Road King Classic Windshield: Perfect Windshield for Your Classic Ride

If you own a Road King Classic, you know that this bike is a true classic. It’s a timeless piece of machinery that combines a sleek, powerful engine with an unmistakable style that never goes out of fashion.

But riding a motorcycle isn’t always smooth – especially if you’re hitting the open road at high speeds. That’s why choosing the right Road King Classic windshield is essential to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.

We’ll explore the different types of windshields available for your Road King Classic and cover the important factors to consider when selecting. Whether you’re looking for maximum protection from the elements or want to add a touch of style to your ride, we have everything you need to make an informed decision.

We’ll also explore the benefits of adding a windshield to your bike and how it can improve your riding experience. A good windshield can make all the difference, from reducing wind fatigue to increasing visibility.

Road King Classic Windshield

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Road King Classic Windshield

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Road King Classic Windshield

When choosing the perfect windshield for your Road King Classic, there are several factors to consider—ensuring that the windshield fits your model and year is essential for proper installation and maximum wind protection. Next, determine the optimal height for your windshield that offers sufficient coverage while allowing clear visibility over the top of the shield.

The shield’s material is another crucial factor to consider, as acrylic or polycarbonate materials offer different levels of durability and clarity. Additionally, selecting a style that complements your Road King Classic’s overall aesthetic and considering any extra accessories or features can further enhance your riding experience. Considering all these factors, you can find the perfect Road King Classic windshield for your classic ride.

Size Of The Windshield

Choosing the right size for your Road King Classic windshield can be daunting. Windshield size directly affects the amount of wind protection you receive while riding, and getting it wrong can make your riding experience uncomfortable. A taller windshield may offer more protection against wind and debris but also create more turbulence and noise.

On the other hand, a shorter windshield may not provide as much wind protection, but it won’t hinder your visibility or disrupt airflow as much. Remember that your height and riding position are significant factors when choosing the right windshield size. Ultimately, picking the perfect size for your Road King Classic will depend on your preferences and needs.

Shape And Style

When it comes to the windshield on your Road King Classic, there are a variety of shapes and styles to choose from. One popular option is the traditional curved windshield, which offers a classic look and good wind protection. A straight or angled windshield can be an excellent choice for those who prefer a more modern look.

These styles also tend to offer better visibility than curved windshields. Ultimately, your Road King Classic windshield’s shape and style will depend on your preferences and the riding you plan on doing. Whether you opt for a classic or modern design, investing in a quality windshield can help make your rides more comfortable and enjoyable.

Material And Durability

Material and durability are important factors when choosing a windshield for your Road King Classic. The most common materials for windshields are acrylic, polycarbonate, and glass. Acrylic is the most affordable option but may not be as durable as polycarbonate or glass.

Polycarbonate is a stronger and more impact-resistant material than acrylic, making it a popular choice among riders. Glass windshields are these materials. Still, they can also be the heaviest expensive option. Regarding durability, choosing a windshield that can withstand different weather conditions and debris on the road is important. A windshield with scratch-resistant coating can help prevent damage from rocks and other debris.

Additionally, some windshields come with UV protection to prevent discoloration or cracking from exposure to sunlight. Ultimately, the choice of material and durability will depend on your preferences and riding needs. It’s important to weigh each option’s pros and cons before deciding.

Popular Road King Classic Windshields In The Market

Popular Road King Classic Windshields In The Market

The Road King Classic is a popular motorcycle model known for its classic design and smooth ride. Many riders install a windshield on their Road King Classic to enhance their riding experience and protect themselves from wind, debris, and bugs.

Several popular Road King Classic windshields in the market offer varying features and benefits. Some of these include the Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing, which offers a sleek design and excellent wind protection, and the National Cycle SwitchBlade Windshield, which allows for easy removal and customization with different sizes and tints.

Other notable options include the Klock Werks Flare Windshield, which reduces turbulence and improves stability at high speeds, and the Harley-Davidson Tallboy Windshield, which provides significant wind protection without sacrificing style. With so many options available, choosing a windshield that fits your specific needs and preferences as a rider is important.

Smoke Windshield Windscreen For Harley Davidson Dyna Softail Sportster 883 1200

Smoke Windshield Windscreen For Harley Davidson Dyna Softail Sportster 883 1200

For Road King Classic riders looking to add an extra touch of style, the Smoke Windshield Windscreen is a popular choice. Made of durable ABS plastic with a smoked finish, this windshield fits Harley Davidson Dyna, Softail, Sportster 883, and 1200 models and provides excellent wind protection while riding.

Many riders appreciate that the Smoke Windshield enhances the overall look of your bike and complements its classic design. Plus, it’s easy to install with no modifications required and comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish option that won’t compromise performance, the Smoke Windshield Windscreen is worth considering.

