Who Manufactures Harley Davidson Spark Plugs? details explained

The spark plug is essential to any engine that helps the motor achieve the best performance. Likewise, in Harley Davidson motorbikes, special spark plugs send the electrical flow (or current) from the ignition to the combustion chamber.

These spark plugs ignite the compressed mixture of fuel and air and conduct the most proper combustion. You may hear some kinds of sound when the event takes in the engine. The spark plug is responsible for the proper ignition of the motor. But do you know who manufactures Harley Davidson spark plugs?

Several companies like NGK, E3sparkplugs, Champion, Denso, and Orange Cycle Parts make compatible bike spark plugs for Harley Davidson. Even Harley itself produces its own devices to ignite the fuel-air mixture.

Who Manufactures Harley Davidson Spark Plugs

Who Manufactures Harley Davidson Spark Plugs? Top Manufactures

Who Manufactures Harley Davidson Spark Plugs Top Manufactures

A suitable spark plug will last longer than others and give peak performance. Also, it should have premium quality metal tips to stay well against constant sparks. It should not break or crack due to excessive heat or expansion of materials used to make it.

Following these requirements, Harley only outsources the sparkplugs from top manufacturers. They ensure that your Harley Road King, Sportster, Electra Glide, etc., models receive the best spark plugs. It helps the engine of a motorcycle to get ignited without failure. Also, high-quality spark plugs ensure superior and faster ignition. Here are the most widespread spark plug makers for the who manufactures Harley Davidson spark plugs:

NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

NGK has been in the market for around 80 years. This company growth produces tools and accessories for ignition, sensor, and cutting purposes. Consequently, their spark plugs are famous for withstanding excessive vibration, constant knocks, and heat.

NGK makes plugs using an iridium alloy tip, the core of copper, and a smooth wire centre electrode. An excellent example of an NGK product is Iridium IX, a dual-cam spark plug that produces 3 HP performance.

These plugs have high thermal resistance properties as their nickel electrodes have a high melting point. Also, they come with trivalent metal plating. Crenellated ribs protect This plating in a pure alumina silicate ceramic insulator.

E3 Spark Plugs

E3 aims to provide increased power, enhanced fuel leaks efficiency and reduced engine emissions harmful to the environment. They have also been in the market for decades. Spark plugs from E3 are remarkable for their proficiency and the ability to give acceptable acceleration. Mainly, they are designed to fit in modern Harley bikes.

E3 spark plugs have diamond electrodes to enhance combustion. When the ignition process starts, the wave exits the spark zone at high speed to consistently provide the engine with a chimney impact.

For example, the E3.36 Powersports spark plug has a 12 mm reach, gasket seat, and massive design flaws for use in FLHXS Street Glide. It is perfect for different Harley Motorbikes, ATVs, and UTVs with 12-volt systems.

Champion Spark Plugs

Champion Spark Plugs

The Champion maker is over 110 years old, serving the market with a high-quality spark plug for the different two-wheelers. They are the original company to create the first industrial spark plugs.

Champion spark plugs have copper cores using nickel alloy electrodes and thermal bonding. It helps to create a better insulating base alongside the long insulating tip. Hence, you cannot remove the nut of the plug. Again, the device has a heat rating of 8 with a 12mm thread and a 5K Ohm resistance. So far, many users of this spark plug are satisfied with what they get from it.

If you own any 1984-2000 EVO models of Harley bikes, you can use the Champion spark plugs (especially the Copper Plus 404 model). Another model, RA8HC, is suitable for the 2014-2016 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special FLHXS models.

Denso Spark Plugs

Denso is a dedicated manufacturer producing super-efficient spark plugs. They also have plugs that are suitable for Harley-Davidson motorbikes.

One of the popular Denso products is the 3297 Iridium Long Life spark plug. It is the first plug to use iridium, which has become the favorite accessory of most modern engine oil. Denso uses a 360° laser welding process to produce these plugs.

Orange Cycle Parts Spark Plugs

Orange Cycle Parts Spark Plugs

This company mostly makes parts, gear, and apparel for exceptional motorbikes, ATVs, UTVs, bicycles, and snowmobiles. Thus, their products provide top-notch services to the bikes.

A well-known spark plug from this brand is Iridium Performance, which comes in a pair. This plug is preferable for Harley Softail motorbikes. It has a smaller iridium electrode than regular electrodes that can work under less voltage. Also, the structure helps to protect it from corrosion, breaking, and cracks.

You can use the Orange Cycle Parts plugs to replace the old default part in Harley bikes. The natural ageing of the spark plugs can lead to a loss of momentum and decreased performance, causing power to decrease to varying degrees.

When Should You Change Harley Davidson Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs play a vital role in a motorcycle’s performance. It is important to know when to replace them. It would be best to replace spark plugs on modern motorcycles every 15,000 to 16,000 miles.

However, if your bike sputters, runs rough, or even loses power, inspecting and replacing the spark plug may be time. When replacing the spark plug, check its compatibility with the make and model of your motorcycle and the engine type. Also, consider the spark plug’s functionality and engine performance improvement in energy efficiency, ignition timing, and fuel injection economy.

One important factor to consider when deciding to change Harley Davidson spark plugs is the overall condition of your motorcycle’s engine and the stock share of cylinder and fuel evaporation. Additionally, it is crucial to factor in the replacement cost of the spark plugs to ensure optimal performance.

