Harley Exhaust Fitment Chart Described

Harley Davidson has been around since 1903, ruling the motorbike industry. This company offers a wide range of motorbike models, each with a unique style and features. 

One significant aspect of a Harley is the exhaust. Hence, you can find different types of exhausts fitting for the Harley bikes. So, you should choose the right one for the bike. The best way to determine which exhaust is right for your Harley is to use the Halrey exhaust fitment chart. 

Harley exhaust fitment chart lists all the available exhausts for each model of Harley. You can find this chart on Harley exhaust seller’s website catalog. You should remind that not all exhausts will fit all models as these models have versatile construction.  I discuss why you should choose the right exhaust for different Harley Davidson bikes in this article. 

Harley Exhaust Fitment Chart

Exhaust Fitment Of Harley Davidson 

Exhaust Fitment Of Harley Davidson 

The performance of an exhaust system on a Harley motorcycle can be affected by three main factors: sonic pulse, thermal pulse, and exhaust gas velocity. The optimal exhaust gas velocity is 300 feet per minute. Likewise, most stock Harley engines require a 1-3/4″ diameter pipe to maintain this velocity. 

The bigger one is not always better regarding exhaust pipe diameter. A larger pipe can slow the exhaust gas velocity and restrict flow. 

However, you can find different designs of exhaust pipes to maintain the above conditions. There are many kinds of exhaust pipes for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, each with its pros and cons.

  • Short drag pipes are tuned for higher rpm large displacement engines but can suffer from reversion. 
  • Large diameter open pipes can also suffer from reversion. But you can lessen the problem with the proper baffles or thunder tubes. 
  • Long straight pipes without baffles can also be restrictive. Still, some manufacturers offer drag pipes with suitable baffles to overcome this. 
  • 2 into 1 exhaust systems are well tuned for low-end torque but can be restrictive at higher RPMs.
  • True duals are primarily used on Road Kings and Touring models. But they are gaining popularity for use on Softails and custom cruisers. 
  • Slip-fit mufflers are a good choice for those who want to retain their stock Harley exhaust pipes while adding improved performance and sound.

Why Should You Choose The Right Harley Exhaust Fitment Chart?

Why Should You Choose The Right Harley Exhaust Fitment Chart?

Any motorcycle enthusiast knows that the exhaust system not only plays a big role in the performance but also affects the sound of the bike engine. Even many riders believe that the engine sound and bike performance are equally important. After all, what’s the reason of having a fast bike if it sounds like a lawnmower?

Regarding fitting your exhaust, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • You should ensure that the pipes are the correct size. If they are too small, the engine will struggle to breathe, and performance will suffer. If they are too big, the exhaust will be louder than necessary and may cause the engine to overheat.
  • The angle of pipes is another vital thing you should consider. They should be angled so the exhaust gases flow smoothly out of the engine. The engine will have to work harder to push the gases out if they are not. Eventually, it will negatively impact performance.
  • Again, you should match the exhaust pipe matching to the style of your bike. Obviously, any Harley owner will choose an exhaust that compliments the look of the Harley, not the one clashing with it.
  • Finally, try to make sure that the exhaust is sealed correctly. Any leaks in the engine will reduce the power and fuel efficiency.

Taking enough time to fit exhaust correctly can reward you with a bike that sounds and performs better. So, do not neglect this important task – your bike will thank you for it! Just take your time, do your research, and be sure to ask for help if you need it.

What Happens If The Exhaust Is Not Fitted Well?

What Happens If The Exhaust Is Not Fitted Well

If the exhaust system on a Harley is not snug correctly, it can cause several problems. 

  1. First, the bike will not perform as well as it should. 
  2. Second, the exhaust pipes may damage soon.
  3. Third, your bike will cause excessive vibration or noise. 

You should not ignore the right fit of the Harley exhaust system. Take the favorite motorbike to a qualified mechanic to ensure the proper fitting. He can adequately measure the pipes and ensure they are the correct size. Also, he will properly align the pipes and ensure they are the right length. 

In conclusion, the mechanic will be able to seal the pipes properly.


Finally, choosing the right exhaust for your Harley Davidson motorcycle is essential to optimize performance and avoid potential problems. When you choose the right exhaust system for the motorbike, it will improve the overall performance and fuel-efficiency of the motorcycle. So, your riding experience with both Harley touring and cruiser motorcycles will become easier. 

Thankfully, versatile exhausts are available in the market. So, research and consult a qualified mechanic to ensure the perfect fit for your bike. And do not forget to read the available Harley exhaust fitment chart.

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