Kawasaki FR651v Problems How To Fix Them: Kawasaki Lawnmower Engine

Kawasaki has built quite a reputation for producing powerful and efficient motorcycles loved by riders worldwide. However, like any other manufacturer, they have faced their fair share of product issues.

One of the most common problems that Kawasaki FR651v owners commonly need is better reliability. When buying a new vehicle, it is vital to assess its performance and durability. The Kawasaki FR651V is popular among buyers due to its reliability and performance. The maintenance and repair of the car are essential to ensure that it functions properly for years.

The Kawasaki FR651v is known for its power and durability, but it can have its share of problems like any other machine. We will tell you everything about it, from the most common Kawasaki FR651v problems to how to fix them. We will cover all the symptoms of the issues you need to watch out for and the step-by-step repairs you can do to fix them. With our expert guidance, you’ll know exactly how to keep your Kawasaki FR651v running smoothly.

Kawasaki FR651v Problems How To Fix Them

What Are The Kawasaki FR651v Problems?

Like most engines, the Kawasaki FR651v has a few common problems owners have reported. Some problems include low spark and charging system failure, fuel line blockage, low compression, overheating, slow speed when the motor starts, and poor fuel economy. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, the good news is that you can fix many of them.

You can resolve low spark or charging system failure by checking the charging system or replacing the spark plug. You can also fix fuel line blockage by inspecting the fuel line for any blockages, cleaning the carburetor, and changing the fuel filter if it’s clogged. For overheating, ensure the cooling system is working optimally.

Slow speed during startup can be a sign of a worn starter motor or a weak battery, while a blocked air filter or partially-clogged fuel line could cause poor fuel economy. Whatever the problem, conducting thorough maintenance should solve the issues experienced with the Kawasaki FR651v engine.

5 Common Kawasaki FR651v Problems & How To Fix Them

5 Common Kawasaki FR651v Problems & How To Fix Them

The Kawasaki FR651V can have some common issues that can hinder its performance. One of the most common problems is slow speed, which various factors can cause. You can fix the problem by making modifications to the mower. Low spark can also be an issue, as fuel line blockages, charging system failure, and low compression. Poor fuel economy can also be a frustrating problem with this model.

Another crucial concern is the engine’s overheating, which can cause severe damage if left unchecked. Regular servicing and maintenance of the Kawasaki mower can help mitigate these issues. If you’re experiencing problems with your Kawasaki FR651V engine, several issues could be causing the pain. Here are five common problems and how to fix them:

Low Spark

Low spark in the FR651V can be caused by several things that prevent coil voltage from crossing the electrode gap at the spark plug’s tip. These include damaged, worn, or fouled spark plugs, faulty wires, and a broken distributor cover. If you notice spark plugs with wet, combustion deposits, or worn-out electrodes, this may indicate spark loss.

Excessive dry deposits or electrode wear may point to a problem with the fuel-to-air ratio in the combustion chamber. Thick coatings of black carbon deposits on the engine could mean the carburetor mixture is too rich, leading to spark loss. Check these components to identify and fix the root cause of your low spark problem.

The Fix

Kawasaki FR651v is a workhorse engine known for its reliability. However, it’s not immune to problems. Here are 5 common problems with the Kawasaki FR651v and how to fix them: For low spark problems, clean or replace the spark plug and the air filter. For charging system failure, check the battery and its connection, clean the terminals, and replace the regulator if necessary.

You can fix fuel line blockage by cleaning the fuel filter and replacing the fuel lines. For low compression, check the valves and piston rings and replace them if necessary. Overheating can be fixed by changing the oil, adding an oil cooler, and replacing the fan belt if needed. By following these fixes, you can ensure your Kawasaki FR651v engine keeps performing optimally.


Charging System FRailure

Charging System FRailure

One of the most common problems associated with the Kawasaki FR651V mower is the charging system failure. This issue often results from slack or dirty/damaged connections, preventing the battery from charging. Additionally, the battery may keep discharging if the ignition key is left in the on position, leading to a complete drain. Fortunately, there are several ways to fix this issue.

