Discover The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Size And Model Chart

Harley Davidson is an iconic American motorcycle brand popular for its classic designs and strong engines. The brand produces various bike models, including traditional two-wheeled, trikes, and electric motorcycles.

Although Harley Davidson bikes are popular for their weight, the company produces models suitable for riders of all sizes and levels of experience. The motorcycles can be customized with accessories to enhance the rider’s experience. 

With various Harley models, finding the right one can be difficult. However, a good place to start is to understand what separates each model regarding its size and features. We will provide a comprehensive guide on Harley-Davidson motorcycle models and sizes. We’ll also provide a Harley-Davidson size chart to help you choose the best one that fits your needs.

 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Size & Model Chart

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Size And Model Chart – Guide

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Size And Model Chart

Harley-Davidson motorcycles come in different sizes and models, each with unique features and dimensions. The typical range for the length of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is 85-105 inches, while its width ranges between 32-38 inches. Their unloaded seat height can vary from 25-32 inches.

Harley-Davidson also offers size charts for its motorcycle gear and apparel. For instance, the Harley Sportster and Nightster models are popular for their compact dimensions, measuring about 87-90 inches long, and their seat height ranges from 27-29 inches. For those seeking adventure, the Harley Davidson adventure motorcycle measures about 89.4 inches in length, 23 inches in seat height, and 62.4 inches in wheelbase.

Knowing the dimensions of the different Harley-Davidson motorcycle models and their accompanying gear can help you make an informed decision before purchasing. With this knowledge, you can choose the size that best suits your body type and riding style.

Sizing Chart: Men

Size Chest(IN) (CM) Waist(IN) (CM)
XS 31-33 78-84 25-27 64-69
S 34-37 86-94 28-31 71-79
M 38-41 96-104 32-35 81-89
L 42-45 106-114 36-39 91-99
XL 46-49 117-124 40 1/2 – 42 1/2  103-107
2XL 50-53 127-135 45 1/2 – 49 1/2 115-124
3XL 54-57 137-145 51-56 129-142
4 XL 58-61 147-155 57-61 145-155
5 XL 62-65 157-165 62-66 158-168

Sizing Chart: Women

US Size Size Bust(IN) (CM) Waist(IN) (CM) HIP(IN) (CM)
0 2XS 31 1/2 80 23 1/2 56.7 34 86.4
2 XS 32 1/2 82.5 24 1/2 62.2 35 89
4-6 S 33 1/2 -34 1/2 85-87.5 25 1/2 -26 1/2 64.5-67.5 36-37 91.5-94
8-10 M 35 1/2 -36 1/2 90-92.5 27 1/2 -28 1/2 70-72.5 38-39 96.5-99
2-14 L 38 -39 1/2 96.5-100.5 30-31 1/2 76-80 40 1/2 -41 1/2 103-108
16-18 XL 41-43 104-109 33-35 84-89 43 1/2 -45 1/2 110.5-115.5
20 2XL 45 114 37 94 47 119

Harley Davidson Models Chart

Harley Davidson Models Chart

Harley-Davidson boasts seven different model families of motorcycles: Touring, Softail, Dyna, Sportster, Vrod, Street, and LiveWire. Each family of motorcycles has distinct features, and riders can select based on their preference in frame, engine, suspension, and style. Fans of Harley-Davidson can find links, specs, photos, and even reviews of new motorcycle models. Size and dimension charts are available for those looking for gear or apparel.

Harley-Davidson Models chart:

Models  Growth Growth% Units(2020-21)
Harley-Davidson street 750 -841 -74.03% 295
Harley-Davidson 883 iron 8 8.16% 106
Harley-Davidson fat boy -191 -71.00% 78
Harley-Davidson street rod -306 -82.58% 73
Harley-Davidson 1200 X- forty-eight -31 -43.66% 40
Harley-Davidson low riders 23 575.00% 27
Harley-Davidson low riders -6 -22.22% 21
Harley-Davidson 1200 custom -84 -80.77% 104
Harley-Davidson forty-eight special -53 -74.65% 18
Harley-Davidson fat bob -147 -98.66% 2

Street™ – The Everyday Cruiser

Street™ – The Everyday Cruiser

The Harley-Davidson Models chart includes the newest model line of the company, the Street series. These bikes cater to urban riders who demand a nimble, fun-to-ride bike with plenty of power and authentic Harley-Davidson style. The Street lineup is the lightest set of bikes from Harley-Davidson and offers a unique experience to riders.

