent to make your regular use comfortable. But now we are talking about a loud motorcycle, so you must get an aftermarket ignition, which will roar when you start yours. So, you need to install a new ignition to make your presence to your neighbour. You can try to install the new ignition or get assistance from your mechanic to get it done.

4. Use Custom Exhaust System Or Mufflers

Another effective way to make your motorcycle exhaust sound deeper and louder is using a custom exhaust system or mufflers. Custom exhaust systems are designed specifically to enhance the sound of your bike, giving it a deeper rumble and a more aggressive tone.

You can choose from various aftermarket options, such as slip-on mufflers or full exhaust systems that replace the entire system. These custom exhausts are typically made from high-quality materials and designed to optimize airflow for improved performance.

If you want a custom system, you need an engine type and parts customizer who can customize your stock exhaust system or muffler. Then you will get a loud bike, getting people’s attention. 

Positive Sides Of A Louder Motorcycle Exhaust

If you are a daily rider and have a cruiser motorcycle that will tell that someone is around and have a damn powerful sound bike, then a louder exhaust is the weapon that will make your stand. You can enjoy your ride and make your presence noticeable on the road.

It is about your attitude that your motorcycle reflects; riding a bike model that talks about you is fantastic. When you are group riding, it is a matter of being different from others in the flock. So, it is your outfit and taste while riding.

Negative Impacts Of Louder Motorcycle Exhaust

Negative Impacts Of Louder Motorcycle Exhaust

It is uncomfortable for neighbors when you are riding around, so they may feel annoyed. Also, it is not legal to drive by a hospital or school with a loud motorcycle; it hurts both patients and students. So, remember, it may not harm anybody when riding on the road. A slower drive-by may give them some peace.

At least we are responsible for caring for others and not making trouble. Increasing the RPM of your motorcycle can help generate a faster exhaust flow rate, resulting in a deeper and louder sound.

How Does A Motorcycle Exhaust Work?

We know that motorcycle exhaust is essential to our lives, but we need to understand how it works, which may help us decide whether to go for a louder exhaust. Adding horsepower to your motorcycle can enhance its performance and make it more powerful. So, let’s share the standard features of an exhaust. Here is the motorcycle exhaust work:

  • Your exhaust manages the proper combustion of air and fuel economy to generate the appropriate energy to run your motorcycle.
  • It throws away the carbon monoxide from the engine into the external environment, which is a harmful gas for you and your rider.
  • A better-designed exhaust will give better performance to your motorcycle; you may have noticed that a 100cc motorcycle exhaust and a 250cc motorcycle are not the same; those are customized and better performing for your riding experience.
  • Motorcycle engines make several types of noise uncomfortable for riders and passersby. It plays a very crucial role in controlling the noise of our motorcycle.
  • The mechanics primarily identify the engine issues from exhaust noise due to its noise control function.

Now, we know how a motorcycle exhaust works, which will help us when we tune or change the exhaust system. Just keep this information in your mind before you upgrade your exhaust for louder sounds. When you upgrade the exhaust system of your Harley engine, you ought to face a few minor problems. 

How To Remove Baffles From Motorcycle Exhaust?

When you want to remove the baffles from your motorcycle exhaust, you have to unscrew the bolts under the exhaust pipe. Then, gently twist the edge and remove the muffler; the baffles are the packaging over the mute, reducing the engine’s sound.

Increasing the volume of your motorcycle exhaust can be achieved by installing a larger or aftermarket muffler. When you remove this, your motorcycle will make louder sounds. Here are Remove Baffles From Motorcycle Exhaust:

  • Locate the bolts or screws that secure the removable baffles in place on the motorcycle exhaust.
  • Use the appropriate tools (such as a socket wrench or screwdriver) to loosen and remove the bolts/screws.
  • Carefully pull out the baffles from the exhaust, ensuring they do not damage any surrounding components.
  • Inspect the exhaust for any remaining debris or obstructions and clean if necessary.
  • Reinstall the exhaust without the baffles, making sure it is securely fastened.
  • Test the motorcycle to assess the new sound and performance of the exhaust system.

