Harley Wheel Interchange Chart: An Insightful Description

Harley Davidson has brought many legendary, popular, and reliable motorcycles. These motorbikes have particular wheel and rim sizes. Plus, the different wheel and rim sizes mean you can interchange any of these models. 

So, you must understand the Harley wheel interchange chart. It will help you know the wheel fitment of the different Harley Davidson models. You will also understand the custom rim and wheel available for the specific motorcycle model. 

So, let’s jump deep into the discussion to find which Harley wheel is interchangeable with which model. But before that, you should know the facts linked with wheel size. 

Harley Wheel Interchange Chart

Tips On How To Understand Wheel and Tire Size Of Motorcycle

Tips On How To Understand Wheel and Tire Size Of Motorcycle

You should know its sizing when you plan to interchange tires and rims of different Harley motorcycles. The size of any motorcycle and automobile wheel is described using a few letters and numbers. All these numbers and letters have distinctive meanings. 

These numbers and letters express the width of the tire in millimeters, its height in inches, and the rim’s diameter. The numbers are important as they control the fitment of the tire and its performance with a specific motorcycle model. 

Width Of The Tire

Width Of The Tire

The average width of a motorcycle tire can be anywhere from 100mm to 300mm. As the number increases, the tire becomes wider or taller. Also, a wider tire will have better traction and control on the roads. 

On the 18″ sports bike, the common tire size will be 170mm and 180mm for the front and rear wheels, respectively. You will find 220/180 and 200/160 wheel sizes for the cruiser’s rear and front wheels. As you see, the front wheel is less wide than the rear wheel. 

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of the wheel has two parts. These are:

  1. Height of the tire profile 
  2. Tread percentage against the tire’s width 

For instance, if the tire width is 120mm and its tread percentage is 70% for the wheel, its aspect ratio will be 84mm. As the aspect ratio increase, the tire becomes taller. 

Also, taller tires usually are more roundish. Taller and rounder wheels offer better stability during braking and motorcycle cornering. It is useful when riding Harley Davidson motorcycles at speed in hilly regions. 

The drawback of the taller profile is that it makes the wheels and tires heavier. 

Rim Diameter

Rim diameter is straightforward to understand as it refers to the wheel’s diameter. It is expressed in inches. The diameter suggests whether or not the tire will fit in the wheel. 

Construction Of The Tire

Tires are mainly of two types, depending on the construction style. These are:

  1. Radial 
  2. Bias-ply 

Radial offers better performance with its improved puncture resistance capacity. It makes the tire more durable as well. However, these tires are costlier to replace. So, many people don’t like these tires for the costly replacement. 

Bias-ply tires have a softer construction. It is ideal for long-distance rides. Also, softer tires will be hugely beneficial for riding on off-roads. The tradeoff for these tires is less stability. 

Speed Rating

The speed rating expresses the maximum speed a wheelset of the motorcycle can accommodate. The speed limit has three different aspects. These are:

  1. Maximum design speed is dependent on the handling ability and considerations of different road conditions. 
  2. Then, there’s the lower speed limit. It corresponds with the treadwear and ride-ability of the wheel in standard conditions. The rating is measured at 60MPH speed. 
  3. The lowest limit for the speed rating is set at 45MPH. 

The speed rating of the wheel is expressed with code letters. 

Code Letter  Max Speed 
J 62MPH (100KPH)
K 68MPH (110KPH)
L 75MPH (120KPH)
M 81MPH(130KPH)
N 87MPH(140KPH)
P 93MPH(150KPH)
Q 99MPH(160KPH)
R 106MPH (170KPH)
S 112MPH (180KPH)
T 118MPH (190KPH)
U 124MPH (200KPH)
H 130MPH (210KPH)
V 149MPH (240KPH)
W 168MPH (270KPH)
Y 186MPH (300KPH)
Z/ZR 149+ MPH (240+ KPH) 
Speed rating

Load Rating

The tire also has a definite load-bearing capacity. It is expressed as the load rating of the wheel and tire. Also, the load rating is expressed in “Number” coding. Also, each number expresses a definite load-bearing capacity for the tires. 

It starts at the “33” code and goes up to 99. The load capacity of the wheels typically starts at 254 pounds (115KG). The highest load rating capacity for the motorcycle and automobiles is 1323 pounds (600KG). 

Now that you know the factors associated with the Harley Davidson wheel size let’s check the interchange capacity. 

Harley Davidson Touring Models Wheel Size Chart

Harley Davidson Touring Models Wheel Size Chart

Touring models for Harley are made for long-distance rides. The motorcycle wheel interchange size chart for these models is illustrated below. 

Harley Davidson Touring Models Wheel Size Chart:

Harley Sportster Wheel Size Guide

Harley Sportster Wheel Size Guide

The Sportster series from Harley Davidson is famous for its aggressive look and agility. If you are a speed lover, the Sportster motorcycles will truly be your lifelong companion. The next table will illustrate the wheel size and its associated ratings. 

Harley Sportster Wheel Size
Harley Sportster Wheel Size

Harley Wheel Size For Dyna Models

Dyna series of Harley Davidson is a perfect combination of touring and city motorcycles. You will find these motorcycles with different tires and wheel sizes. 

Harley Wheel Size For Dyna Models
Harley Wheel Size For Dyna Models

Harley Wheel Interchange Chart For Street Models

Harley Wheel Interchange Chart For Street Models

Harley Davidson introduced their Street models in 2015. It is their entry-level model for people who want Harley Davidson bikes but have a tight budget. The series has Street 500 and Street 750 models in two segments. 

Harley Wheel Interchange Chart for Street Models
Its tire size and chart follow as follows:


Harley Wheel interchange chart is a broader subject. We have described the interchangeable Harley wheel size chart for the Touring, Dyna, and Sportster models. The list also includes a wheel size chart discussion on the entry-level Street models. If you are keen on the Harley Softail wheel size chart, we will also bring it in the next updates. The article shows the entire range of custom and standard sizes for front and rear wheels. 

Also, you need to decide between tube and tubeless tires. However, we suggest the latest tubeless tires because of their improved puncture resistance and braking capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Year Harley Wheels Are Interchangeable?

Ans: There’re many interchangeable wheel models for Harley Davidson motorcycles. However, you will find the Harley Touring bike models from 2000 to 2007 the easiest to interchange the wheels. 

2.What’s The Biggest Wheel You Can Put On A Street Glide?

Ans: You may choose different sizes of wheels for Street Glide models. The front wheel, its biggest wheel size, is 21X3.5. Some of the other wheel fitment for Street Glide front wheel includes 16 x 3.5″, 17 x 3.5″, 18 x 3.5″, and 19 x 3.0. For the rear wheel, you may choose 17X6.25 or 18X5.5 sizes. 

3.Can I Put A Wider Tire On My Sportster?

Ans: Yes, you use a wider tire in the Harley Sportster models. You will need to replace the original rim to get a wider tire. You can consult the motor mechanic to know which tire and rim size will work best with the Sportster models. 

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