The Harley Sportster XL883N: A Modern Cruiser With A Classic Soul

The Harley Sportster XL883N is a classic American motorcycle that has been a staple in the Harley-Davidson lineup for over 60 years. With its iconic design and powerful engine, this bike has captured the hearts of riders worldwide.

As one of the most recognizable and sought-after models, the Sportster XL883N stands out with its sleek and modern look while maintaining the traditional Harley-Davidson feel. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a beginner, the Sportster XL883N offers a unique and thrilling riding experience unmatched by any other motorcycle.

Here, we will delve into the features, and performance of the Harley Sportster-XL883N, giving you a comprehensive understanding of why it continues to be a top choice for riders of all levels. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the world of the Harley Sportster-XL883N.

Harley Sportster XL883N

Overview Of The Harley Sportster XL883N

Overview Of The Harley Sportster XL883N

The Harley Sportster XL883N strikes a perfect balance between modern and classic. With its sleek blacked-out styling, the motorcycle looks aggressive yet refined. Equipped with a responsive engine and agile handling, it’s an excellent choice for riders seeking style and performance.

The Harley Sportster-XL883N is a modern cruiser that celebrates the classic style of its predecessors. With its sleek blacked-out look, this bike has a timeless appeal that captures the spirit of Harley-Davidson Iron heritage.

Its reliable air-cooled 883cc Evolution engine delivers a distinctive sound and strong performance, while its modern rear suspension and braking systems ensure a comfortable ride. Here is an overview:

Specification Details
Engine 883cc Air-Cooled V-Twin
Power 50 hp
Torque 55 lb-ft
Transmission 5-speed
Fuel Capacity 3.3 gallons
Seat Height 25.7 inches
Weight 562 lbs
Front Suspension 39mm Showa Forks
Rear Suspension Preload-Adjustable Shocks
Braking System Dual-piston front and rear calipers
Wheels 19-inch front, 16-inch rear
Colors Available Black, Silver, Red



The bike has a length of 86 inches and a seat height of 725.7 inches when loaded. It has a ground clearance of 5.5 inches and a rake of 30. The trail is 4.6 inches, and the wheelbase is 59.6 inches.

The front tires are Michelin® Scorcher “31” with 100/90B19 57H size, while the rear tires are 150/80B16 77H. The fuel capacity is 3.3 gallons, and the oil capacity, with filter, is 2.8 quarts. The weight, when shipped, is 545 pounds, and the weight in the running order is 564 pounds.


The air-cooled Evolution engine has a bore of 3 inches and a stroke of 3.811 inches. With a displacement of 53.9 cubic inches. It has a compression ratio of 9:1 and a fuel system of Electronic Sequential Port fuel warning light Injection (ESPFI). The exhaust consists of black exhaust headers and black mufflers.



The Harley Sportster XL883N has a maximum torque of 66.3 ft/lbs at 3,750 rpm and a peak horsepower of 58.2 bhp at 5,750 rpm. The bike features an electronic fuel injection system for improved responsiveness and efficiency. Its five-speed transmission ensures smooth-shifting, and the bike also has a low.

Drive train

The primary drive of the chain is a 34/57 ratio, with overall gear ratios of 10.41 for 1st gear, 7.436 for 2nd gear, 5.531 for 3rd gear, 4.584 for 4th gear, and 3.931 for 5th gear. This thoughtful combination of gear ratios ensures the chain system operates efficiently across various driving scenarios. Providing a seamless and powerful driving experience.


The front fork is 39 mm, and the rear shocks are coil-over with dual tripmeter-adjustable preload. The front Nine-spoke wheels are black with 9 spokes and machined highlights, while the rear wheels have 9 spokes and machined highlights. The brakes have solid, uniform expansion rotors with a floating front, and the caliper type is a dual brakes-dual piston caliper for both the front and rear.


The Harley Sportster-XL883N has an electronic control module (ECM) that monitors the bike’s performance and two 12V batteries for powering LED indicator lights and accessories.

The bike also comes standard with an LED headlight and tail light setup for improved visibility at night. These batteries provide reliable and consistent power and improve the bike’s efficiency. Furthermore, the XL883N has a high-quality LED headlight and tail light setup, offering improved visibility and safety during night rides.

