Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries: With Replacement Battery Suggestions

Harley Davidson is synonymous with brilliant, stylish, and high-end motorcycles. It has been made possible for Harley’s continuous focus on detailing, design, and quality of every part they use for their different motorcycle models.

However, they don’t manufacture all the parts for their motorcycles because it is practically impossible. One important motorcycle part that Harley Davidson outsources is the battery.  So, you should be keen to know, “Who makes Harley Davidson batteries for their motorcycle? Also, what type of batteries Harley Davidson uses for their motorcycles?” 

Deka (East Penn Manufacturing) has been manufacturing batteries for Harley Davidson motorcycles since 2000. Previously, Yuasa was the official manufacturer and supplier of the batteries for Hartley motorbikes. Also, Harley uses traditional lithium-ion, lead-acid, and modern absorbed glass matt batteries for different models of their motorcycles. 

Henceforth, we will discuss the manufacturer details about Harley batteries, their worthiness, and the types of batteries Harley motorcycles use. Finally, we suggest the top aftermarket batteries for Harley Davidson if you need replacement. 

Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries

Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries? An In-Depth Discussion

Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries An In-Depth Discussion

Harley Davidson has been manufacturing classic and fashionable motorcycles for over 100 years. During this long period, it has become the world’s largest and leading motorcycle manufacturer due to its brilliant quality. 

During this long period, Harley has collaborated with many battery manufacturers to supply batteries for their motorcycles. It is now unknown who supplied the battery of the Harley motorbikes in the early days. So, we checked the latest motorcycles and found a concrete answer. 

Since the early 2000s, Deka, also known as East Penn Manufacturing, has been supplying the batteries for all Harley motorcycles. So, you will find Deka batteries in Harley motorcycles made after the 2000s. If you, however, have a model made before the 2000s, the battery is manufactured by Yuasa. It is not known why Harley discontinued their partnership with Yuasa to supply OEM batteries for all motorcycle models. 

Nonetheless, let’s focus on the current manufacturer of Harley batteries, Deka.  Deka is one of the leading battery manufacturers for both motorcycles and automobiles. It is rated so highly because of its lowest defects in batteries.

Plus, Deka maintains the quality of its products through proper maintenance and following the international standard for all types of batteries. One of the key reasons for Deka to own the right for Harley motorcycle batteries is their least defects. 

A Brief Discussion On Deka (East Penn Manufacturing):

Since Deka supplies all the batteries for Harley, you might think it is a giant company. Indeed, Deka is one of the largest battery manufacturers worldwide. Delight Jr is the founder of Deka. He founded the battery production plant in 1946, right after the Second World War. 

During the first few years, Delight Jr didn’t see much advancement in their business. However, since 1960, the company saw a massive boom in its sales following its quality assurance. Nowadays, Deka has its one-stop production facility in Berks County, PA. The production plant is one of the world’s largest, covering around 520 acres. 

This massive production facility has helped Deka to streamline its production greatly. Also, their actual research and development section is established within the 520 acres of premises. Apart from the batteries, Deka also produces automobile wiring in this production facility. 

Nonetheless, that’s not all. The 520 acres of manufacturing also include a large recycling and smelting facility within the premises. There Deka recycles their old batteries as part of their conservation promise for the environment and eco-friendly production. Their recycling includes:

  1. 200M pounds of Lead, 
  2. 11.8M pounds of plastic
  3. 6M gallons of acid

It is an annual statistic that is equivalent to 30000 batteries daily. The company also recycles their old Harley motorcycle batteries here. 

Currently, Energy Products Inc. is the representing company of Deka. It also represents the following giant companies:

  • Trojan
  • Taylor Dunn
  • Club Car
  • Advance Scrubbers & Sweepers
  • Ametek

Harley Davidson Battery Quality Of Deka:

Harley Davidson Battery Quality Of Deka

Deka is known for maintaining the highest quality in its Harley Davidson batteries. They control the entire production process for their batteries. It starts right from outsourcing the raw materials for the different battery types. They follow strict quality control and standard right to their finished products for all of their partners, including Harley Davidson. 

Following their brilliant quality assurance for the batteries, Deka has accreditation from ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949. It is a great achievement since only a few battery manufacturers have achieved such ISO certificates. 

Types Of Battery Harley Davidson Motorcycles Use:

Harley Davidson has a broader range of motorcycle models. Henceforth, they use various batteries for different motorcycles. 