9.5″ Black Windscreen Windshield For Harley Davidson Road Glide 1998 99 00 2013

If you’re looking for a windshield that combines style and protection, the 9.5″ Black Windscreen Windshield for Harley Davidson Road Glide might be the perfect choice for your Road King Classic. This popular option is made from high-quality polycarbonate material, which ensures excellent clarity and durability. The sleek black color complements your bike’s classic design and adds a touch of style to its look.

Not only does this windshield offer great protection from wind and debris while riding at high speeds on highways and long distances, but it also enhances the overall aesthetics of your motorcycle. Its easy installation process and included hardware make it a hassle-free upgrade for riders looking to improve their riding experience. Consider investing in this quality windshield for an ultimate riding experience on your Road King Classic.

Choosing The Right Windshield For Your Road King Classic

Choosing The Right Windshield For Your Road King Classic

When choosing the right windshield for your Road King Classic, there are a few important factors to consider. First and foremost, you’ll want to think about the riding you’ll be doing and the weather conditions you’ll be facing. A shorter windshield may be sufficient if you’re primarily riding in fair weather. However, a taller windshield may provide better protection if you frequently ride in colder or wetter conditions.

Another important consideration is the style of the windshield that best suits your bike’s aesthetic. You may prefer a classic look with a clear windshield or a tinted or smoked version to add personality to your ride. Ultimately, the right choice depends on your preferences and needs as a rider.

It’s always a good idea to consult experts or fellow riders for advice on choosing the perfect windshield for your Road King Classic. With the right windshield, you can enjoy a comfortable and safe ride regardless of your conditions.

Pros And Cons Of The Popular Road King Classic Windshields

The Road King Classic is a popular motorcycle model that offers riders a smooth ride and classic style. Regarding windshields for this model, there are several options, each with pros and cons. One popular option is the tall touring windshield, which provides excellent wind protection for long rides. However, some riders may find that it obstructs their view or adds extra weight to the bike.

Another option is the low-profile windshield, which offers a sleek look and minimal wind resistance. This can be a great choice for shorter rides or those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic. However, it may not provide enough wind protection for longer rides or colder weather.

Ultimately, the pros and cons of each type of Road King Classic windshield will depend on your preferences and riding style. It’s important to consider factors such as wind protection, visibility, and aesthetics when choosing a windshield for your Road King Classic.


Choosing the right windshield is crucial to the overall riding experience on your Road King Classic. When selecting a windscreen, there are several factors to consider, such as size, shape, and durability. After considering these factors, it’s important to look at popular options in the market that fit your specific needs.

We have highlighted some of the best Road King Classic windshields available today and their pros and cons. Investing in a quality windshield will provide a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. So, take your time, weigh your options carefully, and choose the perfect windshield for your classic ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Should I Look Through Or Over My Motorcycle Windshield?

Ans: Whether to look through or over your motorcycle windshield is a personal preference. Looking through the windshield can reduce wind noise and increase stability while looking over the windshield can provide better visibility and a more open riding experience. Experimenting with both options is best to find what works best for you and your riding style. Ultimately, the decision should be based on your comfort and safety while riding.

2.What Size Windshield Comes On A Road King?

Ans: The stock windshield for a Road King Classic is typically 18 inches tall. However, it’s important to remember that windshields come in different heights, so choosing the right size is essential based on your riding preferences and needs.

Some popular brands include Memphis Shades and National Cycle. When choosing a windshield, consider factors like wind protection, aesthetics, and clarity to find the best fit for your Road King.

3.How Many Miles Will A Road King Last?

Ans: The lifespan of a Road King can vary depending on factors such as maintenance, usage, and driving conditions. With proper care, a Road King can last for over 100,000 miles. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are key to extending the life of your bike.

Other factors affecting how many miles a Road King will last include engine type and model year. Ultimately, how long your Road King lasts will depend on how well you take care of it.

4.How Tall Should My Windscreen Be?

Ans: The height of your windscreen should be based on your individual preferences and needs. A taller windscreen can offer more protection from wind and debris but may also create more turbulence. When selecting a windscreen, consider the riding you will be doing.

A taller windscreen may be more beneficial if you plan to do mostly highway riding. You are choosing a windscreen that is at or slightly above eye level for optimal visibility while riding is recommended.

5.What Are The Benefits Of Having A Windshield On Your Motorcycle?

Ans: Having a windshield on your motorcycle can provide several benefits, such as protection from wind, rain, and debris. It can also reduce rider fatigue by minimizing wind resistance. Furthermore, a windshield can improve visibility by reducing glare and wind turbulence. Apart from functional advantages, it can also add an aesthetic appeal to your motorcycle.

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