Features Of The Harley Sportster XL883N

Features Of The Harley Sportster XL883N

The Harley Sportster XL883N boasts a classic design with modern technology, making it a sought-after motorcycle. Its air-cooled Evolution engine provides power and performance for an exhilarating ride, while the low seat height ensures easy handling for riders of all sizes.

The bike’s blacked-out look adds to its rugged appeal, providing a sleek and aggressive appearance on the road. With advanced features such as ABS brakes and electronic throttle control, the Sportster XL883N offers both safety and convenience to riders. Here are the features:

  • – 883cc Evolution Engine
  • – Low Seat Height
  • – Blacked-Out Styling
  • – Mid-Mounted Controls
  • – Michelin Scorcher Tires
  • – Dual Disc Front Brakes
  • – LED Lighting
  • – Premium Suspension

Design And Style

The Harley Sportster-XL883N’s design and style perfectly blend modern technology with classic appeal. The bike is an instant attention-grabber on the road with its low-slung profile, vintage-inspired peanut fuel tank, wire-spoke wheels, round headlight, and tuck-and-roll seat.

The blacked-out finishes add to its rugged charm while making it stand out from other bikes in the same category. Overall, the Sportster XL883N’s design and style make it an ideal choice for riders looking for a motorcycle that looks as good as it performs.

Handling And Control

The Harley Sportster-XL883N is designed for riders who value control and handling. With a low centre of gravity and balanced weight distribution, this bike offers easy maneuverability in tight spaces and around corners.

The suspension system is smooth and responsive, providing a comfortable ride while absorbing bumps and vibrations on the road. The braking system is reliable, giving riders confidence in their ability to control the bike. The Sportster XL883N offers a safe and enjoyable riding experience with excellent handling and control.

Comfort And Convenience

Comfort And Convenience

The Harley Sportster-XL883N is designed to balance comfort and convenience perfectly. Its low-slung solo seat, mid-mount controls, and pull-back handlebars offer a comfortable riding position for long-distance rides. The compact speedometer provides all the essential information. The optional security system adds an extra layer of protection, making it a convenient option for riders who value comfort and safety.

Safety Features

The Harley Sportster-XL883N sets the standard for safety features, providing riders with advanced technology that increases stability and control. The anti-lock brake system (ABS) helps prevent wheel lockup during sudden stops, while traction control reduces the risk of skidding on slippery surfaces.

The responsive suspension system ensures a smooth ride, even on rough terrain, while the low centre of gravity makes it easy to handle and maneuver in tight spaces. Overall, the XL883N offers peace of mind to riders who value safety on the road.

Riding Experience And Handling Of The Xl883n

The Harley Sportster-XL883N is known for its impressive riding experience and handling. The bike’s low-slung design provides a comfortable and stable ride, while the 883cc V-twin engine delivers plenty of power and torque. The bike’s nimble handling makes it easy to maneuver through tight turns and twisty roads, making it a popular choice for riders who enjoy taking challenging routes.

The XL883N’s suspension system also provides a smooth ride, even on rough roads, enhancing the overall riding experience. Whether cruising around town or hitting the open road, the Harley Sportster-XL883N offers an exhilarating ride that will impress any motorcycle enthusiast.

Customization Options For Personalizing Your Bike

Customization Options For Personalizing Your Bike

Regarding the Harley Sportster-XL883N, customization is key. Personalizing your bike makes it unique and enhances its performance and appearance. There are countless ABS options for customizing your Sportster, from upgrading the exhaust system to adding a new seat or handlebars.

Some popular customization color options include installing a new air intake system for improved performance, adding LED lighting for a sleek look at night, and swapping out the stock wheels for something more stylish. Whatever customization options you choose, ensure they align with your style and needs as a rider. With the right modifications, your Harley Sportster-XL883N can truly become one-of-a-kind.

Popular Harley Dealers With Xl883n Inventory

When searching for the perfect Harley Sportster-XL883N, it’s crucial to find a dealership with a wide selection of inventory. Research and compare popular Harley dealerships, such as Battle Creek Harley-Davidson, Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson, and Rommel Harley-Davidson Smyrna, to ensure you find the bike that fits your needs and preferences.

Consider factors such as financing options, available promotions, and customer reviews to decide where to purchase your dream bike. Scroll down for more details on inventory.

