An In-Depth Discussion On Harley Davidson Paint Codes

Harley-Davidson has a long and storied history. Plus, its motorcycles are just as iconic as the company itself. One of the things that makes Harley-Davidson motorcycles unique is their paint job. No two are exactly alike, and each one has its own story.

You might wonder about their paint codes if you’re lucky enough to own a Harley. Also, if you want to repaint it precisely, Harley Davidson paint codes are required. Even non-Harley Davidson may use the paint codes for their bikes to get an outstanding outlook that people will indeed feel envious of.

So, we will guide you through the different paint codes of Harley Davidson, their usage, and a bit of its history. If you want in-depth knowledge of Harley Davidson motorcycle paint codes, continue reading this article.

Harley Davidson Paint Codes

Harley Davidson Paint Codes – Understanding Paint Codes

Harley Davidson Paint Codes - Understanding Paint Codes

Harley Davidson paint codes are an important aspect of maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle. These codes are unique to each specific color and provide a standardized way to identify and match paint colors for touch-ups or customizations.

Whether you need to repair a small scratch or give your Harley Davidson a fresh coat of paint, knowing the correct paint code is essential. You can typically find the paint code on the manufacturer’s label, which is usually located on the frame or inside the fairing of your motorcycle. Here is a paint codes table:

Paint Code Color Name
9866 Vivid Black
9869 Denim Black
9867 Olive Gold
9868 Bonneville Salt Pearl
9865 Wicked Red
9864 Twisted Cherry
9863 Industrial Gray Denim
9862 Barracuda Silver Denim
9861 Scorched Orange/Silver Flux
9860 Laguna Orange
9859 Bonneville Blue/Fathom Blue
9858 Hard Candy Cancun Blue Flake
9857 Hard Candy Lucky Green Flake
9856 Hard Candy Hot Rod Red Flake
9855 Hard Candy Gold Flake
9854 Hard Candy Mystic Purple Flake
9853 Hard Candy Shattered Flake
9852 Hard Candy Custom Flake
9851 Hard Candy Custom Gold Flake
9850 Hard Candy Big Red Flake
9849 Hard Candy Hot Rod Red Flake
9848 Hard Candy Hot Rod Red Flake
9847 Hard Candy Hot Rod


Color Choices Of Harley Davidson

Color Choices Of Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson has a flavorful history in motorcycle paint colors. Many of the colors used over the years have become iconic and are easily recognizable. Also, like the uniqueness of every tiger stripe, Harley Davidson uses unique color codes for their different models.

It is not surprising given that black is a prevalent color for motorcycles like Harley Davidson. Black, a classic color, never goes out of trend. Yet, Harley mixed different variations of black for their motorbikes. So, you will see the traditional black, diesel black, etc., color codes.

Official Colors

The official Harley colors are orange, black, and white. Although surprising, Harley uses these three prevalent colors as their official selection. These colors are present in the logo of the brand. Harley Davidson enthusiasts appreciate the luxurious depth and richness of the “Dark Candy Sapphire Sun-Glo” paint.

These colors mirror the combination of confidence, power, and simplicity that the brand always follows. Since 1980, Harley’s color palette has remained the same as Pantones, HTML Hex, RGB, and CMYK colors.

Harley Davidson Paint Colors 2021

Harley Davidson Paint Colors 2021

Knowing the paint codes for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle can help you touch up any chips or scratches. It can also help you choose the right accessories to match your bike. So, what are the Harley Davidson paint colors? Below you can find the list of available Harley Davidson motorcycle colors for 2021:

Arctic White Black Hole
Black Denim Black Jade Met
Billard Red Black Peace Officer
Billard Teal Bronze Armour
Charred Crimson Concord Purple
Deadwood Green Deadwood Green Denim
Firefighter Red Gauntlet Gray Met
Jet Black Met Midnight Crimson
River Rock Denim Snake Venom
Stone Washed Pearl White Sunset Orange Sunset Black
Sunset Orange Sunset Fade Black Vivid Black
Snake Venom Snake Venom


Harley Davidson-Paint Codes 2021 (By Colors)

Harley has mixed their 2021 colors in different ratios to create unique paint schemes. The Harley Davidson paint code system combines letters and numbers, with each character representing a specific attribute of the paint color. For instance, the 2021 Harley Davidson midnight crimson paint code is hardly gettable on the internet. So, we have closely inspected and accumulated the following color codes.

