Pros and Cons of Removing Baffles Of Your Motorcycle 

Many motorcycle owners love the deep rumbling sound coming from their motorcycles. For many riders, it works as mediation in the long rides on highways and cross-country tours. Others enjoy the roaring of their motorcycle. 

Thus, they often find ways to enhance the quality and feel of the motorcycle sound. One such way is to remove the baffle from the motorcycle. Of course, it delivers a unique and deep rumbling sound to please your ears. But is it suitable for your motorcycle?

We will go through the pros and cons of removing baffles of motorcycles to find their worthiness. A baffle is installed with the motorcycle to reduce the noise. It also improves backpressure and overall emission facility and performance of the motorbike. Conversely, removing the baffle means you will get deeper and louder noise. However, it doesn’t boost the performance of your vehicle. At worst, it will suck colder air to cause an engine problem.¬†

Thus, you must compare the benefits and disadvantages of uninstalling the baffles. Also, you should consider the legal side of it and the reinstallation facility, if need be. 

Pros and Cons of Removing Baffles

What Is A Baffle And Its Purposes On A Motorcycle?

What Is A Baffle And Its Purposes On A Motorcycle

A baffle is a tiny part. It remains inside the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle. It is attached to the exhaust tube using screws. If you look closely at the baffle, you will see its sides perforated. This tiny perforation helps it to cut the sound and reduce it to an audible standard. 

The baffle can be of different sizes and shapes. Similarly, manufacturers use different materials to construct it. This material list includes:

  1. Fiberglass 
  2. Metal 
  3. Combo of metal and fiberglass 

Whatever its size, shape, and manufacturing materials, it has two primary purposes. The baffle will:

  1. Reduce the noise coming from the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle 
  2. It boosts the back pressure and helps the motorcycle speed up with less fuel 

However, note that not all baffles will fulfill both demands. Some will only decrease the noise emission, and others will boost the back pressure. Some high-end motorcycle baffles will decrease noise emission and increase the pressure simultaneously. 

Many owners purposefully remove the baffle to enhance the noise emission. They say it feels like an acoustic metallic tune to their ears. But before you decide to uninstall the baffle, you must know its pros and cons. 

Pros And Cons Of Removing Baffles 

Motorcycle baffles are there for a definite purpose. The manufacturer includes it to keep the noise emission at an optimal level. Also, it is a low-maintenance item and not so expensive. Removing it will affect the engine performance. 

Advantages Of The Baffle:

Advantages Of The Baffle

When the baffle is within the motorcycle exhaust pipe, you will experience smooth riding. Also, it helps in balancing the torque and horsepower output for better fuel efficiency. 

Decrease Noise Emission:

When you ride a motorcycle, you will go through different places. All these places may not have the same level of noise suggestions. For instance, schools and hospitals are noise-free zones that restrict you from pressing horns. The deeper rumbling sound of your motorcycle will be unwelcome in these places. 

Similarly, in most locations of America, authority allows 72dB to 100dB of noise level from vehicles. The baffling inside the exhaust pipe helps you maintain the recommended noise. The baffle reduces the sound and helps you ride quietly. 

A standard baffle can reduce the noise by 3dB to 15dB. The actual capacity depends on the design and material of the baffle. For instance, longer baffles suppress the noise better. Also, fiberglass wrapping on it will further lower sound production. 

Finally, many baffles have multiple chambers. With an increased chamber, it can lower the sound emission significantly. 

Low-Cost Maintenance:

The baffles on Harley Davidson motorcycles require minimal maintenance. Thus, you don’t need to spend heavily on its maintenance. The metal and fiberglass material of the baffle is built solidly. It saves the small item from being damaged further.¬†

As a result, the baffle will remain safe inside the exhaust pipe without any major maintenance. 

Increases Back Pressure Of Your Motorcycle:

Increases Back Pressure Of Your Motorcycle

Recently, there has been a lot of heated debate on the usefulness of the back pressure on engine performance. Yet, most automobile and motorbike experts suggest that the back pressure helps propel the vehicle faster. It improves fuel efficiency too. So, your cost of riding the vehicle will reduce considerably. 