The Street models are light and lean, providing nimble but powerful city riding with the same style as Harley-Davidson. Overall, the Street line is a great option for those looking for an everyday cruiser that offers an urban-oriented ride without sacrificing quality or style.

Sportster® – The All-Rounder

The Sportster is an all-rounder Harley Davidson model in production since the 1950s. It is popular among first-time riders and is known for its lightweight and agile design. These models retain the styling and performance of their racing predecessors, making them a popular choice among Harley Davidson enthusiasts.

The Sportster community is well-established and growing, making it easy for riders to find support and resources. Overall, the Sportster is a great choice for riders looking for an entry-level Harley-Davidson motorcycle that still delivers top-notch performance and style.

Dyna® – The Cruiser-Style Bike

The Harley-Davidson models chart includes a range of motorcycle styles and sizes, each designed to meet the needs of different riders. One popular option is the Dyna motorcycle, a classic cruiser-style bike with traditional Harley-Davidson styling and big-twin engines.

While slightly heavier than Sportster models, Dyna motorcycles offer enhanced power-to-weight ratios and performance. In contrast to the Dyna line, Softail bikes feature a hidden rear suspension to preserve a rigid-bike look. This gives riders a unique and streamlined appearance on the road.

Softail®– The Custom Look Bike

The Softail model is a classic cruiser bike in the Harley Davidson models chart that has a unique rigid-bike look while still providing a smooth ride thanks to its hidden rear suspension. This customization-ready motorcycle is popular because it can be modified to fit the rider’s needs and preferences. Its popularity comes from its ability to change, such as adding brake and shifter extenders, rotating handlebars, and swapping the seat.

The Softail is distinguished from the Dyna model line by its hidden rear suspension, providing the classic Harley-Davidson cruiser style. All Softail models are equipped with big-twin engines that provide powerful performance, making them a great addition to the Harley Davidson models chart.

V-Rod® – The Muscle Bike

V-Rod® – The Muscle Bike

The Harley Davidson models chart includes the impressive V-Rod, a muscle bike produced by Harley-Davidson from 2001 to 2017. This power cruiser features a 60-degree V-Twin engine, radiator and hydroformed frame members. The engine is revolutionary for Harley-Davidson, incorporating overhead cams and liquid cooling.

V-Rod models are designed to be aggressive and powerful, with race-ready performance. The 60-degree V-Twin engine is manufactured with Porsche, bringing optimal power and performance to this iconic bike. This unique design sets the V-Rod apart from other Harley-Davidson models, making it a standout choice for those who desire a powerfully built motorcycle.

Touring – The Long Distance Rider

Harley-Davidson offers a range of touring models designed for long-distance travel. These models come with various trims and saddlebags to accommodate passengers and luggage. Typically weighing between 700 and 800 pounds, the touring models are perfect for those looking to embark on long journeys with their Harley.

One of the most popular Harley-Davidson touring models is the Road King. With a 1,746-cc V-Twin engine and a six-speed manual transmission, the Road King is a great bike for those who love to travel. Featuring a tandem saddle, adjustable rear shocks, and cast aluminum wheels, it offers a comfortable ride for both rider and passenger. The Road King has a starting price of $19,499. Overall, Harley-Davidson offers a variety of touring model options to suit the needs of any adventurous biker.

CVO™ – The Luxury Model

Harley-Davidson offers a variety of motorcycle models, including the luxury CVO line. The CVO line is hand-crafted and customized to rider choice in style, comfort, and performance. It has exclusive large engines, dramatic paint jobs, and no extra cost for standard and optional features.

The CVO Limited and Street Glide models have a powerful 1,923 cc V-twin engine and the RDRS suite of safety aids. The CVO Street Glide weighs 831 pounds and has a seat height of 26.1 inches. These features make the CVO line a top choice for riders who want a luxury motorcycle with exceptional performance capabilities.

Trike – Three Wheels, One Love

Harley-Davidson’s 2020 lineup features three models of private-use trikes, which offer riders a unique and exhilarating experience on the road. The lightest of the three options is the Freewheeler, which is perfect for solo riders and is ideal for both short trips and longer tours. The CVO Tri-Glide is Harley-Davidson’s flagship model and boasts the most powerful engine available from the manufacturer, along with many features and customization options.

