Road King Vs Road Glide: Detailed Comparison With Suggestions

Harley Davidson has produced many bike models, mostly cruisers or tourers. Harley Road King and Road Glide are among the top touring models from the company. Still, Road King and Road Glide have features that recall the manufacturer’s classic road bikes.

These bikes are not so suitable for daily use or on busy streets. But, don’t worry as these are preferable for unwinding yourself to a long distance. In fact, the structure says so! Better power, better torque, and comfy rides – these are what you get choosing any of them.

You are at the correct place if you are searching for Road King vs Road Glide discussion. Here I will give you a complete comparison and exciting thoughts on these two touring bikes. 

Okay, you are in confusion about selecting between Road King and Road Glide. Then, continue reading the comparison in detail and ensure which one is good for you. 

Road King Vs Road Glide

Features To Think About;

Road Glide Special and Ultra Limited are certainly two top-notch models of Harley tourers. These bikes have one crucial feature, the infotainment system absent in Road King. It is set into the front fairing of the Road Glide. On the other hand, Road King doesn’t have full fairing to hold the infotainment system. 

In easy words, a unique 4.3” full-color TFT display, 5.25” dual speakers, and box GTS IT system –are the parts of this system. You can control the speakers via voice commands and Bluetooth connectivity. Also, there is an option for charging the system via a USB port. Many riders would love to play music on the Road Glide

Road King Vs Road Glide Comparison 

Road King Vs Road Glide Comparison

Road King and Road Glide are two top-of-the-line motorcycle models from Harley Davidson. Since they both are made for long-distance riding, they share many common features. In fact, at first look, you can hardly tell the actual difference between these Harley motorbike models. 

These two bikes use the two variants of the latest Milwaukee Eight engines for better performance. The oil tank capacity of these two motorbikes is also similar at 5.2 quarts. 

Comparison Of Dimensions And Physical Appearance 


Road Glide

Road King




Seat height (when loaded)



Weight (when shipped)

818 lbs. 

794 lbs. 

Weight (when running)

853 lbs. 

828 lbs. 

Ground clearance 












Front tires

BW 130-60B19-61H

BW 130-70B18-63H

Rear tires

BW 180-55B18-80H

BW 180-55B18-80H

Capacity of fuel

6 gal. 

6 gal.

Capacity of oil

5.2 quarts

5.2 quarts

Capacity of luggage

2.7 cu ft.

2.3 cu ft. 

As the table shows, both bikes have similar capacities. Their wheelbase, fuel, and oil capacity, along with front and rear tires, are identical. A slight difference is seen in their weight. You will find the Road Glide models slightly weightier.

So, it may suit those who want a lightweight (compared to Road King) touring motorcycle. It also has a slightly higher luggage capacity, which makes it ideal for long roads with convenience. 

Comparison Of Engine

Comparison Of Engine


Road Glide

Road King

Engine name

Milwaukee-Eight 114

Milwaukee-Eight 107

Engine type 

4-stroke, DOHC









114 cu inches

107 cu inches

Compression ratio






Chrome dual exhaust

2-1-2 configuration and tapered mufflers

2-1-2 configuration and tapered mufflers

Drive type

Chain drive

Chain drive

When it comes to the engine, there’s hardly any difference between Road Glide and Road King. Road king uses the 107 variant of the Milwaukee engines, while Road Glide uses its 114 variant. No doubt, both engines are superbly powerful. Also, they are stable enough to offer superior performance on long rides without vibration and heating problems. 

Comparison Of Chassis


Road Glide 

Road King

Wheel type

Optional style, gloss black prodigy with a contrast cut highlight 

Not available 

Front wheels

Gloss black prodigy

Slicer II cast aluminum

Rear wheels

Gloss black prodigy

Slicer II cast aluminum


32 mm, 4-piston fixed front and rear

Caliper type- 32 mm, 4-piston fixed front and rear

Harley Davidson has made these two touring models for fashionable persons. Following it, these two touring motorcycles have a sleek and stylish design. Their chassis will captivate your mind with excellent design language. Apart from it, their physical attributes are quite similar, including the brakes. 

