Electra Glide Vs Street Glide: The Battle of The Beasts

Electra Glide is one of the most legendary motorcycle models from Harley Davidson. The touring model enjoys superior popularity because of its classic style and powerful engine.

Also, the latest models use Milwaukee Eight 107 engines. In the recent decade, one motorcycle model that has given the Electra Glide a tough fight is the Street Glide. Although it shares many features with Electra Glide, Street Glide steps ahead with a better infotainment system. 

Hence, the battle between Electra Glide vs. Street Glide becomes fierce. Of course, both motorcycles offer brilliant touring experiences with powerful engines, great brakes, and control. On top of it, these two Harley Davidson models provide the smoothest and safest rides through their improved capacity. 

Street Glide is known for its best infotainment system and sleek design due to its Batwing fairing construction. On the other hand, Electra Glide takes pride in its suspension performance for smooth rides and throttle response for superiority. When you are up for choosing a Harley Davidson touring bike, you must continue reading this article. It will help you decide which motorbike to purchase. 

Electra Glide Vs Street Glide

Electra Glide Vs Street Glide: Complete Overview The BeastsElectra Glide Vs Street Glide - Complete Overview The Beasts

Harley Davidson introduced their Electra Glide models in 1965. So, it has been in the market for over 50 years. During this long period, Electra Glide has gone through many subtle changes. At first, it used the classic Panhead engines 1965. Nowadays, the motorcycle is equipped with the latest Milwaukee Eight 107 engines. 

Thanks to its electric start facility, the bike was an immediate hit in the motorcycle market. Electra Glide was the first Harley motorcycle equipped with an electric start. It was a revolutionary change in the motorcycle’s starting technology. 

Thanks to its powerful engine and sleeker design, the touring community has accepted the motorcycle gleefully. Expert tourists and riders admire the cross-country riding ability of the Electra Glide. With this bike, you may easily go for a long cross-country tour. It can ride for thousand miles with the least maintenance. 

Lastly, Electra Glide is a pretty standard bike. You won’t get any high-class infotainment system with the Electra Glide. So, the lack of a proper infotainment system can be seen as a setback for the motorcycle. 

A Brief Insight Of Harley Street Glide 

Harley Davidson introduced the Street Glide versions for the touring community in 2006. The motorcycle grabbed the attraction of motorcycle lovers with its stylish and industry-leading infotainment system in all motorcycles. 

It also comes with the latest Milwaukee Eight V-Twin engines. So, it almost has identical power and torque capacity. You will love the superior performance from the Harley Street Glide on both highways and city streets. Henceforth, it is a perfect companion for long-distance rides and street riding. 

Lastly, its Box 6.5 Infotainment systems make Street Glide one of the most sought-after Harley models in the market. It allows you a hands-free entertainment system. So, you can use your smartphone and enjoy its whole entertainment system without lifting your finger. It will be a great relief on highways and busy city streets when you must control the bike with the topmost assurance.  Now that we have looked at both models’ brief insights let’s see their top features. After that, we will discuss their common facilities and differences. 

Harley Davidson Electra Glide Top Features

Harley Davidson Electra Glide Top Features

Electra Glide is among the top-of-the-ling motorcycles from Harley. They have equipped the motorcycle with almost all of its top features. Once you start using the motorcycle, you will find it so amazing that you will never want to ride another motorcycle. 

Stylish Design And Appearance

One of the top features of Harley Davidson Electra Glide is its superior design. The bike is made mainly for the touring community. Since the model was released in the market, it has been the backbone for all touring models. 

Harley has used the Electra Glide as a standard for all of their later touring models. Plus, the long-haul motorcycle features a two-up design. It is perfect for dealing with tough terrains and long highway rides. 

Whenever you look at the Electra Glide, you will find it represents the classic Harley design. Its aggressive look and stylish appearance make the bike truly classic yet contemporary. 

Better Grip And Comfort

Electra Glide touring bikes are famous for their comfort and grip. When you ride the motorcycle, you will immediately feel its difference from the other motorcycles. Its widened saddle seat allows you to sit and ride the motorcycle smoothly. 

On top of it, the seat has the iconic Two-Up design. It comes with a backrest. So, you will get rid of back pain even during the longest rides. Plus, having backrest support on both seats means even the pillion can sit comfortably. It improves your cross-country touring fun even more. Also, it is unique because not many Harleys have a backrest facility for both seats. 

But that’s not all. The passenger seat has an armrest. So, he can sit relaxed and enjoy the riding thrill like the rider. Also, the handlebar has a better grip. Even if you sweat a lot, the handlebar with an enhanced grip will take care of it. 