How To Modify Motorcycle Exhaust Sound?

How To Modify Motorcycle Exhaust Sound

As we know, the exhaust is the mechanism that controls the engine performance and motorcycle sound. The quality of your motorcycle exhaust can greatly impact its sound depth and volume. Mufflers and baffles play a major role in this task, and we can modify them to get customized sounds. We can do that from a customizer or go for an aftermarket exhaust to give the required power output. Here are Modify Motorcycle Exhaust Sound:

  • Install an aftermarket exhaust system designed for improved sound.
  • Replace the stock muffler with a performance muffler.
  • Install a high-flow air filter to improve engine performance and sound.
  • Consider installing a baffle or dB killer to control noise levels.
  • Adjust the fuel mixture to optimize performance and sound.
  • Remove any restrictions or baffles in the exhaust system.
  • Use sound-deadening materials to reduce unwanted noise.
  • Consider removing the catalytic converter, but be mindful of local regulations.
  • Experiment with different exhaust tips or headers to achieve the desired sound.
  • Regularly maintain and clean the exhaust system for optimal performance and sound.

How To Make The Stock Exhaust Louder?

Motorcycle enthusiasts are always looking for ways to enhance their riding experience, and one aspect that plays a significant role in this is the exhaust sound of their bikes. The exhaust sound adds a unique character to the motorcycle and contributes to the overall performance and aesthetics. Riders often seek exhaust systems that can produce a deeper and louder sound, as it adds a sense of power and excitement to their ride. Here are the stock exhaust louder:

  • Find an aftermarket exhaust system designed to increase sound output.
  • Remove the stock exhaust system from your motorcycle.
  • Install the new aftermarket exhaust system, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Consider removing or modifying the original baffle or mufflers in the new exhaust system to increase the sound further.
  • Ensure the new exhaust system is properly sealed and securely attached to your motorcycle.
  • Test the new exhaust system to ensure the desired sound level has been achieved.


There are a few ways to achieve a how to make motorcycle exhaust sound deeper & louder. From upgrading to a new exhaust system to adding a high-flow air filter, these modifications can significantly impact the overall sound and performance of your bike.

Following these simple steps, you can achieve a deeper and louder exhaust note to make your motorcycle stand out and turn heads. However, it’s important always to be mindful of your local noise regulations and ensure any modifications are done safely and properly. With the right tools and techniques, you can achieve the perfect exhaust sound for your motorcycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How Do I Make My Motorcycle Exhaust Louder?

Ans: To make your Motorcycle Riding exhaust louder, you can consider adding aftermarket exhaust systems or mufflers specifically designed for increased sound. However, it’s important to note that modifying the exhaust system may not be legal in some areas and could lead to fines or other penalties.

 2.How Can I Make My Exhaust Sound Deeper?

Ans: To make your exhaust sound deeper, you can consider installing a performance muffler or a resonator, which can enhance the low-frequency tones of your exhaust.

3.What Makes A Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deep?

Ans: A Motorcycle Helmet exhaust sounds deep primarily due to its design and the size of the muffler. A deep exhaust tone is typically achieved by using larger diameter pipes and mufflers with lower back pressure.

4.Is It Bad For A Motorcycle Exhaust To Pop?

Ans: No, it is not necessarily bad for a motorcycle exhaust to pop. Some motorcycles, especially those with aftermarket exhaust systems or modified engines, may produce a popping sound when the throttle is closed or during deceleration.

5.How Do I Make My Motorcycle Exhaust Pop?

Ans: To make your motorcycle muffler’s exhaust pop, modify your fuel-air mixture by adjusting the carburetor or using a fuel management device. This can create a leaner mixture, causing unburned fuel to ignite in the exhaust swap system, resulting in a popping sound.

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