Black Stardust Fade BLK
Barracuda Silver Denim ENR SIL
Black Denim BYM BLK
Billiard Blue EXP BLU
Barracuda Silver EKR SIL
Billiard White ELM WHITE
Billiard Burgundy ENZ RED
Billiard Red ENIX RED
Black Stardust ELZ BLK
Black Sunglo EPA BLK
Concord Purple QH PUR
Firefighter Red BRK RED
Vivid Black DH BLK
Lightning Silver WHY SIL
Midnight Blue EKA BLU
Magnetic Gray EHU GRY
Moonlight Blue EMA BLU
Performance Orange EOE ORG
Orange Fuse N/A
River Rock Gray ENT GRY
River Rock Gray Denim ENV GRY
Sand Dune ALL BEI
Silver Pine MORE SIL
Smoke Gray ELX GRY
Stiletto Red HOW RED
Stone Washed White ROBWHITE
Scorched Orange ELG ORG
Silver Flux ELI SIL
Spruce TOO
Stormcloud ELY
Tahitian Teal EOX BLU
Wicked Red EFF RED
Yellow Fuse YEL
Zephier Blue EPB BLU


2019 Harley Davidson-Paint Codes

2019 Harley Davidson-Paint Codes

Harley-Davidson paint codes are a unique alphanumeric system that identifies each motorcycle model’s color and finish. These codes ensure accurate color matching during repairs or customization projects. In 2019, Harley underwent a big revolution to upgrade its color schemes. So, you will see a big difference in its color codes compared to previous years. The list includes:

Paint Color Name Color Code
Vivid Black DH
Black Denim BYM
Industrial Gray EEZ
Industrial Gray Denim EFC
Wicked Red EFF
Wicked Red Denim EKG
Twisted Cherry EFH
Bonneville Salt Pearl EFU
Bonneville Salt Denim EFW
Midnight Blue EKA
Rugged Gold Denim EKI
Rawhide EKK
Rawhide Denim EN
Billard Blue EXP
Bliiard White ELM
Barracuda Silver EKR
Kinetic Green ELD
Blue Max ELE
Schroched Orange ELG
Black Fuse ALL

You can download the codes if you want these color schemes for your motorcycle. No doubt, it will elevate the unique appearance of your motorcycle superbly. You will appreciate the outlook of your motorcycle for sure.

You may even choose the Harley Davidson paint code cross reference for further information. It will help you understand the specific paint codes for a preferred color scheme.

Harley Davidson-Paint Codes By VIN

Harley Davidson-Paint Codes By VIN

Harley Davidson enthusiasts always seek new ways to modify their bikes. They are constantly looking for ways to improve the design and maintenance of their motorcycles. For instance, they dedicate themselves to keeping every part and painting well-decorated.

These bikers look for a paint code to select the compatible color by matching it to the original one for any paint jobs. A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is helpful in such a case. It provides the user with necessary information regarding the two-wheeler.

Vin Definition

If you’re a Harley Davidson fan, then you know that each Bike model has its unique paint job. But do you know that you can find the paint code for your Harley Davidson by looking at the VIN?

A VIN is a 17-character fingerprint that uniquely identifies a vehicle. It is stamped into the frame of every Harley Davidson. You can use this number to track down the paint code for your specific bike. Also, you can get information about the bike’s registration, warranty, insurance, and complete color for modification.

Harley Davidson Orange Paint Code

The orange paint code is one of Harley bikes’ most searched paint codes. The “anniversary edition” is a special release of a product or item to commemorate a specific milestone or anniversary. Typically, it is a warm color that belongs to the Orange color family. According to Crispedge,

  • The hex color code for orange is #c93413.
  • The RGB color code for orange is RGB (201,52,19).

However, there are lots of variations in orange drab color. For example, Performance Orange and Scorched Orange belong to the Orange color family. But they have different codes due to their shade.

You can check the above list of 2021 paint codes to know it. Also, you can look for 2018 Harley-Davidson paint codes to find the orange color schemes for that year. It will be helpful for a vibrant and engaging orange-colored finish on your motorcycle.

Identifying Paint Codes On Different Harley Davidson Models

Identifying Paint Codes On Different Harley Davidson Models

Identifying paint codes on different Harley Davidson models can be useful for various reasons, such as touch-ups, customizations, or matching exact color for accessories. The mesmerizing hue of “Smokey Gold” adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any Harley Davidson bike. Here are some tips on how to find the paint codes for Harley-Davidson motorcycles:

  1. Look For The VIN Sticker: On most Harley Davidson models, the paint code is on a sticker that includes the vehicle identification number (VIN). This sticker is usually placed on the frame, often near the front fork or down tube. The paint code is typically a combination of letters and numbers.
  2. Check The Owner’s Manual: The owner’s manual of your Harley Davidson motorcycle may provide information about the paint codes. Look for a section on paint or specifications where you might find the code listed for your specific model.
  3. Contact A Dealership: If you are unsure where to find the paint code or need assistance, contacting a Harley Davidson dealership can be helpful. They can access detailed information about the different models and provide an accurate paint code for your motorcycle.
  4. Online Resources: There are also online resources available that can help you identify the paint codes for various Harley Davidson models. Websites and forums dedicated to Harley Davidson enthusiasts often have databases or discussions on this topic.

Remember that paint codes can vary depending on the year and model of your Harley Davidson, so it is essential to ensure you have the correct code for a precise eagle color match.

Why Should You Know Harley-Davidson Paint Codes?