Flooded Lead-Acid Battery:

The lead-acid battery used in Harley motorcycles is like any conventional lead-acid battery. The battery is infamous for its lack of split-proof capacity. So, these batteries need additional maintenance, and you need to take extra care while using these batteries.

You will need to refill the flooded lead-acid battery when the battery discharges frequently. It can be hectic work at times. 

Glass Mat Battery:

The absorbed glass mat battery is a developed version of conventional lead-acid batteries. Deka seals these glass mat batteries during their production. Henceforth, these batteries are completely split-proof. 

Also, the fiberglass mates used in the battery are useful. Also, these batteries have gel-like stuffing for improved consistency. It ensures better vibration resistance. As a result, these batteries will require the least maintenance. So, Harley Davidson motorcycles with the absorbed glass mat battery will deliver better and smoother performance. 

Lithium-Ion Battery:

No doubt, lithium-ion batteries are expensive. But the truth is that these lithium-ion batteries deliver the best performance in a Harley motorcycle. Some of these batteries offer a slight recharging facility, making them truly unique. 

On top of it, lithium-ion batteries offer the best durability among all the Deka batteries made specifically for Harley. These are the lightest batteries too. So, it won’t increase the weight of motorcycles and boosts your riding comfort and smoothness. 

Price Of Harley Davidson Batteries

Price Of Harley Davidson Batteries

Harley Davidson has many motorcycle models. Following it, they have been using various batteries for their motorcycles. It ranges from the original OEM batteries to standard aftermarket batteries. Therefore, you will find Harley Davidson batteries in different price ranges. 

  • The OEM batteries have the highest pricing. Harley uses the OEM batteries directly in their factory while assembling their motorcycles. In general, these batteries will cost around $200 to $300. If you want to replace the original battery with an OEM one, you must closely check its pricing and expiry date. 
  • A decent-quality aftermarket battery for Harley motorcycles will cost you $100 to $150. Of course, the manufacturer uses superior-quality materials for these batteries. You will find these batteries with a recent date for manufacturing with reliability. 
  • Finally, you may get the most affordable batteries for less than $100. You can get these batteries from aftermarkets and mechanics. Although affordable, we strongly suggest you check the battery quality and its material because these batteries often don’t come from reliable sources. So, you need to be aware of their disadvantages. 

As you check the pricing, you will also need to see their expiry date and type. Usually, lithium-ion battery is pricier than lead-acid batteries. 

Are Harley Davidson Battery Any Good?

Harley Davidson has been manufacturing classic and most-iconic motorcycles for decades now. Their gorgeous and limitless bike collection makes them a top choice. Similarly, they have used high-quality parts in all their motorcycles, including the OEM battery. 

But how is the battery that Harley uses? 

Users agree that Harley’s batteries are top-of-the-line in the market. Harley ensures that Deka (East Penn Manufacturing) follows the highest quality and standard in their batteries. Also, Harley has a monitoring system that closely inspects the quality of its batteries. Hence, you can rest assured about the premium standard of all Harley batteries made by Deka. 

Top Rated Harley Davidson Battery Reviews: Top Three Suggestions

Top Rated Harley Davidson Battery Reviews Top Three Suggestions

If you have a Harley Davidson motorcycle and want to replace its battery, you might look for a reliable battery. Following your urgency, we have prepared this short review of the top three Harley batteries you can purchase without any second thought. 

Throttle Hdx30l

THROTTLE HDX30L is one of Harley’s OEM batteries in their motorcycles. It is also one of the best aftermarket Harley Davidson batteries you can get for the money. The battery comes ready to install with a full charge. So, you don’t need to wait to charge it for use. It is handy during emergencies when you need to plug and play with the battery. 

It has a 400 CCA rating which makes the battery top-of-the-line. Also, the AGM battery is maintenance-free. It runs for years without any strict maintenance. Once you install it, you can forget about it for years. 

Finally, its stainless steel bolts and spill-proof design make it an amazing battery. Its 18 months of long warranty should bring peace of mind too. 


THROTTLE HDX30L is compatible with the following Harley motorcycles from 1997 to 2016:

Hence, the battery should fit your Harley motorcycle well with the abovementioned models. It is also easy to install and maintain without any mechanics. The only downside of the battery is its weight. It is a heavyweight battery and increases the overall weight of your motorcycle. 

