Where Are Harley Davidsons Made?: Harley Manufacturing Plants

Harley Davidson is one of the leading and most-influential motorcycle manufacturers worldwide. They have been in the motorcycle market since 1903. So, it has been nearly 120 years since they have been ruling the motorcycle market with their stylish and fashionable motorbikes. Plus, their motorcycles are helmed highly for excellent quality and performance. 

Despite their fame, most people don’t know their manufacturing locations. So, where are Harley Davidsons made? We understand that many Harley lovers have searched for the answer to this exciting question only to see failure. 

So, here’s the answer to Harley Davidson’s manufacturing plants. Harley Davidson is a renowned and reliable American motorcycle manufacturer. At present, you will find their facilities in California, Florida, and Arizona. However, they have a few outsourcing plants worldwide to grab the local market of various countries. You may quickly know where the motorcycle is made by looking at its VIN

So, let’s check all the manufacturing plant locations of Harley motorbikes, their boots, and various accessories. If you love Haley products, this location hunting article will be a goldmine for you. So, let’s dig into it. 

Harley Davidsons Made

Where Are Harley Davidsons Made?

Where Are Harley Davidsons Made

Many people wonder about Harley Davidson’s manufacturing plants. So, they keep searing where these bikes are assembled. Or you may say, “where are the Harley bikes made?” 

Presently, you will see their manufacturing facilities in the USA, Brazil, India, and Thailand. Plus, they have a huge market in Australia, Europe, and the Middle East, although these places don’t have specific production facilities. Harley has expanded their production facilities in India, Brazil, and Thailand to avoid excessive duty-tax imposed on imported motorbikes in these countries. Their production plants in these countries are mainly assembly facilities. 


As Harley kept growing in popularity, it expanded its plants worldwide. It helped them grab more prominent market segments. 

A Brief History Of Harley Davidson 

A Brief History Of Harley Davidson 

Before identifying where Harley Davidson motorcycles are made, let’s briefly see its rich history. It will help you better understand the expansion of the production plants with their business growth. 

It’s no doubt that Harley Davidson is an American manufacturer with worldwide fame for motorbikes and their parts. The company was initiated in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was one of two major American motorcycle brands to survive the Great Depression. 

The company has survived many ownership arrangements, subsidiary arrangements, periods of poor economic health and product quality, and intense global competition. 

As a result, they have turned into one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers. It has become an iconic brand widely known for its loyal following. There are owner clubs and events and global and company-sponsored brand-focused museums.

We may generally think that the products are also made where the manufacturer started its business. But there are more things you should know about how the products come to the market. 

The Place where Harley Davidsons Are Designed

The Place where Harley Davidsons Are Designed

The company designs its products in several places where product development facilities are arranged. Hence, all these places are in the United States. They are:

  • Mountain View, California – Livewire Labs
  • Naples, Florida – Florida Evaluation Center
  • Wauwatosa, Wisconsin – Product Development Center
  • Yucca, Arizona – Arizona Proving Ground

All the designs of motorbikes and its stuffs start from the Wauwatosa, Wisconsin unit. Later, they undergo different tests, modifications, and approval in other divisions. 

The Place where Harley Davidson Parts, including Engines, are Made

Two common questions I have found on the web about the manufacturing of HD. These are:

  • Where are Harley Davidson parts made?
  • Where are Harley Davidson engines made?

In this part, I will answer these questions in detail. If you have an HD bike, you may experience different parts made from other parts of the world. It can be anywhere from Asia, Europe, or America. What makes things crazy is that Harley usually keeps the matter secret from where they source their products’ parts or engines. 

Thus, the industry doesn’t remain numb as they say Harley source the parts from countries like Australia, China, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Italy, the USA, and others. Even I have found disagreements of the sources from where the parts are obtained. 

For instance, the Milwaukee engine-based motorbikes have used the Showa brand’s suspension gears for many years. This Showa is a Japanese brand. Another source says Milwaukee is the place of V-Twin engine production. 

In Tomahawk, Wisconsin, a small factory produces fiberglass and plastic parts essential for touring Harley’s bikes.  Again, the brake and clutch parts come from other parts of the world. Experts opine that these parts come from Italy. 

The wheels of HD are great for going on a long tour. But do you know where these wheels are made? They are mainly produced or sourced from Australia. Other Harley electronics come from different regions of Asia. 

Recently, the company has opened a plant, primarily for assembling motorbikes parts in Thailand, India, and Brazil. I think the global need for HD bikes has made them spread business. It happened as a response to the EU when they imposed a 31% tariff on bikes made in the USA. 

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Three factories in the USA are entitled to produce different models, parts, or accessories. They are:

  • Tomahawk for Tomahawk operations
  • York, PA, for vehicle operations
  • Menomonee Falls for powertrain operations

Any HD bikes available for the USA market are produced in these factories. Yet some come from other countries, but Harley assembles them in US factories. Typically, the manufacturer imports parts from elsewhere like the countries I have already mentioned. Then, the assembling is done here in the US. 

