Ultra Classic Vs. Ultra Limited: Choose The Best

The Ultra Classic and Ultra Limited are two top-of-the-line touring motorcycles from Harley Davidson. As they both are from the touring lineup, they have many similarities. Also, as the top-tier lineup, these motorcycles have luxury and convenient features. 

When you want to get the best touring motorcycle from Harley, you need to know Ultra Classic vs. Ultra Limited comparison. Both motorcycles use the Twin Cam 103TM V-Twin engine to power them for an incredible touring experience. 

Also, the motorcycles have the same seat height at 25.6” laden and 27” unladen. Similarly, they have identical ground clearance, 2″ less than their standard models. You need to go through their detailed comparison to find which one you should choose. 

Nonetheless, Harley Ultra Limited has a powerful engine, better suspension system, superior infotainment, and a lengthier frame for two people to ride comfortably. On the contrary, Ultra Classic offers more standard features than Ultra Limited’s luxury. 

Ultra Classic Vs. Ultra Limited

Ultra Classic Vs. Ultra Limited: Detailed Comparison 

Ultra Classic Vs. Ultra Limited - Detailed Comparison 

The Ultra models of Harley Davidson touring bikes are famous for their riding convenience, luxury, and amazing design. They both have immense popularity among American riders. However, these bikes are expensive at $25000 plus pricing. Thus, it is incredibly important that you pick the best bike for you these two. And to do this, you must compare them thoroughly. 

A Brief Comparison

Comparing point 

Ultra Classic 

Ultra Limited 


Twin Cam 103TM V-Twin

Twin Cam 103TM V-Twin





1584cc or 96 cubic-inch

1754 cc or 107 cubic-inch


403.2 kg / 889 lbs.

397.80kg/ 877 lbs.

Fuel Capacity

22.7 Litres / 6.0 gal

22.7 Litres / 6.0  gal


98.6” x 38” x 61” (L x W x H)

102.4” x 38” x 61.7” (L x W x H)

Max Speed

100 mph

125 mph

Fuel Consumption


38.56 mpg

Best for

Riding 2 persons

Two-person riding 


USD 24,699 USD 


The comparison chart shows that these two Harley touring bikes offer physical and technical features. Thus, the final decision may come to your preference. However, Harley Limited is slightly lengthy in size and offers better space for two persons. Also, it is lighter than the Ultra Classic model despite having a lengthier profile. 

The key difference comes in their engine capacity and maximum speed. The Limited edition has a 1754cc capacity and can reach a top speed of 125MPH. So, it would be a better choice if you want increased top speed. 

Standard Specification Comparison

Comparing point 

Ultra Classic 

Ultra Limited

Total length



Seat height

29.1 inches

27.5 inches

Ground clearance

5.3 inches

5.3 inches

Fuel Capacity

22.7 Litres / 6.0 gal

22.7 Litres / 6.0 gal

Oil Capacity

5.2 quarts

5.3 quarts

Front Tire


BW 130/80B17 65H

Rear Tire


BW 180/65B16 81H

Wheel Base 

63.5 inches

64 inches


2x 29.2mm (front) 1X29.2mm (rear) 

32 mm for both front and rear wheels 

As you can see from the standard specification, both bikes offer similar specs. The only exception is the brakes system, where Harley Limited used larger 32mm brakes for the rear and front. Also, both bikes use the standard 4-piston caliper brakes, which are the industry standard for motorcycles. They offer excellent braking capacity that you can rely on during emergencies. 

However, the Classic model has a slightly higher seat, at 29.1 inches in height. So, taller people will find it easy to sit on the Ultra Classic. On the contrary, Ultra Limited, with 27.5 inches seat height, is ideal for taller and shorter people. 

