Harley Automatic Primary Chain Tensioner Problems: Simple Solutions

Harley Automatic Primary Chain Tensioner Problems

An Automatic Primary Chain Tensioner is a device used to keep the primary chain of a motorcycle at the right tension and prevent over-torque. This type of tensioner has been around since 2006 with Dyna models and later Big Twin models. The Tension Reliever Manual, Primary Chain Adjuster Screw, is an aftermarket part designed to …

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Harley Air Shock Pressure Chart: A Comprehensive Guide

Harley Air Shock Pressure Chart

The Harley air shock pressure chart is for a suspension system. That enables you to ride on Route the Rails with the smoothness and comfort of air shocks. However, Air shocks make it possible for a motorcycle to absorb the shock generated by bumps in the road or uneven terrain. They lessen suspension movement and …

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Most Common Harley Davidson Switchback Problems & Solution

Harley Davidson Switchback Problems

Harley-Davidson has long been synonymous with the quintessential American motorcycle, representing freedom, adventure, and a rebellious spirit. However, even the most iconic and well-respected brands can encounter product issues. In recent years, the Harley-Davidson Switchback has been the subject of numerous customer complaints and recalls, raising concerns about its reliability and performance. As a popular …

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How Many Quarts Of Oil Does A Harley Twin Cam Take? – You Should Be Know

How Many Quarts Of Oil Does A Harley Twin Cam Take

Harley-Davidson motorcycles have long been known for their powerful engines and iconic design. One of the most popular engine types used in Harley motorcycles is the Twin Cam, which was first introduced in 1999 and has since become a favourite among riders. The Twin Cam engine is known for its smooth, reliable performance and has …

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