Find The Top 10 Harley-Davidson Dealerships In Florida

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They are the Harley-Davidson enthusiasts who ride motorcycles as if nothing else matters. Here we will talk about the top 10 harley davidson dealerships. You can find dealerships for your favorite brand in Florida, Emerald Coast Harley-Davidson being one of them.

Harley-Davidson Dealerships In Florida

What Is A Harley-Davidson?

What Is A Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson is an iconic American motorcycle brand renowned for its powerful engines, signature style, and passionate following. It was founded in 1903 by Walter Harley and his wife, Davidson. Walter was a former Marine who had been part of an expedition to Nicaragua.

On the trip, he built a motorbike with a pistol-dyno engine that could reach 60 miles per hour. He later sold these machines to finance his further travels. When he returned to the U.S., Walter started manufacturing motorbikes using this design.

Today, Harley-Davidson is popular for its classic styling and large engine capacity. Its bikes are consistently ranked among the best in the industry and have been used by various celebrities as well. Harley-Davidson of Tampa is a renowned dealership with a wide selection of motorcycles and passionate staff.

Texas Harley-Davidson has won several awards for its operational excellence, pre-owned sales, after-sale service, and workplace culture. The dealership offers Motorclothes apparel and accessories as well as high-quality bike parts. However, customers should note that the brand requires them to be loyal and fully committed to its cause to get any benefits from it.

Top 10 Harley Davidson Dealerships In Florida

Top 10 Harley Davidson Dealerships In Florida

A good Harley-Davidson dealership in Florida should have a good range of bikes, with transparent pricing and knowledgeable sales staff. These dealerships must also provide their customers with a comfortable shopping experience and the necessary support after the purchase.

A few of the best harley-davidson dealerships in Florida are Bruce Rossmeyer Daytona Harley-Davidson, Richard’s House Harley-Davidson, and Texas Harley-Davidson in Bedford, Texas. Each of these dealerships offers a variety of options and has a long history of providing quality service to its customers.

1.Emerald Coast Harley-Davidson

Emerald Coast Harley-Davidson

Emerald Coast Harley-Davidson is one of the top 10 Harley-Davidson dealerships in Florida. It is located in Fort Walton Beach, where you can easily access its cultural and recreational attractions. The dealership has over 700 motorcycles for sale in its 2-story showroom, which makes it a convenient place to test ride and purchase your new bike.

If you’re interested in Harley-Davidsons, Florida has 35 dealerships sure to have what you want. It’s the third state in the US with the most Harley-Davidson dealerships, with one dealership for every 565,211 people. Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned rider, Emerald Coast Harley-Davidson has something for everyone.

2.Harley-Davidson Of Tampa

Harley-Davidson Of Tampa

Harley-Davidson of Tampa is one of the best dealers in Tampa, FL. The dealership offers a range of new and pre-owned motorcycles, MotorClothes®, parts and accessories, riding gear, aftermarket products, and lifestyle wear. It also has a riding academy that provides courses in Brandon and New Port Richey locations.

Florida has 35 Harley-Davidson dealerships, with one for every 659,000 people. This makes it the state with the third most Harley-Davidson dealerships in the country. Whether looking for a new or used motorcycle, Harley-Davidson of Tampa has what you want.

3.War Horse Harley-Davidson

War Horse Harley-Davidson is a leading Harley-Davidson dealership in Florida with locations in Daytona, Cocoa, and Melbourne. It offers a wide range of new and pre-owned vehicles with transparent pricing.

The dealership’s knowledgeable staff can answer queries about the bikes and explain their features and capabilities. Besides, they can also offer financing options and help with motorcycle maintenance. In addition, PVM Enterprises has multiple dealerships nationwide, including one in Florida. It makes it easy for customers to find the right Harley-Davidson model for their riding needs and preferences.

4.Adamec Harley-Davidson Of Jacksonville

Adamec Harley-Davidson Of Jacksonville

Adamec Harley-Davidson of Jacksonville is the largest Harley-Davidson dealership in Florida, with a 109,000-square-foot showroom housing over 100 new and pre-owned motorcycles. The dealership offers a range of new and pre-owned models, including cruisers, roadsters, touring bikes, and dual-use motorcycles.