Thankfully, the baffle boosts the back pressure. Although it is not extensive, it still is considerable. The actual ability to create back pressure depends on the baffle design and tuning. The better tuning it has, the more back pressure it will create. 

Consequences Of Removing The Baffle:

Of course, removing the motorcycle baffle will deliver a terrific noise you will love. But it comes with a few critical consequences. Before you remove the baffle entirely, you must know its setbacks of it thoroughly. 

Enhances The Exhaust Pipe Sound:

Uninstalling the baffle from the exhaust pipe inside will boost the sound. As a result, the motorcycle roar will be louder and more profound. Experts suggest that removing the baffle will increases the sound by 3dB to 15dB, which is a significant improvement. 

But, you must consider the actual loudness of your motorcycle. By default, motorcycles are louder than any cars and SUVs. The standard loudness level for the motorcycle varies from 82dB to 100dB. Also, older motorcycles are louder than newer ones. 

Decreases The Back Pressure And Engine Performance:

Decreases The Back Pressure And Engine Performance

Uninstalling the baffle means you are decreasing the back pressure of the motorcycle. Consequently, it affects the performance and efficiency of the engine too. Thus, you might lose the riding smoothness of the Harley Davidson motorcycles.  On top of it, it may increase the fuel consumption of your motorcycle. So, be alert to it. 

Cold Air Input:

The baffle disallows cold air from the environment to enter the exhaust pipe and muffler. When you remove this baffle, cold air will quickly enter through the straight exhaust pipe. It happens when you let off the motorcycle throttle. As a result, there will be a sudden change in the air pressure inside the muffler. 

This sudden entrance of colder air will affect both two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Thus, the engine might become disabled and need a costly repair. 

Governance Rules On Removing Motorcycle Baffle 

Federal and state governments don’t regulate baffles’ use on motorcycles. However, they follow strict rules for motorcycle loudness. It, in turn, controls the usability of the baffle. A study on the Motorcycle Noise Standards found the following results for loudness and baffles.¬†

  1. According to American State regulations, the motorcycle’s loudness must be under 84dB. The law applies to all motorcycles manufactured before or after 1979.¬†
  2. The 84dB loudness level applies to all motorcycles over 35MPH. It is further applicable to highways and pavements. 
  3. There were 1000+ cases filed on motorcycle owners for crossing the loudness level and defective mufflers during the financial year 2002-2003. There were another 976 cases filed for violating the suggested noise level in certain areas. 

As you see, removing the baffle from the muffler increases the chance of violating motorcycle loudness’s federal and state rules. So, is it suitable?

Should You Remove Baffle From Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe?

Should You Remove Baffle From Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe

The pros and cons of removing the motorcycle baffle aren’t too hard. However, the big decision depends on your preference and the violation possibility of the state laws. With the baffled removed, the motorcycle loudness will increase from 3dB to 15dB. So, you may easily violate motorcycle noise’s state and federal rules.¬†

Also, it hurts the engine performance as exhaust pipes suck colder air. You can only think of removing the baffle when you genuinely want a deeper sound. Instead, we suggest you upgrade the 2-in-1 exhaust pipe system for the roaring you want.


The pros and cons of removing baffles suggest that uninstalling them isn’t a practical idea. The removal will only increase the loudness. Of course, that more resounding roar brings personal satisfaction to motorcycle riders. However, it lowers the performance of motorcycle engines. Lastly, you may violate the noise level of motorcycles with the baffle, not inside the exhaust pipe.¬†

Therefore, we suggest you change the exhaust pipe. It will enhance the sound and give your motorcycle a new look. Many exquisite-looking exhaust pipes are fantastic both in terms of look and performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Is It Possible To Reinstall The Baffle On A Motorcycle?

Ans: As you read the consequences of uninstalling the baffle, you might be sad about the wrong decision. The happy news is that you may quickly reinstall the motorcycle baffle inside the exhaust pipe. Sometimes the baffle may wear out and need replacement anyways. 

2.Is It Legal To Remove Motorcycle Baffles?

Ans: There’s no strict rule on the motorcycle baffle removal and upgradation process. However, you risk crossing the suggested noise level for motorcycles and paying fines. So, it is not a good idea.

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