Battle Creek Harley-Davidson Inventory

If you’re looking for a Harley Sportster-XL883N, Battle Creek Harley-Davidson is an excellent place to start your search. The dealership carries various new and used bikes, including the XL883N model, and parts and services for all Harley models.

You can use financing options and test rides to ensure the XL883N is the right bike. Plus, with their experienced staff’s help, you can rest assured that any questions or concerns about purchasing an XL883N will be addressed promptly.


The Harley-Davidson Sportster XL883N is a popular entry-level motorcycle known for its classic styling and performance. It is considered one of the more affordable models in the Harley-Davidson lineup. The pricing for a new Sportster XL883N typically ranges from around $9,000 to $12,000, but this can vary based on factors such as model year, optional features, and any promotions or discounts offered by dealerships.

If you are interested in purchasing a used Sportster XL883N, the price will depend on various factors such as age, condition, mileage, and aftermarket modifications. It is recommended to check local motorcycle dealerships, online classifieds, and auction websites to understand better the current market prices for used Harley-Davidson Sportster XL883N motorcycles.

Maintenance Tips And Common Issues To Look Out For

Maintenance Tips And Common Issues To Look Out For

The Harley Sportster-XL883N motorcycle blends modern technology with classic styling. With its sleek lines and powerful engine, this cruiser is perfect for riders who want the best of both worlds. The XL883N is powered by an air-cooled Evolution engine that delivers plenty of torque and power to get you where you need to go.

Its low-slung design gives it a classic look, while its advanced suspension and braking systems provide modern performance and safety features. Here are some maintenance tips and common issues to look out for:

  • Check the oil regularly and change it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Keep the tires properly inflated and check them for wear and tear.
  • Clean and lubricate the chain regularly.
  • Check the brake pads, rotors, and fluid levels frequently.
  • Look for common issues like electrical problems, clutch slippage, or fuel system issues.

Pros And Cons Of Owning A Harley Sportster Xl883n

The Harley Sportster XL883N is a renowned motorcycle that has captured the hearts of riders worldwide. This iconic model exemplifies the true spirit of Harley-Davidson, combining power, style, and versatility in a compact package. With a rich history dating back to its introduction in 1957, the Sportster XL883N has evolved over the years to become a symbol of freedom and individuality on the open road.


  • Iconic style Harley-Davidson brand and heritage
  • Powerful and responsive engine
  • Classic and timeless design
  • Comfortable riding position for long distances
  • Maneuverable and agile, suitable for urban riding


  • Limited storage capacity for long trips.
  • Relatively small fuel tank, requiring frequent refuelling.


The Harley Sportster XL883N perfectly blends modern technology and classic design. One of the great things about the Sportster is its ability to be customized to suit individual preferences, making it a great choice for riders who want a motorcycle that reflects their unique style.

It offers the best of both worlds, including stunning design, impressive engine performance, and unmatched comfort. Whether you’re looking for an adventurous ride or a comfortable cruise, the Harley Sportster-XL883N can cater to all your needs. Refining your search for the perfect Harley Sportster-XL883N is crucial to finding the best one suited for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Is A Harley XL883?

Ans: The Harley XL883 is a motorcycle model produced by Harley-Davidson. It is part of their Sportster lineup and is known for its compact size and powerful 883cc engine.

2.Can 2 People Ride A 883?

Ans: Yes, two people can ride a Harley-Davidson Sportster 883. However, it is important to note that the 883 is a relatively small motorcycle, so both riders may need to adjust their positions for comfort and safety.

3.How Much Does A Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Cost?

Ans: The price of a new Harley Davidson Sportster 883 can range from around $9,000 to $11,000, depending on the specific model and any additional features or custom bike options.

4.How Many CC Is Harley 883?

Ans: The Harley 883 has an engine capacity of 883 cc.The 883 cc engine provides ample power, allowing riders to navigate traffic or tackle challenging terrains effortlessly.

5.What Is The Price Of Harley Davidson Iron 833™ In India 2023?

Ans: The price of the Harley Davidson Iron 883™ in India in 2023 is unknown as it depends on factors such as inflation, taxes, and market conditions. It is advisable to check with authorized Harley-Davidson dealers in India for the most accurate and up-to-date price information.

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