You should know the paint codes and schemes Harley Davidson uses for their motorcycle for proper maintenance. The color may get ruined if you have a touring model and often go on cross-country visits. At that time, knowing the right color scheme and code will be useful to restore its outlook.”

  • Helps accurately match your motorcycle’s paint color tone chip.
  • It allows you to touch up or repaint parts of your Harley Davidson to maintain its original appearance.
  • Helps to find the exact color for customizations or modifications.
  • It aids in restoring vintage or classic Harley Davidson motorcycles to their original factory colors.
  • It can be helpful when purchasing used motorcycles, ensuring the paint is original and not aftermarket.
  • It simplifies ordering paint or paint products for your Harley-Davidson, as you can provide the correct code to suppliers.
  • useful for enthusiasts and collectors who want to ensure the authenticity and value of their Harley Davidson bikes.

How To Find The Correct Paint Code For Your Harley Davidson

The paint code for your Harley Davidson may be listed in the owner’s manual. Look for a section on paint codes or specifications. Harley Davidson motorcycles often have a label on the frame that includes important information, such as the paint code.

Check the frame near the steering head or under the seat. Contact a Harley Davidson dealership and provide them with your motorcycle’s VIN (vehicle identification number). They should be able to provide you with the correct paint code for your specific model.

  • Check the owner’s manual.
  • Look for a label on the frame
  • Contact a Harley Davidson dealership
  • Visit the Harley Davidson website
  • Consult online forums and communities
  • Hire a professional painter

If you’re still having trouble finding the paint code, consider consulting a professional painter specializing in motorcycle painting. They should be able to assist you in finding the correct paint code for your Harley Davidson.

Customizing Your Harley Davidson with Paint Codes

Customizing Your Harley Davidson with Paint Codes

Harley Davidson, a renowned manufacturer of motorcycles, is known not only for its iconic designs and powerful engines but also for its attention to detail and customization options. One crucial aspect of customization is the choice of paint color, which can make a Harley Davidson motorcycle stand out. To customize your Harley Davidson with paint codes, you will need to follow a few steps:

  1. Identify The Paint Code: Each Harley Davidson model has a specific paint code assigned to its colors. You can find this code in your owner’s manual or by contacting a Harley Davidson dealership.
  2. Choose Your Desired Color: Once you have the paint code, research different desired color options for your Harley Davidson. You can visit the official Harley Davidson website or consult paint suppliers specializing in motorcycle paints.
  3. Purchase The Paint: Once you have decided on a color, purchase the paint from a reliable source. Ensure that you are getting the correct shade by confirming the paint code.
  4. Prepare Your Bike: Thoroughly clean and prepare your bike’s surface before applying the new paint. Remove any dirt, oil, or previous paint coatings. Sand the areas to be painted to create a smooth base code for colors.
  5. Apply The Paint: Follow the instructions provided with the paint to apply it correctly. Use even strokes and allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next one. Apply multiple coats as necessary to achieve the desired color and coverage.
  6. Finish And protect: Once the paint has dried, apply a clear coat to protect the basecoat color and give it a glossy finish. This will help to preserve the new paint and provide added durability.


Finding and using the correct paint codes for your Harley Davidson motorcycle may seem daunting at first, but with the right resources and attention to detail, it can be a smooth and successful experience. Always double-check the code with your specific model and year, and don’t be afraid to seek expert help if needed.

Taking the time to match and apply the correct paint code properly will preserve the authenticity and value of your bike and ensure a beautiful and long-lasting finish.

So, the next time you need to touch up or repaint your Harley, refer to the paint codes and rest assured that your beloved rear fender of a Harley Davidson paint codes is an essential component of its iconic design and serves both functional and aesthetic purposes will look as good as new.


1.How Do I Find My Harley Paint Code?

Ans: To find your Harley paint code, refer to the sticker on your motorcycle’s frame. The paint code is typically listed as a series of letters and numbers.

2.What Is The Paint Code For The Harley Orange?

Ans: The paint code for Harley Orange is typically referred to as “H-D 5010.”This specific paint color has become an iconic symbol of the Harley-Davidson brand and is highly sought after by motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

3.What Is 100% Black Colour Code?

Ans: In most color systems, the 100% black color code is typically represented as #000000 in hexadecimal code. It is the darkest possible shade of Black Yellow Chopper Hi-Fi Blue Copper Pearl and contains no other pigments or hues.

4.What Is The Best Color For A Harley?

Ans: The best color for a Harley is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Some popular choices among Harley riders include classic black, bold red, sleek silver, and vibrant blue. Ultimately, the best color printer ribbons are the one that resonates with the rider and reflects their personality and style.

5.What Is The Colour Code For Harley-Davidson Black?

Ans: The color code for Harley-Davidson black is generally referred to as “Vivid Black,” and its color code site code is “H-D 98603.”This rich and captivating shade is synonymous with the brand and has become integral to Harley-Davidson’s visual identity.

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