It also has an experienced sales staff ready to advise customers on which motorcycle would be best for their riding style and budget. In addition to its wide selection of motorcycles, Adamec Harley-Davidson also sells various parts and accessories and maintenance and repair services.

The Adamec Harley-Davidson team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, and it has become popular for its helpful advice and attention to detail. This reputation has earned them the honor of being named one of the best dealerships in Florida by several local media outlets.

Aside from its superior customer service, Adamec Harley-Davidson stands out for its community involvement, supporting local charities and organizations such as the American Cancer Society. With 35 Harley-Davidson dealerships across the state of Florida, there is sure to be one that fits your needs and preferences.

5.Adamec Harley-Davidson Of St. Augustine

Adamec Harley-Davidson of St. Augustine is one of the 35 Harley-Davidson dealerships in Florida and offers a wide range of bikes, both new and pre-owned. Testimonials from customers have praised the customer service and experience when buying from Adamec Harley-Davidson.

It is one of the top 10 dealerships in the state, with a dealership for every 565,211 people. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current ride or purchase your first bike, Adamec Harley-Davidson has you covered.

6.Ademec Harley-Davidson Shop At Regency

Ademec Harley-Davidson Shop At Regency

Ademec Harley-Davidson shop is one of the 35 Harley-Davidson dealerships in Florida and offers a wide range of HD motorcycles, parts, accessories, apparel, and maintenance services. The Ademec Harley-Davidson location in Tallahassee specializes in customizing and repairing classic motorcycle models.

In addition to offering regular maintenance services and tune-ups, the shop also offers customizing services such as paint matching, leather and stitching customization, engine performance upgrades, and more. The shop also has a large selection of parts for all makes of motorcycle. They also have a repair service that can fix any issue with your bike, from routine repairs to more complicated issues such as damage or excessive wear.

The Regency Ademec Harley-Davidson Shop in Tallahassee is one of the best places to buy Harley-davidson motorcycles in Florida. They offer a wide range of HD bikes, parts, accessories, apparel, and maintenance services.

The facility has a knowledgeable staff that can help customize your ride to suit your personal preferences and riding style. Whether you need regular maintenance or want to get ready for a big event like a rally or road trip, the Ademec Harley-Davidson shop has what you need to keep your bike running smoothly.

7.Alligator Alley Harley-Davidson

Alligator Alley Harley-Davidson is a one-stop shop for passionate riders in Sunrise, FL. The store offers new and used bikes, parts, accessories, and services to meet any riding needs. In addition to its wide range of new and used motorcycles. Alligator Alley Harley-Davidson also sells parts and accessories for classic models.

Texas Harley-Davidson of Bedford, TX, was named the No. 1 dealership in the Power 50 report for the first time in the six-year history of the award. The Power 50 survey analyzes sales data from more than 5,000 motorcycle dealerships across the country to identify the top 50 dealerships in terms of sales performance.

8.Beach Shake Harley-Davidson

Beach Shake Harley-Davidson

Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson is one of the largest dealerships in Florida. With a 109,000-square-foot showroom and over 700 motorcycles for sale. The store offers an array of riding gear, as well as classes for new riders looking to take their skills to the next level.

In addition to offering new and used motorcycle options. The store also carries a wide range of apparel and accessories to suit any rider’s personal style or riding needs. Additionally, Beach Shake Harley-Davidson in Panama City Beach, FL, has a selection of new and pre-owned HD motorcycles, as well as a variety of apparel and accessories to outfit any rider.

9.Bert’s Barracuda Harley-Davidson

Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson is one of the largest Harley-Davidson dealerships in Florida. Offering an extensive riding academy and customization services. The dealership has a 109,000-square-foot showroom to display a diverse range of models and manufacturers.

It also offers new and used Harley-Davidson models, as well as parts and accessories for customizing your motorcycle. There are 35 Harley-Davidson dealerships in Florida and 675 across the country. With so many dealerships to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you.

At Daytona Harley-Davidson, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and expert advice. Whether you are shopping for a new or used motorcycle. Our experienced sales staff can help you make the best choice for your needs and preferences.

10.Bert’s Black Widow Harley-Davidson

Bert's Black Widow Harley-Davidson

Florida is home to 35 Harley-Davidson dealerships, making it one of the most popular states for Harley-Davidson ownership in the United States. The state’s thriving riding community provides a diverse range of riding options.