In some cases, simple modifications like cleaning or tightening connections may help. If the problem persists, replacing damaged parts or the battery may be necessary. It’s also worth noting that the FR691V model has a fuel shut-off solenoid on the carburetor that can cause issues, although common repair techniques can usually remedy this. By taking these steps, it is possible to solve charging system problems and extend the lifetime of your Kawasaki FR651V mower.

The Fix

Replace the damaged charging system components. If the issue persists, try to fix it by replacing the damaged components with new ones. If that doesn’t work, then it’s time to call a mechanic. Whether you choose any other route, it’s best to take your 651-s Bf to a mechanic as soon as possible to fix it properly. Even if the bike is still under warranty period, it is important to get an expert’s assistance instead of trying to fix things on your own.

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Fuel Line Blockage

Fuel Line Blockage

Several issues can cause a Kawasaki FR651v to lose power. One of the most common causes is a blockage in the fuel line, usually due to dirt or debris lodged in the filter. If you notice your Kawasaki FR651v cutting out at high speeds or losing power without any apparent mechanical fault, it’s essential to get the fuel system checked by a mechanic immediately.

A blocked fuel line can cause many issues, including poor fuel economy, sluggish acceleration and stalling, and reduced power output. If left unattended, these issues can quickly become more severe and even result in an accident. Only some problems with your Kawasaki FR651v are necessarily serious issues, but taking it to a mechanic for an annual tune-up or basic maintenance should be strongly considered.

The Fix

Kawasaki FR651V lawnmowers are known to experience a few common problems that can affect their performance. Typical issues include overheating, slow motor speed, surging, and poor fuel economy. However, you can easily fix these problems with a few basic remedies. If the lawnmower overheats, it could be caused by the dirty engine cooling fins or low coolant levels.

To fix this problem, clean the cooling fins or add more coolant as needed. If the motor runs slowly, you could locate the problem in the fuel delivery system. Check the fuel line and carburetor and clean or replace the fuel filters if necessary. Inconsistent fuel and air delivery to the combustion chamber causes surging, where the engine revs fluctuate. You can fix this issue by checking the carburetor for blockages and ensuring the air filter is clean.

Clogged fuel filters, spark plugs, or air filters can cause poor fuel economy. Clean or replace these parts to improve the fuel economy of your lawn mower. Following the above remedies, you can easily fix common Kawasaki FR651V problems and return your lawnmower to peak performance.


Low Compression

Low Compression

If your Kawasaki FR651V engine is experiencing low compression, it could be due to various reasons, including age and prolonged mower use. The FR651V engine is a 23 horsepower OHV motor with 651ccs of displacement, 43.7 Nm of torque and a maximum power of 3,600RPM. It has electronic spark ignition and a fuel shut-off solenoid on the carburetor.

Low compression can cause poor engine performance and decreased fuel economy. To resolve this issue, consider performing a compression test and inspecting the engine for any signs of wear or damage. If necessary, replace any worn components or seek professional assistance to ensure your FR651V engine operates optimally.

The Fix

Several common problems can occur with Kawasaki FR651V mowers, but you can fix them easily with the right approach. Ensuring the engine is not running too hot can resolve the common issue of overheating. A faulty fuel delivery system or air intake channels can cause surging, which is another common problem. Check the fuel filter, injectors, lines, or carburetor to fix this problem.

Other common problems with Kawasaki FR651V mowers include difficulties starting the engine, running poorly, or stalling out. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations to solve these issues and replace worn parts as needed. With diligent attention to its maintenance, a Kawasaki FR651V mower can provide reliable performance for many years to come.


If you own a Kawasaki FR651V engine, you may encounter common problems during its operation. Overheating is one of the most common issues, hurting the overall engine performance. Another issue is inconsistent fuel and air delivery which can lead to engine fluctuations, known as “surging.”

Poor fuel economy could also be a result of the engine malfunctioning. Other common problems affecting the Kawasaki FR651V engine include slow speed and inconsistent fuel delivery. To fix these issues, regular maintenance and repairs are necessary. Sometimes, you may need to replace specific engine parts or clean carburetors. Taking proper care of your engine can prevent these issues and ensure that your Kawasaki FR651V is running smoothly.