Who Makes HD Bikes for Australia, UK, And Canada Market?

Who Makes HD Bikes for Australia, UK, And Canada Market

Till 2019, Harley Davidson continued the assembly plant in Adelaide, Australia. So, now the Aussie market gets its Harley bikes by importing from other factories depending on models. The assumption is that the possible sources are USA, India, or Thailand. 

For instance, Bawal, India factory made the Street 500 and Street 750, which were exported to Australia directly.  The Canadian market gets most motorcycles from US assembly plants. Alternatively, the UK and European market gets HD products from the assembly plant in Thailand. 

Reasons Behind Opening Plants In Brazil, India, And Thailand 

The manufacturer closed its Kansas City plant and opened a factory in Thailand. They said it was not a direct thought of moving production outside the USA. Instead, there was a different reason. 

The extended EU tariffs for importing US bikes to the EU and UK made it quite tough to produce products for them directly from the USA. Hence, the import tax was on steel and aluminum to the USA. As a result, Harley did not want to reduce the increased expenses by not selling their products at higher prices to the customers. Thailand’s plant helped them bypass a significant portion of the higher taxes and maintain costs. 

Though I am not affirmed whether the Thai plant is running well now or not, Harley stated that the plant might take 1-1.5 years to keep the plant at full performance. 

The factory in Brazil started in 1998 in Manaus. It makes motorcycles sternly for the Brazilian market or customers. 

From 2011, HD Sportster and Dyna parts were produced or assembled at Bawal, India. But then, business communications were started two years earlier. The US plants primarily sent different parts and kits to India to assemble them. Later, the Indian factory started producing its own Harley bikes. 

Harley agreed with Qian Jiang Motorcycle, a famous bike maker in China. This company produces several models of Harley bikes. Eventually, the new 500cc Twin comes from this Chinese factory. 

Identifying The Source By The VIN 

Identifying The Source By The VIN 

VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is helpful to know where the specific HD bike was produced. This VIN is a 17-digit code; among these 17 digits, the first 3 digits give an idea about the country where the bike was made. Then, the 11th digit tells from which plant the bike was manufactured. Rest digits are industry serial numbers.  Now, look at the table for a better clarification (the first 4 are countries, the rest are plants):

Code Interpretation
1HD Mass-produced for sale within the US
5HD Mass-produced for sale outside of the US
932 Mass-produced in and for sale only in Brazil
MEG Mass-produced in and for sale only in India
Y, B York, Pennsylvania
T Tomahawk, Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
K Kansas City, Missouri
D Manaus, Brazil
E Buell, East Troy, Wisconsin
N Haryana, India (Bawal District Rewari)

However, the digits of the plant for the bikes produced in the Thailand plant may not be available online. If you have a bike from Europe made after 2019, and the 11th digit doesn’t match the above list, your motorcycle may be assembled in the Thailand plant. 

Who Makes Harley Davidson Boots?

In another form, “where are Harley Davidson boots made?” Before answering it, I am adding that Harley boots are made to protect the rider’s feet while riding. They are made from various materials, as well as leather. Also, you can find them in a variety of styles.

The manufacturer of Harley boots is Wolverine Worldwide. This company is fully licensed to produce versatile boots founded in 1883. This company also authorizes different clothes and protective gear for the riders. 

Some famous men’s Harley boots are Brosner 10” Pull On and Brake Buckle, while women’s are Celina 10’ Lace Wedge and Adina Lace. 

The Quality Of Harley Davidson Boots

The Quality of Harley Davidson Boots

We already know the greatness of Harley Davidson bikes. Consequently, the boots are also great for riding those bikes and reaching the destination with complete safety and style. 

These footwears have anti-slip and high-traction soles. So, there is no risk of slipping on the mud or any slippery surface. It also ensures the safety of riding in the rainy season. Then again, its excellent insulation will keep its feet warm in the winter. 

Balancing the bike when you turn off the engine works great wearing firmly constructed boots. They can embrace the foot, ankle, and lower calf properly. Being waterproof and resistant in nature, you always keep your feet dry and comfy wearing the boots. 


So, you see, the business started in the USA and has spread worldwide gradually. It isn’t evident to say from where the Harley-Davidsons are made. But if you carefully look at the VIN, you can understand the source of the bike’s production. That’s why we recommend you look at the VIN of your Harley motorbike to find its manufacturing location. It will bring peace of mind for you to know the origin of your motorcycle. 

However, it’s not so important because all the manufacturing plants follow the highest standard, following good safety features of every motorcycle. I hope I have made the facts clear what you have been searching for till now—cheers for spending your precious time on this blog. 

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