Improved Suspension System And Brakes

Improved Suspension System And Brakes

You ask Harley Electra riders about its most-prominent facility, and they will reply, “Electra model has the best suspension and braking system out there among all motorcycles.” It is true because Harley has used their most-reliable e-linked brakes for Electra Glides. 

E-linked, aka combined braking system (CBS), will connect both rear and front brakes. So, you will enjoy the fastest and safest brakes. Plus, CBS, aka e-linked brakes, means even if the front or rear brake fails, its other brake will still be able to stop the motorbike comfortably. 

Hence, you won’t need to worry about collisions and accidents. Plus, the suspension system of Electra glide is famous. Its better suspension means you can go through bumpy and hilly roads with less vibration and shocks. Yes, its suspension system will take care of the shocks and impacts to ensure your smoothest riding experience. 

Equips With A High-Performance And Reliable Engine

Equips With A High-Performance And Reliable Engine

The latest Electra Glide model has Milwaukee Eight 107 engine. The V-twin engine has enough power to accelerate the bike faster than you anticipate. Plus, Harley has used better heat-efficiency technology with the Milwaukee 107 engine. 

Henceforth, the motorcycle doesn’t heat up massively even after 100 miles of a ride at a stretch. It is surely beneficial for long rides. However, it is useful during scorching days too.  Last but not least, you will fall in love with the deep ramble sound from its engine through the exhaust system. It is one of the top attractions of Harley Electra Glide that Street Glide riders wish to have. 

Improved Efficiency

Electra Glide has always been known for its efficiency. It is one of the best fuel-efficient motorcycles in Harley lineups. Also, its better suspension performance combines with the superior and improved throttle response to boost its efficiency. 

It is one of the key segments where Harley Electra defeats the Street Glide model. Also, you will appreciate its better efficiency for long rides where fuel consumption is a key factor. The few extra miles that you can go with the same fuel can be a truly life-saving deal. It allows you to cover an additional tourist spot. 

Pros Of Electra Glide

  • Backrest available for both seats with armrest 
  • A better suspension system ensures less impact and shocks 
  • Enhanced grip for control and comfort 
  • E-linked combined brake ensures quick stops and brakes 
  • Excellent efficiency with brilliant throttle response 

Cons Of Electra Glide

  • The pricing of Electra Glide is abnormally high 
  • It has a basic infotainment system only 

Top Features Of Harley Davidson Street Glide

Top Features Of Harley Davidson Street Glide

Harley Davidson introduced the Street Glide version only in 2006. So, the motorcycle hasn’t been long in the market. Yet, it has become a straightforward competitor of the 55 years old Electra Glide, thanks to its sleeker design, powerful engine, and affordable pricing. 

When you go through the top features of Street Glide, you will realize why Harley users rate the amazing motorcycle o high. Also, it will help you know the differences between Electra Glide vs. Street Glide. 

A Classic And Aesthetic Appearance

One of the top features and most-selling points of Street Glide is its classic yet stylish appearance. The edge of the motorcycle is steeped down. Also, Harley Davidson has streamlined the design and kept the weight and overall length of the motorcycle almost identical to the Electra Glide. So, you won’t find many differences in their handling and controlling. 

Lastly, the Batwing Fairing design of the Street Glide gives it a unique look. So, you can easily differentiate the motorcycle from hundreds. If you are a fan of classic Batwing fairing design, Street Glide will surely satisfy your requirements. 

Powerful Engine And Consistent Performance

Street Glide motorcycles equip with a Milwaukee Eight V-Twin engine. It is similar to the Electra Glide model and delivers the same performance. The initial Milwaukee 107 and 114 engines had problems with oil sumping and power loss. 

However, Harley has fixed these two issues by making the engine slightly bigger and replacing the old oil pump. Therefore, you can now easily take the motorcycle on long rides. It is important as Street Glide is one of the entry-level touring models from Harley. 

On top of it, the Milwaukee 8 engine of Street Glide is known for its sustained power. The revolution of the engine delivers high performance too. These two features offer you a one-of-a-kind smooth riding experience on all terrains. The heat distribution and management of the Milwaukee 8 engine are also top-notch. So, you can confidently ride it long distances without thinking about the engine getting too hot. It will be useful during scorching days and in tropical regions too. 

Reasonable Pricing

Many revered Harley Street Glide highly for its affordable pricing. You may get the Harley Street Glide model at around $21,289, making it one of the cheapest Harley Davidson motorcycles on the market. You will still get the most amazing features, which is a great benefit. 

