Harley Fork Oil Capacity Chart – a Quick and Easy Guide

Most of Harley or other motorbike riders think of changing the engine and brake oils. But another critical part they forget is that the fork oil needs changes often. Hence, this oil helps to protect the forks from wear and tear. Also, it helps to keep the fork neat and clean. If you are a Harley rider, you should change it every few thousand miles. 

But do you know how much fork oil is required for your bike model? You need a Harley fork oil capacity chart to know the correct quantity to save bike lifespan. I am here to assist you in this case with a definitive list of oil capacities for different Harley Davidson bikes’ forks. 

The chart will help you know how much dry and wet oil requirement the fork have. So, you may buy the right amount of fork oil without any assistance. We will also show you the changing tips and frequency of the fork oil for performance booster. 

Harley Fork Oil Capacity Chart

The Importance Of Harley Fork Oil Capacity Chart

The Importance Of Harley Fork Oil Capacity Chart

Motorcycle fork oil is one of the most important fluids in your motorcycle. It keeps your forks lubricated and working correctly. Thus, the fork oil can break down and become less effective over time. That’s why you should change your fork oil regularly.

But how often should you change your fork oil? It depends on how often you ride your Harley and your conditions.When you ride in dusty or muddy conditions, you should often change your fork oil. The same goes for riding frequently or putting many miles on your bike.

Harley Fork Oil Capacity Chart

Harley Fork Oil Capacity Chart

Model Year Wet (Oz.) Dry (Oz.)
Sportster Till 1972 5.5 6.5
Sportster 1972-83 5.0 6.0
Sportster 1984-87 5.4 6.5
Sportster 1988-2003 9.0 10.2
Sportster 2004-08 10.5 11.6
Sportster XL 883 Hugger Till 1991 9.0 10.2
Sportster XL 883 Hugger 1992-99 10.7 12.1
FL/FLH 1948-77 6.5 7.0
FL/FLH 1977-84 7.75 8.5
FLT 1980-97 7.75 8.5
FLT 1998-2001 8.7 9.7
FLHR 2002-09 10.1 11.1
FX/FXE 1972 5.5 6.5
FX/FXE 1973-83 5.0 6.0
FXR/FXRS 1985-86 6.0 7.0
FXR/FXRS 1991-94 9.0 10.2
Dyna/Low Rider 1991-2005 9.2 10.2
Dyna Wide Glide 1991-2005 10.2 11.2
FXWG/FXST 1980-84 9.0 10.2
FXWG/FXST 1985-2006 10.2 11.2
FLST 1986-2006 11.5  12.5
FLST 2007-09 12.4 13.4
FXST 2007-09 11.5 12.5
FXSTD 2007 10.5 11.6

Source: https://www.hdforums.com/forum/oil-and-oil-related-topics/351357-fork-oil-capacities-all-years-and-models.html

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Explanatory Ideas Of the Chart

The above chart has two different types of measurement (wet and dry). You may need different quantities of fork well during wet and dry conditions. 

However, wet refers to the full drain of the oil out of the plug. And you need a refill for it. Alternatively, dry represents taking the forks to bits and cleaning them dry from inside to outside. You can see that dry forks require 0.5-1.0 oz—more than wet forks. 

Harley’s 49mm fork oil capacity is more than 24 fl. ounces. Also, Harley’s 41mm fork oil capacity is 11.8 ounces. These are the most asked queries available on the web. As you see from the listings, people are concerned about the oil capacity of the fork which depends on its size. However, the relation between the fork size and its oil capacity isn’t linear. That’s why looking at the Harley fork oil capacity becomes even more crucial. 

Tips For Changing Harley Fork Oil

Tips For Changing Harley Fork Oil

The fork oil is important to damp the engine heat for better performance. Also, this fork oil performance is independent without the effect o temperature, terrain, and your riding mode. However, it gets old after a couple of years. Thus, you must know how to change the fork oil of motorcycles to maintain their performance. 

Changing your fork oil is a relatively simple process. You’ll need to drain the old oil from your forks, clean them out, and add fresh oil. Be sure to initially use the same type and weight of oil in your forks.

If you don’t feel comfortable changing your fork oil yourself, you can always take it to a professional. They can do it quickly and correctly.

Usually, you need to change the fork oil 5000-6000 miles of Harley Davidson. But many experts suggest changing all the oils after 10000-15000 miles of bike driving. 


What To Look For In a Capacity Chart For Harley Forks?

A few things you should keep in mind are:

  • The chart is easily readable and understandable. A good fork oil chart should not have any confusing symbols or jargon. 
  • It should provide accurate data. It should be based on data from a reputable source, such as Harley.
  • It should be trendy or up to date. So, it must include the most recent information available.

How Often Should You Change The Fork Oil?

How Often Should You Change The Fork Oil

The changing frequency of the fork oil doesn’t maintain any linear line. However, experts suggest that you should replace the fork oil of your Harley Davidson every 3000 to 5000 miles. It depends on the riding frequency and terrain mostly. 

As you ride the motorcycle, it includes continuous suspension compressing and rebounding. It generates extreme heat. The fork oil will absorb this heat to help the rebounding and compression process go on without any performance drop


Overall, changing your fork oil is a valuable part of motorcycle maintenance. Doing it regularly can keep your forks in good condition and ensure they continue to work correctly.

If you are due for a fork oil change or suspect that your forks are leaking, take your bike to an expert and have them check it out. It could save you a lot of headaches (and money) down the road.

I hope this Harley fork oil capacity chart blog has shown you the ideas to select the correct quantity of oil. Thank you so much for your attention and for reading this post. Also, look at the viscosity of the fork oil for the best selection. 

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