From beginner-friendly rides to more adventurous trips and races. To support this thriving community. Some dealerships offer different types of riding classes and clinics to help riders improve their skills and have fun while doing so. Some dealers also host regular events for their customers, such as riding rallies, bike nights, and cruises.

Harley-Davidson of New Port Richey in Tampa offers new and used bikes. Merchandise, and certified technicians to perform maintenance and repairs. If you are looking to buy or lease a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Be sure to speak with a local dealership about its services and offerings.

Main Features Of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson offers a range of motorcycles that are as diverse as the riding experiences they can provide. From touring bikes to sportbikes, cruisers, and even custom bikes, you’re sure to find a model that’s perfect for your riding preferences and needs.

All Harley-Davidson models come with a variety of customization options to help you personalize your motorcycle to suit your style and preferences. This includes options such as color or body type, wheel size, muffler type, etc. Additionally, each model is available with multiple engine options, ABS brakes, and more for you to choose from.

Harley-Davidson dealerships provide outstanding service and a range of parts for customizing and maintaining your motorcycle. From in-house technical staff to well-stocked service bays and workshop facilities, you can be sure of receiving professional assistance and advice when it comes to modifying or maintaining your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The House of Harley-Davidson also has a wide selection of motorcycle footwear for men and women so that you can find the right fit for your riding style and preferences.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing 

Whether you’re new to the world of Harley-Davidson or a longtime fan, it’s important to research your options and find the best place to buy a bike from. When choosing a dealership, consider the selection of new and used bikes for sale, as well as the options for financing. Look for dealerships with competitive financing options, such as 0% down and low-interest loans.

Additionally, ensure there is a good selection of motor clothes & parts, including helmets, gloves, and other accessories. Lastly, make sure the service department has received positive reviews from customers. By taking these steps, you can find a dealership that offers a unique experience and great value for your investment.


If you’re looking for a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle, there is no better place to start than with one of these top dealerships. Each offers a variety of models to choose from and expert service to ensure that you leave with an enjoyable and comfortable ride. They’ll help you find the perfect fit for your riding style and needs and have an impressive selection of accessories to complement your new motorcycle.

If you’re looking for a Harley Davidson dealership that will provide you with the best possible customer service, then you should check out one of the top 10 dealerships on our list. These dealerships are known for their exceptional customer service and top-notch product offerings, so you’re sure to have a great experience when you visit them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Is The Biggest Harley-Davidson Dealership?

Ans: The world’s largest Harley-Davidson dealership is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and was opened by billionaire businessman Bob Parsons. It features 60 feet of space up and 90 feet down and is a total attraction. The dealership also has a large showroom area that can accommodate large crowds.

2.Which Harley Dealer Sells The Most Bikes?

Ans: There are 675 Harley-Davidson dealerships in the United States as of February 27, 2023. California has the most Harley-Davidson dealerships, with 48 dealerships. Texas Harley-Davidson of Bedford, Texas, was named No. 1 in the six-year history of the Power 50.

The top 10 states with the most Harley-Davidson dealerships are California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, and Georgia.

3.Who Is The Best Motorcycle Dealership In The US?

Ans: As of February 27, 2023, Texas Harley-Davidson of Bedford, Texas, was named the No. 1 dealership in the US by Power 50 Awards. The dealership has consistently received high praise for its selection of higher-priced motorcycles, friendly staff, and great service. In addition to this, there are 675 Harley-Davidson dealerships located in the US as of February 20, 2023.

4.What State Has The Most Harley-Davidson Dealerships?

Ans: As of February 27, 2023, Harley-Davidson dealerships can be found in 50 states and territories in the United States. California has the highest number of Harley-Davidson dealerships, accounting for 7% of the total number of Harley-Davidson dealerships with 48 locations. Texas Harley-Davidson of Bedford, Texas, was named the No. 1 dealer for the first time.

5.How Many Harley-Davidson Dealerships Are There In The United States?

Ans: As of February 27, 2023, there are 675 Harley-Davidson dealerships in the United States. California has the most Harley-Davidson locations in the US, with 48 dealerships. Texas and Florida come in second and third with 7% and 6% of the total number of Harley-Davidson dealerships, respectively. There are Harley-Davidson dealerships in 50 states and territories in the US.

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