Kawasaki Mule Pro MX Problems & Solutions (top 3 Problems)

Kawasaki has introduced the Mule Pro MX as one of their premier multi-use utility vehicles. With this light equipment, you can perform myriads of tasks, from farming to adventures.

Hence, Kawasaki Mule has become popular among its users. With ample power and large wheels, the Pro MX version has made lightweight tasks easier. However, recently Kawasaki Mule Pro MX problems have been the talk of the town. Yes, users are complaining about its engine throttle, abruptly going to power loss mode and electrical issues.

Many Mule Pro MX forum users have reported issues with the engine misfunctioning. Also, the latest model lacks side mirrors which decreases road visibility. It has urged some serious discomfort among the users.

Kawasaki Mule Pro MX Problems

Top 3 Kawasaki Mule Pro Mx Problems And Their Solutions

Top 3 Kawasaki Mule Pro Mx Problems And Their Solutions Kawasaki introduced their Mule Pro MX series for lightweight tasks and adventures. This utility vehicle is brutally powerful. Also, thanks to its potent engine and larger wheels, you will find it suitable for going over many terrains. But its engine has seen a few problems over the past few years. Plus, it has seen irregular performance and even a design problem.

Problems With Mule Pro MX Engine:

Problems With Mule Pro MX Engine

The 2022 Mule Pro MX equips with a 4-stroke 695CC engine. On paper, the engine is exceedingly powerful. It also delivers a brilliant performance at most times. Nonetheless, the engine has a few critical problems you must address. The main problem of the Mule Pro MX engine includes the following:

Overheating Problem: 

Although most UTVs have overheating problems, it’s commonly seen in the Mule Pro MX. You will see the front seat getting too much heating when you ride the vehicle for an extended period. Also, the heat starts dissipating through the sides of the seat. 

Hence, it becomes unbearable for the rider to sit in the front seat. We have seen that the heat will rise over 45-degree and so, it is a severe problem. 


  • Clogged radiators 
  • Engine throttling 


Check its radiator if you find the persistent overheating problem from the Mule Pro MX engine. Mostly, it becomes clogged and stops heat dissipation. So, the easiest way is to remove the radiator, clean and remount it. 

If the problem persists, the issue is with the engine. At this time, you might need a complete rehauling of the engine. It can cost you anywhere between $200 to $500. The newer engines for the UTV are priced from $2500 to $3000. 

So, you may order it online and get it replaced. The following engine will be useful for your Mule Pro MX.  Kawasaki Mule PRO-FX/T KAF820 15-20 Engine Motor Rebuilt: It is a complete engine rebuild. However, it is mainly for the FX version. You can contact them and submit orders for the MX version too. 

Misfiring Problem:

Misfiring Problem

The potent 695cc engine also misfires frequently; as you press the start button to ignite the engine and battery, the spark misfires. As a result, you will fail to start the utility vehicle. This problem is seen mainly in the old Mule Pro MX engines. It happens because the engine has grown older and is incapable of handling heavy-duty tasks anymore. 


  • Usually, an older and damaged engine causes frequent misfiring issues. 
  • Damages and residues on the spark plugs. 
  • Clogs in the fuel filter as air stops passing through to the engine. 
  • Problems with the vacuum system of the vehicle’s engine. 

Common Signs Of An Old And Misfiring Engine:

Common Signs Of An Old And Misfiring Engine

  • You will see higher fuel consumption than on normal days. The fuel consumption will increase by 20% and cut your pocket too. 
  • The engine starts vibrating too much. It becomes so severe that the rider will have problems sitting on the UTV. 
  • You will also see quick and sudden power loss. You might see that UTV stopped working in your agricultural field. 
  • Finally, you will see a continuous popping sound from the engine. It increases as you ride the vehicle for an extended period. 

Tips To Solve The Misfiring Problem Of Mule Pro MX:

Tips To Solve The Misfiring Problem Of Mule Pro MX

When you continuously see misfiring on the Pro MX, you must try inspecting its reasons. The signs will show you the path to the cause easily. Usually, popping sound and vibration suggests that the engine isn’t receiving enough air. So, it is getting heated and causing misfires. 

Thus, you should remove and clean its fuel filter. You can use a K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit for this purpose. It allows you to clean the fuel, air filter, and spark plugs. You will get a powerful degreaser and red filter oil from K&N. So it works as a complete package. 

If cleaning the fuel filter doesn’t solve the problem, you should check the spark plug. Often there will be dust and residue causing the misfire. So, you should try cleaning the spark plug. 

Finally, for the older engine, you must rehaul or replace it entirely. It will boost the engine performance superbly. Check your Mule Pro MX’s manufacturing year and get the right engine accordingly. 

Power Loss And Idling Problem:

Power Loss And Idling Problem

The power loss of the Kawasaki-built engines is common. If the engine grows 5 to 7 years old, it will significantly lose its power and performance. It limits your uses of the UTV on hilly terrains and in heavy-duty tasks. 

Another common issue with Mule Pro MX is its idling problem. It refers to the UTV not starting when you keep it idle for a long period. Usually, the problem of sluggish start is more acute in cold regions than in tropical ones. 

When you don’t use the utility vehicle for long, its fuel and air filters become dirty and clogged. So, when you switch it on, the engine will fail to receive enough power. As you lift your feet from the Mule’s pedal, it dies instead of starting. You will see it during the warm-up time of the engine. Usually, Kawasaki Mule Pro MX needs 10 to 20 seconds of warming up to run during winter. 


  • Power loss problem takes place when you ride the UTV on too stiff hills. Also, riding on stiffer hills for an extended period is responsible for power loss. 
  • The idling problem happens because of dirty air and fuel filter. Also, residues on the carburetor and spark plug are responsible. 


  • During winter, continue pressing the UTV’s pedal for 20 seconds. It helps the utility vehicle to warm up properly and ignite the engine. 
  • If you don’t use the vehicle for an extended period, cover it adequately to stop dust and residues. It helps you keep the vehicle in good condition. 
  • When you switch on the vehicle after a few days or months, clean its carburetor, air, and fuel filter before starting it. Also, change the fuel for better performance. 
  • Don’t ride on too stiff hills with Kawasaki Mule Pro MX. Usually, you may ride up to a 15-degree angle easily with Kawasaki UTVs. But continuing it for too long will hurt the engine. So, try taking breaks in between the rides. 

No Mirrors On The Sides:

A significant design problem of the Kawasaki Mule Pro MX is the lack of mirrors on both sides. Surprisingly, Kawasaki didn’t include any side mirrors for this vehicle. While you ride the UTV, this lack of side mirrors will limit your visibility significantly. 

When you ride the Mule Pro MX in rugged terrain, this visibility issue becomes severer. You won’t know what’s coming from behind. So, it limits your riding’s smoothness and safety. 


The only way to fix this side mirror problem is to install a new pair of mirrors on your Kawasaki Mule. You may choose the Kolpin UTV Side Mirror or Seizmik 18072 Pursuit Side View Mirror. You will get the mirrors and the required screws to mount them mirrors. Plus, the DIY mirror installment will take only 10 minutes and improve your riding safety thoroughly.  


Kawasaki Mule Pro MX problems become acute as it grows old. Usually, the old engine gets damaged and causes engine throttling, power loss, and a rattling sound. You will also see the idling and misfiring problems. The key to avoiding these problems is maintaining your UTV properly so that its air filter, fuel filter, vacuum, carburetor, and spark plugs remain clean. It will help you get the best performance from the Mule Pro MX.

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