Honda Silverwing 600 – Problems With Solutions

Introduced in 2001, the Honda Silverwing 600 is still a great bike. It is perfect for commuting and touring and is very comfortable to ride. I have had my Silverwing for about a year, and I love it. 

It is powered by a 582cc 4-valve EFI DOHC parallel twin engine. It features a fuel injection system and a CVT transmission. Simply put, it is an excellent choice for riders who want to travel long distances comfortably. 

Sadly, several Honda Silverwing 600 problems are there, which I have found personally. Also, many other riders and owners have reported these issues, which required solutions. You can discover lots of arguments on this topic. However, I am here writing a brief explanation of each problem and how you can treat them.

Honda Silverwing 600 - Problems

List Of Honda Silverwing 600 Problems & What You Should Consider Before Having It

List Of Honda Silverwing 600 Problems & What You Should Consider Before Having It

Honda proudly introduced its Silverwing motorcycle as a perfect combination of touring and commuting bikes. It delivers superior performance on highways and city streets. No doubt, riders are in love with the Honda Silverwing 600. 

However, you must acknowledge its problems to yield better performance. It will be also useful to avoid inconvenience during rides. So, let’s take at the problems briefly and then, we will discuss them in detail. 

Problem Name

What Happens

Possible Solution

Battery drainage 

Trunk light reduces battery life

Battery/light replacement

Deflated tires

Corrosion inside the wheel deflates tires

Powder coating wheels

Fuel tank leakage

Several bikes had fuel tanks with leakages

Fuel tank replacement 

Handlebars loosening

Vibration causes handlebars to be loose-fitting 

Installation of new handlebars 

Starting problem

Sometimes bike takes a long time to start

Engine repair

Inaccurate speedometer 

The speedometer often shows the wrong info

Speedometer replacement 

Underseat compartment issues

Putting excessive items into a compartment resisted it from opening properly

Contact the dealer

So, these above are some problems that appear in the Silverwing 600 maxi-scooter. I am not claiming that your bike will have them all. Instead, there is a chance to have these Honda Silver Wing 600 problems sooner or later. 

Now, I request you to know these faults in detail with possible solutions. 

Problem – 1: Battery Drainage 

Indeed, the motorbike runs a lot if you take care of all the parts of it. Thus, battery leakage can invite big trouble if you are a mileage lover. It happens due to the trunk light of the scooter. 

If you check the bike, you can find the trunk on the rear part. It has a light to warn or notify others from the back of the bike. Hence, the sensor (under the seat) turns on the light when you open the seat to bring items from the under-seat box. 

But the problem is that this light illuminates awkwardly even if you are not riding the scooter or have opened the compartment. The light remains illuminated while draining the power of the battery. However, the possible reason for the problem is the malfunction in early Silverwing models. It does not allow closing the seat properly even if you are sure about it. 

Possible Solution:

If your scooter has this problem, you need to change the light or battery. Changing the battery is simple using a screwdriver which you can do yourself. Therefore, I suggest you use a Honda-supported battery. Again, you can replace the stock trunk light with LED to reduce battery drainage. LEDs drain the battery more slowly than the stock light. 

Problem – 2: Deflated Tires

Deflated Tires

Like battery issues, a few riders of Silver Wing 600 have had deflated tires at a particular time. The air pressure inside the bike tires emitted or deflated faster than at regular times. 

Upon investigation, the cause of this issue was discovered. If the rider puts insufficient tire pressure, it could cause corrosion inside the bike wheels. As a result, air leaks from the tire through the rim. 

Possible Solution:

First, you should contact a mechanic and ask him to clean the corrosion. Then, powder coat the wheel to create a layer that prevents air from leaking. The powder coating prevents the tries from external and weather elements. So, it won’t have corrosion for a long period. 

  • You may even remove the corrosion at home using WD-40 commercial cleaner from the wheels. 
  • You need to apply it on the corrosion and wait for a few minutes. 
  • Then you may wipe off the corrosion with a clean scrubber. It will remove the corrosion from the wheels. 

Problem – 3: Fuel Tank Leakage

Honda recalled the 2003 Silver Wing models from the market to solve the fuel tank leakage. There has been a report of around 2K Silverwing scooters with fuel leakage issues. Consequently, the company failed to provide adequately built fuel tanks for some scooters. Also, these tanks did not follow the specs of material strength. 