The Fix

Kawasaki’s FR651V is a powerful and durable machine designed for commercial use. The engine is quite efficient and can last many years without major repairs. However, if the engine overheats or stops working, you must fix it immediately. One of the causes of an overheating engine may be a faulty cooling system.

In this case, you must replace the components that are not working properly with new ones. You must also clean them with a special coolant mixture and replace them with OEM parts. Lastly, you must also check all air filters and replace any damaged or dirty ones. All these repairs will help you eliminate overheating problems and keep your FR651V running smoothly.


What Are The Symptoms Of Kawasaki FR651v Problems?

Kawasaki FR651v engines are known for their durability and reliability. However, like any machine, they may suffer problems over time. Several symptoms may indicate that your Kawasaki FR651v engine is having problems. One of the most common symptoms is an engine that runs slowly or stops running after a few minutes of starting. Another symptom is excessive engine vibration, which worn-out or broken parts can cause.

Other symptoms of Kawasaki FR651v engine problems include improper battery charging, engine overheating, and malfunctioning of various parts, including oil leaks, damaged valves or rings, and a damaged carburetor. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s essential to address the problem immediately and have the engine repaired by an experienced technician. This will help to prevent further damage and ensure your mower continues functioning smoothly.

What Should You Do If Kawasaki FR651v Problems Persist Even After Fixing Them?

What Should You Do If Kawasaki FR651v Problems Persist Even After Fixing Them

If the Kawasaki FR651V problems persist even after fixing them, getting help from a professional mechanic is best. If the motor starts slowly, it might indicate deeper issues with the engine that you cannot fix with simple troubleshooting. Several issues, such as fuel-line blockages, faulty carburetors, or fuel filters, can cause engine stalls. 

On the other hand, external factors that cannot be fixed usually cause engine overheating. The fluctuation in the engine’s speed can indicate problems in the fuel system, such as the fuel injectors, fuel lines, or the carburetor. To avoid causing further damage to the engine, it is best to get help from an expert who can diagnose the problem and suggest the best course of action.



The Kawasaki FR651V is a Kawasaki motorbike that has been in the market for quite some time now. The bike is loved by many due to its classic styling and powerful engine. However, like any other products in the market, there are also certain issues with the FR651V.

Common problems with this bike include clutch and transmission failure, fuel-guzzling performance, and engine issues. Overall, the FR651V is a great bike with great potential and can be one of the best options if you take care of it properly.

It is important to tackle Kawasaki FR651v problems before they worsen and potentially damage the machine. The most common issues that afflict the Kawasaki FR651v are the low spark, charging system failure, fuel line blockage, low compression, and overheating. You can easily fix these problems by following our step-by-step guide.

However, if you continue to face these issues, it’s best to consult a professional technician. Don’t let these problems cause costly repairs or machine downtime. Stay proactive in your approach, and your equipment will serve you well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Problems Are Common With Kawasaki FR691V?

Ans: There are a few problems that Kawasaki FR691V owners can face. They include faulty steering, engine-related issues, noise in the exhaust system, and poor fuel economy.  

2.Which Motor Is Better, Kohler Or Kawasaki?

Ans: It is difficult to say which motor is better between Kohler and Kawasaki as both brands offer a range of quality engines. It ultimately depends on factors such as the specific model and its intended use.

3.How Many Hours Will A Kawasaki Engine Last?

Ans: How long a Kawasaki engine lasts largely depends on factors such as how well it is maintained, how much load it is subjected to, and the fuel quality used. An engine with regular maintenance performed on it will have a longer lifespan than one without. 

4.What Do The Majority Of The Users Feel About Kawasaki FR651V?

If you are looking for a good and reliable scooter from Kawasaki, the FR651V is the best option. The FR651V is a well-built scooter with all the basic features that every user would love to have. The engine produces great power so that you will feel comfortable on the road. 

5.What Is The Best Solution For Kawasaki FR651v Problems?

Ans: The best solution for Kawasaki FR651v problems is to take it to a certified Kawasaki dealer. They can diagnose the problem and help you get back on the road immediately. If the problem is minor, they can provide you with a repair kit with parts you can fix yourself. 

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