Despite being an entry-level Harley motorbike, Street Glide doesn’t compromise quality, longevity, and performance. So, you may count on the motorcycle for superior touring performance. The only setback of Street Glide is that it doesn’t include a tour pack like the Electra Glide version. So, you will need to buy the tour pack additionally. 

Pros Of Street Glide

  • Sleek design with a classic look 
  • Box 6.5 Infotainment systems are one of the best 
  • Easy to control in all terrains 
  • Boasts of consistent performance 
  • One of the most affordable Harley Davidson motorcycles 

Cons Of Street Glide

  • The motorcycle doesn’t include any tourpak
  • Not many versions available on the market  

Electra Glide Vs. Street Glide: The Key Comparisons 

Electra Glide Vs. Street Glide - The Key Comparisons 

Electra Glide and Street Glide both deliver outstanding performance on paper. In reality, these two motorbike models are known for their extreme performance and longevity. Henceforth, it will be useful for you to look at their key similarities and differences to finalize your buying decision. 

Engine Specification And Performance

Regarding engine performance and consistency, both bikes perform neck to neck. They both use V-Twin Milwaukee engines. So, rest assured you will get superior performance. The older versions of Electra Glide had used Harley Twin Cam and Evo engines too. These engines delivered quite okay-ish performance. 

Nowadays, they use the latest Milwaukee V-Twin engines. You will love their deep rumbling sound. It is soul-satisfying and increases your riding experience superbly. Next, you will find the throttle response more than satisfactory. So, these two motorcycles have excellent performance regarding the engine and their lifespan. 

Tourpak Inclusion

The key difference between Electra Glide and Street Glide is their tourpak inclusion. The tourpak is a rear trunk. It will be around the backrest with a wrap-around design. So, you may use it as storage space during long rides and adventures. 

Street Glide doesn’t include any Tourpak for storage options. So, it provides a sleek seat with a steep-down design. On the other hand, Electra Glide has a Tourpak included within the package. It wraps around the sleek backrest of the motorcycle. 

As a result, Electra Glide is a better choice for long-distance rides. Its tourpak will allow you to store necessary items quickly. Street Glide doesn’t have such a facility. 

The Difference In Pricing

Another key difference between Street Glide and Electra Glide is in their pricing. We have already been told that at $21,289, Street Glide is an entry-level touring model from Harley Davidson. If you are on a tight budget and still want a reliable touring model, you can’t but choose Street Glide. 

On the other side, Electra Glide is priced way higher than Street Glide at $31,000. So, it is almost more than $10000 than Street Glide. You can choose the model only if you have enough money in your bank account. Also, this model requires more maintenance, which adds to its overall pricing. 

Presence Of Chrome Material

Chrome material ensures better appearance and longevity where it is used. Thereby, chrome material’s presence is useful for the motorcycle’s better appearance. Electra Glide easily defeats Street Glide as it has a more chrome finish and material in its engine and other parts. 

There is a massive presence of chrome in the rear bags of your Electra Glide version. Plus, its trim presence is way more than Street Glide, where you will find chrome material. 

Comparing Point Electra Glide Street Glide
Introduction to the market  Harley Introduced Electra Glide in the 1960s. It has been over 56 years now in the market.  Street Glide came in 2006 as part of Harley’s touring mode expansion principle. 
Engine  V-Twin Milwaukee engines since 20167 V-Twin Milwaukee engines in the latest versions 
Chassis Type Mild tubular steel and has welded backbone  Tubular frame with mild-steel design 
Overall Length 2400mm 2425mm
Overall Height 1400mm 1335mm 
Standard Warranty 2 years for unlimited kilometers  2 years for unlimited kilometers
Odometer Analog  Digital 
Infotainment system  Basic entertainment system  Advanced Box 6.5 Infotainment systems
Tourpak  Yes  No 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does A Street Glide Sit Lower Than An Electra Glide?

Ans: Yes, Street Glide has a slightly lower seat than an Electra Glide. Street Glide’s seat height is 1335mm compared to the 1400mm seat height of Electra Glide. So, Electra Glide is a better option for taller persons. 

2.Why Is It Called Electra Glide?

Ans: Electra Glide model from Harley got its name from its hydraulic telescopic fork. The motorbike uses it for smoother and consistent riding performance. 

3.Is A Road Glide Better Than A Street Glide?

Ans: Street Glide will be a better choice for its speed and agility. On the other side, Road Glide is famous for its riding comfort due to better seating arrangements. 

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