Road Glide uses caliper brakes of 32mm size. It is also identical to Road King versions. You can depend on their improved braking capacity during emergencies on long rides. You will truly love their stopping capacity in less than 10 feet of distance and on wet roads. 

Performance Of Road King Vs Road Glide:

Performance Of Road King Vs Road Glide

Road Glide bike comes with a touring chassis. It helps the bike to start and get ready quickly. In the case of Road Glide Specials, they are good to go among the bendy roads with the least traffic. Plus, these models don’t need any substantial warm-up time. It will be handy during cold days when many motorbikes need 4 to 5 minutes to warm up their engines. It will be a great advantage for those riding in a cold region. 

Although usually, they appear heavier than Road King while running, they will perform better. Also, you may love the overtaking capacity on the low-end of the bikes. After running the bike for miles will still be ready for the next run without stressing. 

Road King alternatively has all the essential features of a cruiser. It has a large fuel tank of 6-gallon, like the Road Glide, to provide excellent mileage. Again, the weight is lesser than other V-twin bikes coming from competitors. Besides, you can easily control the bike well and let it reach the peak of its activities for being lightweight. 

Comfort – What You Need For Long Tours

Road Glide is comparatively heavier than Road King. With a 387kg weight, you can find it a bit tough to park in the garage. Regardless, the bike is good for providing a comfy ride. It is accessible to riders of any height, from short to tall. 

Road King is famous for the luxury feelings you get while riding it. You can take it for a short trip or spend miles away. Even some riders consider it like you are riding a car though it sounds funny to me. But of course, you will love to ride this cruiser. 

Attractive Design

Harley Davidson always focuses on producing two-wheelers that give the riders maximum comfort and lovely design. Road King and Road Glide have that design to make you think again. Also, both bikes represent the fame of Harley tourers. Lastly, you may feel more interested to know the history of American bikes and the heritage of Harley’s design legacy. 

Styling And Feel

There are several differences between Road King and Road Glide lineup. For instance, Road King appears with a wheelset of Impeller Cast Aluminum. Alternatively, the Road Glide has the wheels of Enforcer Cast Aluminum. You can notice chrome 2-in-1 double exhausts with tapered mufflers. 

These two bike models have Showa that uses dual bending valve forks. A double-cradle frame with a double downtube forms a classical skeleton in these bikes. This skeleton has layers of a steering head appropriately placed. 

Then again, Harley keeps the brakes (32mm, 4-piston) fixed on these two motorcycles. As a result, when you are riding the bike at high speed, you can get better stable straight-line tracking. 

Comparison Of Transmission

High Output Twin Cam 103TM V-Twin engine with 6-speed cruise drive system is the power source of both bikes. Whatever you choose between these two, the bike can gain 42 mpg while producing a torque of 104.7 lb.-ft at 3250 pm. Moreover, these bikes have a more massive fuel tank to last longer without compromising comfort. 

Price And Options

To clarify the pricing of these two bikes, I have selected bikes that appeared in 2016. The Road King of 2016 has a base price of $18750, available in vivid black color. As the Road Glide has more features, it simply costs more than Road King. You can expect vivid black Road Glide by paying $21,000 to the seller. 

One more thing, you can find these bikes in several colors. But there are some complications too. For example, Road King has a dual-tone finish and custom colors. Instead, the Road Glide has a Hard Candy Custom option. 

Final Words

Are you still confused about Road King vs Road Glide thoughts? If you do not care about spending a bit more money to get more features, then I suggest you choose Road Glide. But you can save some grands buying the Road King.

Still, it’s up to you whether you should buy a lightweight, easy-to-control bike or a slightly heavier but better comfortable bike.  Last but not least, it is assumed that both motorbike models are made to last and offer premium performance, like any Harley Davidson motorbike. Henceforth, it will depend on your choice and budget mainly. 

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