Where Are Harley Davidsons Made? – Harley Manufacturing Plants

Harley Davidson is one of the leading and most influential motorcycle manufacturers worldwide. They have been in the motorcycle market since 1903.

So, it has been nearly 120 years since they have been ruling the motorcycle market with their stylish motorbikes. Plus, their motorcycles are helmed highly for excellent quality and performance. Despite their fame, most people don’t know their manufacturing locations. Harley Davidson is a renowned and reliable American motorcycle manufacturer.

Here, we will explore the history of the Harley-Davidson brand and delve into the manufacturing process of their motorcycles. We will address where are Harley Davidsons made, taking a closer look at the production facilities and the factors contributing to the company’s decision on where to manufacture their bikes. So, for all the Harley enthusiasts and curious minds out there, let’s uncover the truth behind the origin of these iconic motorcycles.

Harley Davidsons Made

Where Are Harley Davidsons Made?

Where Are Harley Davidsons Made

Many people wonder about Harley Davidson’s manufacturing plants. So, they keep searching for where these bikes are assembled. Or you may say, “Where are Harley Davidsons made?” Their manufacturing facilities are in the USA, Brazil, India, and Thailand.

Plus, they have a huge market in Australia, Europe, and the Middle East, although they don’t have specific production facilities. Harley has expanded their production facilities in India, Brazil, and Thailand to avoid excessive duty-tax imposed on imported motorbikes in these countries.

Their production plants in these countries are mainly assembly facilities. As Harley kept growing in popularity, it expanded its plants worldwide. It helped them grab more prominent market segments.

A Brief History Of Harley Davidson

A Brief History Of Harley Davidson

Before identifying where Harley-Davidson motorcycles come from, let’s briefly examine their rich history. It will help you better understand the expansion of the production plants with their business growth.

There’s no doubt that Harley Davidson is an American manufacturer with worldwide fame for motorbikes and their parts. A group of individuals initiated the company in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was one of two major American motorcycle brands to survive the Great Depression.

The success of Harley Davidson in overseas markets can be attributed to its continuous innovation in the auto industry, as documented by its revolutionary bike suspension. Despite facing tough foreign competition, they have managed to maintain their position as a leading manufacturer. As a result, they have turned into one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers.

It has become an iconic brand widely known for its loyal following. There are owner clubs and events and global and company-sponsored brand-focused museums. We may generally think that the manufacturer started its business where it also makes the products. But there are more things you should know about how the products come to the market.

Where Designers Design Harley Davidson

Where Designers Design Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson history has a rich quality that spans over a century. With their iconic American-made engine, they have become synonymous with the spirit of freedom and adventure. The designers at Harley-Davidson meticulously craft each bike, ensuring that they meet the high standards set by the company.

From the production of bikes intended for American customers to the intricate supply chains that support their operations, Harley-Davidson continues to create motorcycles that embody the true essence of the open road.

The company arranges product development facilities where it designs its products in several places. Hence, all these places are in the United States. They are:

  • Mountain View, California – Livewire labs
  • Naples, Florida – Florida Evaluation Center
  • Wauwatosa, Wisconsin – Product Development Center
  • Yucca, Arizona – Arizona Proving Ground

All the designs of motorbikes and their stuff start from the Wauwatosa, Wisconsin unit. Later, they undergo different tests, modifications, and approval in other divisions.

The Place Where Harley Davidson Parts, Including Engines, Are Made

The Place Where Harley Davidson Parts, Including Engines, Are Made

These factories produce HD bikes available for the USA market. Yet some come from other countries, but Harley assembles them in US factories. Typically, the manufacturer imports parts from elsewhere, like the countries mentioned. Then, we assemble it here in the US. Three USA factories can produce different models, parts, or accessories. They are:

  • The Harley Davidson assembly plant is in Kansas City, Missouri, United States.
  • The York, Pennsylvania, facility specializes in the production of engines.
  • Harley Davidson also has manufacturing plants in Manaus, Brazil, catering to the South American market.

Who Makes Hd Bikes For The Australian, Uk, And Canadian Markets?

Till 2019, Harley Davidson continued the assembly plant in Adelaide, Australia. So, now the Aussie market gets its Harley bikes by importing from other factories depending on models. The assumption is that the possible sources are the USA, India, or Thailand.

The Harley-Davidson culture, rooted in the iconic American engine and power of engine pistons, extends beyond borders, captivating the Asian market. While American manufacturing jobs thrive, Harley-Davidson crafts bikes to conquer roads worldwide, including Australia, the UK, and Canada.

For instance, the Bawal, India factory directly exported the Street 500 and Street 750 to Australia. The Canadian market gets most motorcycles from US assembly plants. Alternatively, the UK and European markets get HD products from assembly plants in Thailand.

Reasons Behind Opening Plants In Brazil, India, And Thailand

The manufacturer closed its Kansas City plant and opened a factory in Thailand. They stated, “We did not directly think about moving production outside the USA.” Instead, there was a different reason. The extended EU tariffs for importing US bikes to the EU and UK made producing products directly from the USA quite tough. Hence, the import tax was on steel and aluminum to the USA.