The inspection of the problem has brought the engine’s vibrations led the tanks to have cracks or leakages. To an extent, it could result in a fire if the tank comes close to any ignition. 

Possible Solution:

When you call the dealer, they will inspect to find any defects in the fuel tank. If nothing comes out, a replacement tank will be installed, depending on the warranty. Alternatively, you can weld the leaking part of the fuel tank. 

As you try welding the fuel tank to stop leakage, you must use tungsten welding for the best results. It can withstand high heat and will be durable too. 

Problem – 4: Handlebars Loosening

Handlebars Loosening

Another Honda Silverwing 600 problem is that the handlebars often get loosened and detached, especially in the 2002-03-year models. The manufacturer recalled the bikes to solve the problem. Almost 5000 models had this problem that kept the rider worrying about riding safety. 

The extra clearance between the lower handlebar clamp and holder created stress on some scooters. Gradually, the handlebar comes out from its position by slowly loosening. Then, a bike crash could be a fearsome outcome as the rider failed to control the steering. 

Possible Solution:

When the handlebar becomes loose, try to inspect for the screws. Often, tightening the screws with the Allen screw will solve the problem. Also, try to reposition the handlebar close to the clamp and holder for better control it. 

However, in most cases, a loose handlebar isn’t repairable at home. So, you need to call the dealer to solve the loose handlebar problem. They will install two lower handlebar clamps. Also, they will add washers between the handlebar holder and the clamps with new locknuts. 

Problem – 5: Starting Problem

Starting failure or difficulty is not a significant problem for Silver Wing 600 Honda scooters. But it could be a big issue when the rider needs to go out for an emergency. It happens mainly in cold seasons or when you keep the motorcycle unused for a long period. 

The problem appeared when the rider held the handbrake entirely and put up the kickstand to turn on the engine. Then, you will find that the engine doesn’t start. The reason for the problem is engine, handbrake, or clutch malfunction. 

Possible Solution:

When the motorcycle doesn’t start, you need to fix it ASAP. For this, you need to follow a few key tips. It includes: 

  • First, you should try cleaning the clutch and engine. 
  • Also, check for any loose wires. In many cases, loose wiring is responsible for starting problem of the engine. 
  • Plus, try removing any debris from the engine if there’s any. Often, debris inside the engine stops it from starting as the engine fails to generate required power. 

When nothing happens, you may need to call the dealer to check the engine’s health. You can claim your warranty to change the engine, handbrake, or clutch if nothing is identical. 

Problem – 6: Inaccurate Speedometer

Inaccurate Speedometer

An inaccurate speedometer is one of the minor Honda Silverwing 600 problems. It is not influential as the others I have mentioned above. But it can be problematic if you want to know the mileage, fuel quantity, or other information.

Though the problem appeared in a few specific models, the reason is still unclear. However, it can be the incorrect production of a speedometer. 

Possible Solution:

You need to replace the existing speedometer with a new, high-quality Honda Silver Wing-compatible unit. Likewise, you can do it yourself by ordering the parts or calling the mechanic or dealer. 

Problem – 7: Under-Seat Compartment Opening Problem 

Some of the reviews I have read were about the problems of the Silver Wing. From them, a few riders complained that the under-seat compartment of the bike resists opening properly. So, it became a headache for riders who needed to carry things while they were going to their destination. 

It happens because of the corrosion that stops the compartment screws to work properly. Plus, there can be debris that stop the compartment from opening. 

Possible Solution:

Try observing the compartment and where it is restricted from opening. Are the screws too tight or any debris there?  Also, check for any damaged parts or damages around the compartment. As you find the reason of the compartment not opening, work accordingly. 


The Honda Silverwing 600 is an excellent bike for commuting and touring. But there are several problems that riders and owners have reported that you should be aware of before purchasing one. 

These problems include battery drainage, deflated tires, fuel tank leakage, handlebars loosening, starting problems, inaccurate speedometers, and under-seat compartment issues. 

You can solve some of these problems on your own. But others require you to contact the dealer or a mechanic. Do your research before purchasing the bike to ensure that you are aware of all the potential problems you may encounter.

I hope you understand the Honda Silverwing 600 problems and the solutions better now.

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