Deka Sports Power Etx-30l

Deka Sports Power Etx-30l

Deka has introduced this battery for riding freaks who love riding in extreme conditions. The battery has an improved design to fit into most motorcycles, including Harley. Thanks to its brilliant traction and grip on the roads, you will also see its uses in ATVs and sports vehicles. 

The AGM battery comes with a spill and leak-proof design. It makes the battery nearly maintenance-free, which saves both time and money. Like the previous battery, it also has a 400 CCA rating. So, you can choose this OEM battery to replace your old ones on motorcycles. You will love its usability for sure. Also, it is priced slightly less than the THROTTLEX HDX30L battery. 


ETX-30L from Deka is compatible with most Harley Davidson motorcycles. You will find it suitable for all models made after 2002. So, it is a great relief. 

HDX20L – Harley Davidson ATV And UTV Replacement Battery

HDX20L - Harley Davidson ATV And UTV Replacement Battery

If you want an affordable battery to replace the OEM one of your motorcycle, HDX20L is the go-to choice for many reasons. Firstly, the battery is affordable with a maintenance-free design. Also, this battery is made in America, which ensures the highest quality in the market. 

It comes fully charged. So, you may install and use it directly without any waiting. On top of it, it has AGM construction. So, the plates are safely separated by the AGM, making it nearly maintenance-free for superior application. 

However, it has a 330 CCA rating, lower than our previous two battery recommendations. Yet, it delivers satisfactory performance, and you will love its longevity. You may claim your money if you dislike its performance or sense any manufacturing defect. Yes, it has a 30-day money-back policy too. 


This replacement battery is compatible with a wide range of Harley models. The list includes:

  • Super Glide, Fat Boy, and Softail models from 1991 to 2016. 
  • Sportster from 1997 to 2003 
  • Wide Glide models from 1993 to 2016 
  • Low Ride Harleys from 1993 to 2016 
  • V-Rod and Night Rod Harley Davidson models from 2008 to 2016 

This replacement battery will perfectly fit these models, as the list shows. For further inquiries, you may contact the local mechanic.


Harley Davidson has been using Deka-made batteries for more than 20 years now. Previously, they used Yuasa batteries. So, you should now know who makes Harley Davidson batteries. Both Deka and Yuasa are famous for their industry-leading battery technologies.

As a result, Harley Davidson motorcycle batteries have a long-lasting lifespan of over 5 years. Also, with at least 300 CCA rating and AGM design, these batteries are made for all-weather and nearly maintenance-free.  Long story short, you can depend on these batteries for riding Harleys smoothly. You should also find our recommended replacement batteries truly worthy within a pocket-friendly budget.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.Are Harley Batteries AGM?

Ans: Yes, the newest Harley batteries have AGM technology (Absorbed Glass Mat). AGM stands for Advanced Glass Mat. Deka has introduced this technology, particularly for Harley Davidson motorcycles. The AGM technology helps separate the multiple plates within the battery. So, it gets easy to maintain the battery. It increases the lifespan of the batteries too. 

2.How Many Ccas Does A Harley Battery Need?

Ans: CCA in the battery market stands for Cold Cranking Amps. It refers to the ability of the battery to start an engine during cold weather and low temperature. The higher the CCA rating, the better it is for the battery. Hence, Harley Davidson uses batteries with at least a 300 CCA rating. It helps their engine to start even in the coldest temperature without problems. 

3.What Volt Battery Does A Harley-Davidson Use?

Ans: Harley Davidson uses either 6V or 12V batteries in their motorcycles. Usually, bikes made before 1965 used 6V batteries. If you have an antique Harley Davidson motorcycle, you need to replace its battery with a 6V equivalent one. All the Harley motorbikes made after 1965 used the standard 12V battery to power up the larger engines. 

4.How Long Do Harley Davidson Batteries Last?

Ans: Usually, Harley Davidson offers premium-quality and extended longevity for all of its motorcycle parts, including the OEM battery. You can expect these Deka-made batteries to last at least 5 years with proper maintenance. In fact, users have reported that their batteries for Harley have lasted more than 7 years with ease. 

5.How Long Should I Let My Harley Warm-Up?

Ans: The newest Harley Davidson motorcycles have Fuel-injection (FI) system integrated into the motorcycle engine. It allows the oil to reach the engine faster. So, technically you don’t need to warm up the Harley motorcycles anymore. Nonetheless, we strongly encourage you to warm up your Harley for a couple of minutes for the smoothest riding experience. 

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