Due to various factors, Harley Davidson is driving the decision to open manufacturing plants in Brazil, India, and Thailand. The manufacturing process is crucial as it ensures the production of high-quality motorcycles. Additionally, choosing this country of assembly helps Harley-Davidson expand its global presence and effectively navigate reciprocal and retaliatory tariffs.

This strategic move allows the company to mitigate the impact of the tariff push by establishing local production facilities in key markets. As a result, Harley did not want to reduce the increased expenses by not selling their products to the customers at higher prices.

Thailand’s plant helped them bypass a significant portion of the higher taxes and maintain costs. The factory in Brazil started in 1998 in Manaus. It makes motorcycles sternly for the Brazilian market or customers.

Identifying The Source By The Vin

Knowing the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) helps determine where they produced the specific HD bike. Among these 17 digits, the first 3 digits of this VIN give an idea about the country where the bike was made. Then, the 11th digit indicates the manufacturing plant of the bike. The rest of the digits are industry serial numbers. Now, look at the table for a better clarification (the first 4 are countries, the rest are plants):

Code Interpretation
1HD Mass-produced for sale within the US
5HD Mass-produced for sale outside of the US
932 Mass-produced in and for sale only in Brazil
MEG Mass-produced in and for sale only in India
Y, B York, Pennsylvania
T Tomahawk, Wisconsin
J Milwaukee, Wisconsin
K Kansas City, Missouri
D Manaus, Brazil
E Buell, East Troy, Wisconsin
N Haryana, India (Bawal District Rewari)

However, the digits of the plant for the bikes produced in the Thailand plant may not be available online. If your European bike made after 2019 doesn’t match the above list with the 11th digit, the Thailand plant may have assembled your motorcycle.

Who Makes Harley Davidson Boots?

Who Makes Harley Davidson Boots

Harley Davidson boots do not typically have the same association as an all-American bike. The manufacturer of Harley boots is Wolverine Worldwide. This company, founded in 1883, has a full license to produce versatile boots. This company also authorizes different clothes and protective gear for the riders. Some famous men’s Harley boots are Brosner 10″ Pull On and Brake Buckle, while women’s are Celina 10′ Lace Wedge and Adina Lace.

Latin America is home to several countries in South America known for their rich cultural heritage. Regarding cost, it is often beneficial for American auto manufacturers to produce products in this region while maintaining their distinct American heritage.

However, it is important to note that Harley-Davidson boots still have specific designs and are branded by the company. So, while the country of origin may differ for Harley Davidson boots compared to their motorcycles, they still maintain a strong presence in both the motorcycle and fashion industries.

The Quality Of Harley Davidson Boots

The Quality Of Harley Davidson Boots

We already know the greatness of Harley-Davidson bikes. Consequently, the boots are also great for riding those bikes and reaching the destination safely and in style. These footwear have anti-slip and high-traction soles.

So there is no risk of slipping on the mud or any slippery surface. It also ensures riding safety in the rainy season. Then again, its excellent insulation will keep its feet warm in the winter. Balancing the bike when you turn off the engine and wearing firmly constructed boots work great. They can embrace the foot, ankle, and lower calf properly. Being waterproof and resistant, you always keep your feet dry and comfy wearing the boots.


Where are Harley Davidsons made have been iconic American motorcycles for over a century, and the manufacturing process has evolved and expanded to include various global locations. So, you see, the business started in the USA and has spread worldwide gradually. It isn’t evident where the Harley-Davidsons come from. But if you carefully look at the VIN, you can understand the source of the bike’s production.

That’s why we recommend you look at the VIN of your Harley motorbike to find its manufacturing location. It will bring peace of mind for you to know the origin of your motorcycle. However, it’s unimportant because all the manufacturing plants follow the highest standards, including good safety features for every motorcycle.


Where Are Harley-Davidson Made Now?

Harley-Davidson manufactures motorcycles primarily in the United States, with production facilities located in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. However, Harley-Davidson also has manufacturing plants in other countries, such as Brazil and India.

Are Harley-Davidson Made In China?

No, they do not make Harley in China. Manufacturers primarily produce them in the United States. However, we may source some components and accessories from other countries, including China. It’s always a good idea to check with a business professor for more detailed information on international manufacturing processes.

Why Is Harley-Davidson So Successful?

Harley-Davidson’s strong brand identity, loyal customer base, and iconic motorcycle designs have contributed to its success. Additionally, their focus on quality craftsmanship and commitment to providing a unique riding experience has helped them maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Are Harleys Made In India?

No, India does not make Harleys. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are primarily manufactured in the United States, with some production also occurring in other countries, such as Brazil and Thailand.

Why Is Harley-Davidson So Expensive In India?

Harley-Davidson motorcycles in India are expensive due to various factors, including import duties, taxes, shipping costs, and other levies. These additional expenses increase the overall price of the motorcycles compared to other markets.

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