Which Street Glide Years To Avoid – Explained

Hey there, motorcycle enthusiasts! Welcome to this blog on Street Glide years to avoid. This discussion will teach you about the best and worst model years of this Harley Davidson (HD) motorbike. 

Street Glide is a fantastic bike showing power and sophistication. It is one of the finest types of cruisers for the open road. I am sure it can turn heads well wherever you want to go. Starting from 2006, it has the same frame as another popular HD Road Glide. Therefore, it features a more streamlined construction and a sleek profile. 

Still, there are Street Glide model years that you should avoid if you are interested in buying this bike. Several model years have been launched since its beginning.  But the model years of 2017 and 2018 did not fulfill the needs of the riders. Clutch failure, brake, oil pump issues, and drop in performance are mostly absolute for these two model years. Solving them requires the rider to spend more money. 

Street Glide Years To Avoid

A Glance Of Street Glide Years To Avoid

A Glance Of Street Glide Years To Avoid

The Street Glide is known for its comfortable riding position and its smooth ride. It is a great choice for long-distance touring. Also, it is a popular choice for any security activities. You can customize the bike to suit your style. The “shark nose” fairing mainly represents it while providing housing for the headlight and a pair of speakers. Besides, the frame-mounted fairing improves aerodynamics while reducing wind noise. 

The Street glide features a twin-cam 103ci V-twin engine with 6-speed transmission. It can surely fulfill your demand. Moreover, some are unique features like a satellite navigation system, a heated seat, and a premium sound system. 

The sales of this bike were more than 50K units in its first year. There was an upgrade of this motorbike in the 2010 model year. It has a new frame, suspension, and engine management system. Lastly, it is in its fourth generation, which was introduced for the 2017 model year.

Harley Street Glide Years To Avoid – 2017 Model

Harley Street Glide Years To Avoid – 2017 Model

The 2017 Harley-Davidson Street Glide is a touring motorcycle. Perhaps the most notable change is the new Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine. This engine offers more power; improved brakes etc. features for a smooth ride on the road. 

With so many positives, there are reasons why you may not love to own this bike. Still, there are some technical issues with this motorcycle. 

Not So Good Ride Quality & Brakes 

Not So Good Ride Quality & Brakes 

It should have delivered better damping with both rear shocks. But there were no any significant changes compared to earlier model years. Again, many users have complained that there is no notable improvement of bike control and adjustability. 

Frequent Vibration

Several complaints were about the heavy vibration in the front end. It happens between 2000-3000 rpm. Hence, the rider can feel it in the rear brake pedal, and the bars will wobble. Sometimes, there appears to be a ticking noise from the bike. 

Wet Sump Issues

The Milwaukee-Eight (M8) engine of the 2017 Street Glide is not as promising as the manufacturer claimed. It has wet sump-ing issues. When the problem appears, the oil gets accumulated in the crankcase bottom when the rider is riding the bike at high speeds for distance travel. It caused oil aeration and power loss and stressed the engine parts. 

Harley Street Glide Years To Avoid – 2018 Model

Harley Street Glide Years To Avoid – 2018 Model

The 2018 Street Glide is a great bike with plenty of features to like. But, as with any bike, there are also some features that some riders may not like. Some features of the 2018 Street Glide are here that killed the fame of the bike:

Engine Stalling

Suppose you are at good speed on the highway, and suddenly the engine stops. It is obvious to meet an unexpected event. Unfortunately, this engine stalling happened to many 2018 models of Street Glide as many riders have faced it. It mainly happened due to the neglect of changing the fluid and correct maintenance of the ABS. 

Brake Errors

Sometimes the brakes do not work correctly in Street Glide 2018. Even many riders had difficulties configuring the brakes. It has made the rider spend money for proper activities of brakes. 

Oil Pump Problems

Oil Pump Problems

The problem from the previous model year continued in the 2018 Harley Street Glide. It had oil pump or wet sump problem. Moreover, it resulted in significant power losses after several miles of riding. So, the rider must fill the tank with fuel more frequently. 

Clutch Failure

Clutch Failure

The hydraulic clutch system’s secondary actuator leaks in the 2018 model. After a specific time, the cylinder loses enough fluid, making it unable to generate energy for disengaging the clutch. When riders start the bike in gear, they may face control dissatisfaction. 

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Of course, every motorcycle is different. There will always be some lemons, no matter what brand or model you buy. However, if you are considering a used Street Glide, it is vital to be aware of the potential problems. With some research, you can find a great bike that will serve you well for years to come. I have made the searching job of model years elementary in this post. I hope you w

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