Comparison Of Engine

Comparison Of Engine

Comparing point 

Ultra Classic 

Ultra Limited 

Engine Type

Milwaukee-Eight® 107

Milwaukee-Eight® 114


96 cubic inches

107 cubic inches

Ratio of Compression




4.401 inches 

4.375 inches

Maximum Torque

92 ft. lbs; 3000 rpm

119 lbs-ft ; 3000 RPM





Dry sump

Dry sump 



Air and oil-cooled 

Primary ride



Final Ride



Fuel System

Electronic sequential port fuel injection

Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)


2:1:2 dual exhaust 

2:1:2 dual exhaust 

The discussion shows that Ultra Limited has a stronger engine with a higher displacement capacity. Thus, it can reach its top speed o 125MPH faster than the 100MPH speed of Ultra Classic. If you are a speed lover, Ultra Limited will be the right option to go for you. Plus, it uses both air cooling and oil cooling technology for the engine. So, the engine will be more efficient and consistent. It will be useful for long tours. 

Comparison Of The Chassis

Comparing points 

Ultra Classic 

Ultra Limited 

Frame Structure

Impeller Cast Aluminum

Slicer II cast aluminum

Front suspension

41.3 mm telescopic

Adjustable telescopic fork 

Rear suspension


Twin shock 


1612 mm ( 63.5 in)

1,625 mm (64.0 inches)

Rear Wheel

17” x 4.5”; Steel laced rim

17” x 4.5”; Steel laced rim

First Tire

80/90 x 21

100/90 x 19

Rear Tire

180/60 x 17

150/ 80 x 16

As the chassis comparison of Ultra Classic vs. Ultra Limited shows, both bikes have similar specs. But, we found the Ultra Limited more convenient with a better suspension system. So, it will be a better option for off-road riding. It will also be useful to ride through uneven roads without any shocks and impacts with the adjustable suspension systems. 

Comparison Of Performance

Comparing points 

Ultra Classic 

Ultra Limited 

Torque volume

92 ft. lbs 

119 ft/lbs.


3000 rpm


fuel efficiency 

45 mpg

38.56 mpg

Ultra Limited can generate more power with a powerful engine. But the powerful engine comes with a tradeoff for the Ultra Limited. It only has 38.56mpg of fuel efficiency than 45mps of the Ultra Classic model. Ultra Limited will be a better option if you go too long rides often. Also, it will be a good deal for regular city touring to go to offices and other works. 

Style, Design, And Comfort: Ultra Classic Vs. Ultra Limited 

Style, Design, And Comfort - Ultra Classic Vs. Ultra Limited 

Harley Ultra Limited accommodates all the luxury and comfort you want in a motorcycle as the limited edition. You can get various trimming and customizing options with the availability of various colors in the market. On the contrary, Ultra Classic has only a few color and customization options. 

Next up, Ultra Limited has an excellent infotainment facility. Its infotainment system includes ™ Box GTS, which can crank up some rocking sounds. Plus, the 4-speakers can generate top-notch sound that will feel like a true concert. 

On the contrary, Ultra Classic has a standard Boom!™ Box 4.3 infotainment and sound system with 4 speakers. So, you will get excellent entertainment as you travel along the roads. Both bikes support Bluetooth and micro SD cards for a better entertainment experience. 

Performance And Price: Ultra Classic Vs. Ultra Limited

Performance And Price -  Ultra Classic Vs. Ultra Limited

One of the biggest decisions to choose from between Ultra Classic and Ultra Limited depends on their pricing and performance. The performance is pretty head-to-head for both motorbikes. However, being a limited-time edition, Harley Ultra Limited is better for a consistent and reliable riding experience. You will also find its off-road riding pretty smooth with a better suspension system. 

Nonetheless, Ultra Classic isn’t far behind when it comes to performance. It has excellent controls, and the Twin Cam engine is one of the best. Thus, you don’t need to worry about its performance and smoother riding experience. 

With a $28,699 price, Harley Ultra Limited is expensive. It costs almost 4000USD more than the Ultra Classic, priced at $24,699. Although it can be a key point for the final purchasing decision, you must consider that Ultra Limited is a limited edition. So, you will love collecting this motorbike. 

The Verdict: Which Is The Best?

Ultra Classic vs. Ultra Limited comparison shows these Harley motorbikes are made for an iconic riding experience. Depending on their performance, reliability, durability, and appearance, you can rarely differentiate them. 

Nonetheless, Ultra Limited will still get an edge over Ultra Classic with a better suspension system and customization options. It comes with multiple colors and finishes that give you a sporty yet classic look. And the infotainment system of it is the best in the entire motorbike industry. So, you may go for Ultra Limited.

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