Trike models are designed for long-distance travel and offer more cargo space than other models in the Harley-Davidson lineup. Financing is available for those who want to invest in a top-of-the-line Harley-Davidson trike. Whether you’re a solo rider or prefer to take a passenger on your adventures, a Harley-Davidson trike model will suit your needs and provide an unforgettable experience on the open road.

Size And Dimensions Of Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Size And Dimensions Of Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson’s models are designed to cater to the needs of all motorcycle enthusiasts. They come in various sizes, from 250 to 1300 ccs, and include touring and cruiser models. The popular 1200 cc Harley Davidson model weighs around 500 pounds, while touring motorcycles usually weigh between 700 and 800 pounds. Cruiser Harley Davidson sizes vary with lengths ranging from 85.2-95.

1 inches, seat height from 25.7-27 inches, ground clearance from 4.3-5.9 inches, wheelbase from 58.9-65.6 inches, and rake from 28-30.2 degrees. These dimensions ensure that each rider can pick the option that makes them feel safe and comfortable.

Harley Davidson motorcycle sizing can vary significantly between models, so knowing the dimensions of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle you are interested in before purchasing is important. The following chart provides general dimensions for common Harley-Davidson motorcycles:

Width: 80 inches

Height*: 36.5 inches (Street Glide) or 37.7 inches (Valkyrie) *The height shown includes handlebars and headlight bucket

Length*: 69.3 inches or 73.9 inches* (*Longer model length may be available on select occasions; consult dealer for availability.) Wheelbase*: 27.3 inches

Front suspension: 41mm telescopic fork, 4-travel

Rear suspension: Holy Baker single-shock with preload and rebound damping, 5-travel

Brakes: Dual front; single rear

Choose The Right Harley Davidson Motorcycle Model

Choose The Right Harley Davidson Motorcycle Model

Selecting the perfect Harley-Davidson motorcycle depends on your riding style and needs. Different models cater to riding preferences, such as highway cruising or urban commuting. Cruiser and touring models offer comfort and a smooth ride for long-distance travel. In contrast, standard motorcycles offer a more traditional design with a lighter weight and upright seating position for daily commutes.

Harley-Davidson’s Livewire model provides instantaneous performance, customizable driving modes, traction control, ABS, and a monitoring phone app for the battery status and charge level. For less experienced riders, choosing a Harley-Davidson may be a more affordable option. It is important to note that adding accessories to your motorcycle can impact the riding experience, potentially adding extra weight for consideration, especially for mixed-use riders. So choose the right model that suits your style and needs.


Harley Davidson also offers various accessories, such as windshields, tailpipes, seat covers, mirrors, tires and rims. The company’s extensive aftermarket support allows customers to customize their motorcycle with various add-ons or replace parts if necessary.

Harley Davidson is a symbol of freedom, individuality, and American heritage. Finding the right size and model that fits your needs and riding style is important. With our Harley Davidson motorcycle size and models chart, you can easily compare the different models and their features. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, this chart will help you decide which Harley Davidson model is right for you. Check out our Harley Davidson motorcycle size chart and models chart and explore the different types of Harley Davidson motorcycles available.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Is The Biggest Size Harley-Davidson Motorcycle?

Ans: The biggest Harley-Davidson motorcycle is the CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations) line, specifically the 2021 CVO Road Glide Ultra, which features a 117-cubic-inch Milwaukee-Eight V-twin engine and weighs 957 pounds.

2.What Are The Sizes Of Motorcycles?

Ans: Motorcycles come in various sizes, ranging from small scooters and mopeds to large touring bikes. The common types include standard or naked cruisers, sport, adventure, and dual-sport bikes. The size of a motorcycle can also depend on the engine displacement, with smaller bikes ranging from 50cc to 250cc and larger bikes ranging from 600cc to 1800cc or even higher for some touring models.

3.How Long Is A Harley-Davidson Bike?

Ans: The length of a Harley-Davidson bike can vary depending on the model and year. The Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 is approximately 85.8 inches long, while the Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special is approximately 95.7 inches long.

4.How Big Is A Harley Motorcycle?

Ans: Harley motorcycles come in various sizes, from lightweight and compact models to larger touring bikes. The size of a Harley motorcycle depends on the specific model and can range from around 7 feet to over 8 feet in length, with an average weight of around 600-700 pounds.

5.What Is The Length Of A Harley-Davidson?

Ans: The length of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle can vary depending on the model and type. It can range from around 90 inches for a smaller model like the Street 500 to over 100 inches for larger models like the Electra Glide Ultra Classic.

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