Exploring Different Types Of Spark Plugs For Harley Davidson

Exploring Different Types Of Spark Plugs For Harley Davidson

Regarding spark plugs for Harley Davidson motorcycles, several manufacturers produce high-quality options. When choosing a spark plug for your Harley Davidson, it’s important to consider factors such as compatibility with your specific model, the riding you do, and your preferences.

Consulting with a knowledgeable mechanic or referring to your motorcycle’s manual can help you make an informed decision. Some of the top manufacturers include:

  1. NGK: NGK is a well-known brand that offers a range of spark plugs for Harley Davidson motorcycles. They are popular for their durability and performance, making them a popular rider choice.
  2. Champion: Champion is another reputable manufacturer that produces spark plugs specifically designed for Harley Davidson motorcycles. They offer many spark plugs to suit different models and engine types.
  3. Denso: Denso is a global leader in automotive technology, and its HD spark plugs
    are no exception. They offer a range of spark plugs compatible with Harley Davidson motorcycles, providing reliable ignition and optimal performance.
  4. Bosch: Bosch is a trusted name in the automotive industry, and they also manufacture spark plugs for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Their spark plugs are famous for their longevity and consistent performance.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Spark Plugs For Your Harley Davidson

Several factors must be considered when choosing spark plugs for your Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson is more than just a motorcycle brand – it’s an icon of American culture and the open road. Known for their powerful engines, distinctive design, and signature rumble, Harley Davidson motorcycles have captured the hearts of riders worldwide.

When choosing spark plugs for your Harley Davidson, it is important to consider factors such as natural ageing, potential loss of momentum, and varying degrees of performance. By considering these factors and seeking expert advice if needed, you can ensure that you select the most suitable spark stock plugs for your Harley Davidson motorcycle.

  • Compatibility: It is important to choose spark plugs that are specifically designed for use in Harley Davidson motorcycles. Using the wrong type of spark plug can negatively impact performance and potentially cause damage to your engine.
  • Heat Range: The heat range of a spark plug refers to its ability to dissipate heat. Choosing the correct heat range is crucial for optimal engine performance and preventing overheating or fouling. Consult your owner’s manual or a trusted mechanic for the appropriate heat range for your specific model.
  • Material: Spark plugs can be made from different materials, such as copper, platinum, or iridium. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages regarding longevity and performance. Consider costs, durability, and recommended maintenance intervals when selecting the right material.
  • Brand Reputation: Opting for spark plugs from reputable manufacturers can provide peace of mind regarding quality and reliability. Some popular brands known for producing spark plugs for Harley Davidson motorcycles include NGK, Champion, and Bosch.

Tips For Proper Installation And Maintenance Of Spark Plugs

Tips For Proper Installation And Maintenance Of Spark Plugs

Proper installation and maintenance of spark plugs are essential for the optimal performance of your Harley Davidson motorcycle. Regarding the manufacturer of Harley Davidson spark primary oil check plugs, the company partners with leading automotive manufacturers such as NGK and Champion to produce high-quality spark plugs specifically designed to meet the unique needs of Harley Davidson motorcycles.

By following these tips, you can ensure your Harley Davidson motorcycle runs smoothly and efficiently. Here are some tips to ensure proper installation and maintenance of your spark plugs:

  • Refer to the owner’s manual for your Harley Davidson model’s correct spark plug specifications.
  • Use a spark plug gap tool to measure and adjust the gap between the spark plug electrodes if necessary.
  • Apply a small anti-seize compound on the spark plug threads before installation to prevent seizing.
  • Tighten the spark plugs to the recommended torque specification using a torque wrench.
  • Regularly inspect and clean your spark plugs to remove any carbon deposits or fouling that may affect performance.


Regarding who manufactures Harley Davidson spark plugs, several top manufacturers produce high-quality options. From well-known brands like NGK and Champion to speciality manufacturers like E3 Spark Plugs, you have various choices to suit your needs. Each manufacturer brings expertise and technology, ensuring you can find a spark plug that delivers optimal performance for your Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Whether it’s durability, reliability, or enhanced ignition capabilities you’re looking for, these top manufacturers have got you covered. So, when it’s time to replace your spark plugs, explore the options from these reputable manufacturers and find the perfect fit for your Harley Davidson. 


Who Manufactures Spark Plugs?

Several companies, including NGK, Denso, Bosch, and AC Delco, manufacture spark plugs. These companies produce high-quality spark plugs designed to ignite the air-fuel mixture in an engine’s combustion chamber.

What Company Makes Harley-Davidson Engines?

Harley Davidson engines come with the company itself, Harley-Davidson Motor Company. As one of the most iconic motorcycle manufacturers in the world, Harley-Davidson takes great pride in designing and producing its engines.

Who Builds The Best Harley Engines?

Harley-Davidson is renowned for building the best engines in the motorcycle industry. With decades of expertise and a commitment to excellence, Harley-Davidson has established itself as an engine design and performance leader.

Which Spark Plugs Are Made In USA?

Spark plugs made in the USA are known for their quality and reliability. These American-made spark plugs are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and adhere to strict standards to ensure optimal performance.

Is Harley A Japanese Manufacturer?

No, Harley is not a Japanese manufacturer. Harley-Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1903. They are known for their iconic motorcycles and have become a symbol of American motorcycle culture.

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