Mid controls vs. Forward Controls in Harley: Choose The Best

Do you own a Harley Davidson (HD) motorcycle? Or do you want a new one in your garage while you are a new rider? If so, you may have heard the mid controls vs. forward controls in Harley. Typically, many of the riders don’t know these controls first. They find the riding a bit difficult for not knowing the facts. 

There are a couple of differences between mid-controls and forward controls. Mid controls are better for riders who want to ride the bike regularly, maintaining a regular posture. Also, the rider can adjust the seating position. Alternatively, bikers can stretch their legs and sit higher up on the vehicle with the forward controls. It is suitable for long-distance riders. 

Mid controls vs Forward Controls in Harley

What Is The Mid Control In Harley Motorbike?

Mid control means the spot you set your feet when you drive the bike as usual ways. Some great examples of two-wheelers with mid control are Strom, GS, KLR, and KTM adventure. Also, you can ride bikes like FJR, ST, and ZX14, having a mid-control feature. 

It generally points to the cruisers with the forward controls and sports bikes with controls and rear sets. Mid Control allows the rider to adjust the seat while seated on the motorcycle. It is very helpful to the riders who want to move around while riding. Also, the riders can adjust their seating position for better comfort.

What Is The Forward Control In Harley Motorbike?

You can use the original pedals with the forward controls in a Harley. But you will need a new lever set to control the system and to move the bike in the forward direction. In forward control, the motor biker can stretch their legs besides having the reach to the controls.

Therefore, it will impact the rider’s posture positively. In fact, it is such a unique feature to have an adventurous experience that is hard to find on other vehicle types. The rider can move their feet forward in the forward control and sit higher up on the bike. It is suitable for the riders who often go on long-distance riding or touring. 

Mid Controls Vs. Forward Controls On Harley Davidson – The Differences

Mid Controls Vs. Forward Controls On Harley Davidson - The Differences

These controls are in the place where you put your feet. They can also mean the spot where the floorboards, brake, and shifter remain. Consequently, you can experience these controls in bikes like cruisers or choppers.  Below you can find the key variances between these two types of controls depending on some facts. After knowing them, you can easily select which one is best for you. 


If you are an aggressive rider or love to ride the bike with great pace, foot pegs and controls are good. They are simple to operate if placed in the mid-area of the bike. 

You can customize the HD performance in convenient mode with the mid-control options. It does not change the performance or handling of the bike. Besides, you can find genuine gear and configurations of mid-controls. After having them, you can either mix or match the Harley’s fixtures and customization. 

You can sit and rest comfortably on a long tour using the forward controls. It is feasible due to moving your body forward in such controls. Even you can quickly put your feet on the ground when you are stuck in the traffic. 

Forward control is also suitable for enhanced visibility and tuning at a slower speed. Still, you can keep your body flexible or maintain the posture upright. Moreover, there is an option to move your legs with full freedom as you don’t need to bend the knees much like mid control. 

Visual Perfections

Visual Perfections

Riders who use a bike’s mid and forward controls possess better visual perfections, as many experts say. You will seem like a more relaxed rider if you have a Harley with these controls. It eventually makes the bike visible quicker. Cruiser riders love to enjoy both forward and mid controls. After all, they promote the old-school style. 

Installation Made Easier

You won’t avoid getting assistance from trained professionals to install the bike parts. But things can be different in the case of installing mid controls and forward controls. They are comparatively easier to install, which you can do yourself. 

For installation, you need a few essential tools and a few moments. You can also buy the controls from your desired seller. By installing the accessories, you can enhance bike’s appearance accordingly. Also, it saves vast money from calling an expert for installation. 

Mid Controls Vs. Forward Controls In Harley: Which Is The Best?

Mid Controls Vs. Forward Controls In Harley Which Is The Best

Mid-control from Harley is a perfect example of automobile technology advancement. It is better for biker foot placement. Hence, the shoes with race-style pivot foot pegs, including a mega knurl, can allow you to lean forward to the road. You can notice everything nearby while riding the bike.

Again, for better comfort and experience in long touring, you can add forward controls to the Harley.  Both mid and forward control are preferable as they don’t ruin your day. You can ride the bike smoothly in a flexible way. Now, which one is best or better totally depends on you. Also, it is dependent on the bike type you ride. 

Why Should You Install Mid-Controls And Forward Controls?

By installing these controls, you can get many benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Suitable for riders with long legs. 
  • Ideal for riding with passengers. 
  • Room for placing and moving your feet 
  • Increases the internal confidence about riding. 
  • A better, comfy ride, especially on a distant tour. 
  • No stiffness in the knees or lower back of the rider. 
  • Better for peaceful riding with great visual perfections.
  • Reduced chances of an accident when you need to use the brake unexpectedly. 


So, what do you think which one is the best? Mid controls or forward controls? Both controls are friendly for Harley riders. If you want a long ride, you should install them on your two-wheeler and make yourself comfy and flexible. 

For seat adjustment and maintaining a regular way of riding, mid controls are better. Again, for the long-legged riders, forward controls are better.

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