How Many Quarts Of Oil Does A Harley Twin Cam Take? – You Should Be Know

You have your first Harley Davidson with the Twin Cam engine, and you seek to fill the engine with the fluid oil. It can be incredibly scary at this moment if you don’t know the Twin Cam 88 oil capacity.

So, how much oil does the Harley Twin Cam 88 engine hold? The Twin Cam 88 engine holds 3 quarts or 2800 ml of engine oil. So, you will need an oil kit replacement with the 3 quarts capacity for the 88 engines. When you select the engine, you must keep it in mind. 

Nonetheless, it’s time we take the discussion deep so that you know how much fluid is required for the different Harley motorcycles with this engine. We will also suggest the maintenance guideline on how to check and replace the engine oil along with the best Harley Twin Cam 88 oil suggestions. 

How Many Quarts Of Oil Does A Harley Twin Cam Take

What Is Harley Twin Cam 88 Oil Capacity? 

What Is Harley Twin Cam 88 Oil Capacity

Harley first introduced the Twin Cam engine in 1998 as they integrated it with their 1999 models and onwards. Thus, you will most likely have the engine in your Harley Davidson. No doubt, the engine is incredibly powerful and reliable. 

It is an air-cooled engine and has better performance than the single Camshaft engines. Thus, it has become famous for its efficiency and longevity. Nonetheless, you need to feed the engine with the right oil or fluid to help it deliver the performance you expect. If you don’t choose the right oil for the engine, it will soon break down, and you will have to replace it. Also, you should know its capacity. 

So, the primary Harley Davidson fluid capacities for the Twin Cam 88 are 32 fluid ounces or 1 quart. You will need 1 quart of engine oil to fill the 88 engine. This amount of fluid oil is also necessary for the Evo engine models from 1980 to 2006. 

Harley Davidson’s engine can accommodate 32 fluid ounces or 1 quart of primary fluid only when fully empty. However, it can take around 24-27 fluid ounces when the engine has fluid inside. Another Harley, such as Softail, has a different oil accommodation facility.

However, the engine oil capacity is 2800 ml or 3 quarts for the Twin Cam 88. It is equivalent to 100 imp fluid oz. So, you have to be aware of the actual accommodation capacity of the engine when you refill or maintain it. 

What Oil Does Harley Davidson Recommend For Twin Cam Engines?

What Oil Does Harley Davidson Recommend For Twin Cam Engines

Harley Davidson uses the best engines for their motorcycles. And to get the best performance from these engines, you need to use the right oil. So, which oil type does Harley recommends for these engine models? 

As the user manual says, Harley Davidson recommends using full synthetic 20W-50 oil for these engines. However, you don’t need to be limited to only the 20W-50 engine oils. When you look deep into the numbering, you will find that many manufacturers also have engine oil with 5W-40, 10W-40, etc., models. Thus, you also use these engine oils. 

Top Oils For Harley Davidson Twin Cam 88

Top Oils For Harley Davidson Twin Cam 88

You now know the oil capacity of the Harley Davidson Twin Cam and even the recommended oil type. But, which oil brand or package should you use for the engine? You don’t need to worry since we have found the best Harley Davidson Twin Cam engine oils. So, here we go. 

 Amsoil Vtwin Oil Change Kit 20w50 Full Synthetic

 Amsoil Vtwin Oil Change Kit 20w50 Full Synthetic

The fully synthetic oil from Amsoil is made to work in all weather. Thus, this engine oil will protect the Twin Cam engine throughout the year. You don’t need to worry about the weather change with this oil. 

The additives of this oil are ready to protect the different parts of the air-cooled Harley Twin Cam engines. Its oxidation resistance ensures that the engine remains free from oxidation and corrosion. Also, it helps the engine to get a longer lifespan. 

Mobil 1 20w50 Fully Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Mobil 1 20w50 Fully Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Our second pick is the Mobil 20W50 oil which comes with a pack of six, and each has a 1-quart fluid inside. Its additives are friendly for the engine and ensure the longevity of all the parts. What’s more, it has clean manufacturing. Therefore, it will ensure the engine’s longevity and boost its efficiency too. Also, it is affordable and so is gettable for every motorcyclist. 

V-Twin 41-0054 – Tc-88 Complete Oil Change Kit

Finally, there’s the V-Twin oil change kit. This engine oil doesn’t only include the primary fluid but also everything you need. So, you won’t have to invest in anything additionally. The engine oil includes industry-leading additives to prevent corrosion, rust, and oxidation of the engine parts

We have already mentioned the top three engine oils for the engine. But how do you change the engine oil or measure it? You can read this guideline on measuring and replacing the primary oil of your Harley Davidson. When you replace the oil, you can easily measure it with the scale by opening the primary oil housing. 


The engine’s Twin Cam 88 oil capacity is 3 quarts or 2800 ml. However, it takes 1 quart of primary fluid to maximize the performance. We have discussed the oil capacity and its necessary points. Also, we have shown you the top three engine oils for the 88 Twin Cam engine. You will surely love their performance and efficiency. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Is The Displacement Of The Harley Davidson 88B Engine?

Ans: The total displacement rate of the Harley Twin Cam 88B engine is 1588 cubic centimeters (CC) with 99 cubic inches of actual spacing. It is a huge improvement compared to the 

2.How Much Oil Does 2006 Dyna Take?

Ans: The 2006 Dyna is a slightly different motorcycle as it can take 45 fluid ounces of primary oil, which is more than the primary fluid of the engines.  So, be aware of it while refilling the primary fluid. 

3.Is The Twin Cam 88 A Good Motor?

Ans: The Twin Cam 88 is a reliable, high-performing, and efficient engine. Harley Davidson uses the engine to maximize the performance output of their motorcycles to satisfy their worldwide customers. You can expect the engine to last years with the proper maintenance and recommend oil on our list. 

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