Maximizing Performance With The Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart

The Barnett clutch cable on a Harley Davidson offers the ultimate customization for your bike. With their custom ordering guide, you can avoid incorrect entries and ensure a perfect fit.

Whether you prefer a hydraulic clutch or a clutch cable fitting, Barnett has you covered. For even greater customization, consider upgrading to custom cables or aftermarket cables.

These cables are designed to improve performance and durability, giving you a smoother clutch engagement and disengagement. Plus, with Barnett’s expertise in clutch cable routing, you can be confident that your clutch cable will be properly installed for optimal performance.

We’ll provide a detailed Harley Clutch cable length chart to inform you of the different lengths of Harley Clutch cables and their corresponding applications. We’ll also provide tips on choosing the right cable length for your bike and installing it correctly.

Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart

What Is The Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart?

What Is The Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart

A well-defined clutch cable length chart will help you determine the ideal length for your motorcycle. The clutch cable on your Harley is the link between your foot controls and the transmission. It’s essential to have a proper and secure clutch cable length on your bike for a smooth and reliable ride.

The checkout process for purchasing a Harley clutch cable includes ensuring that the warranty issue is addressed and that all necessary accessory clutch cables, anchoring of cables, and battery cables are included. The cable should be long enough to allow you complete control of the clutch but not too long to become tangle-prone or uncomfortable. A proper clutch cable length will also ensure optimum speed and throttle response when riding your bike.

How To Use The Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart

How To Use The Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart

You can use the Harley clutch cable length chart to calculate the clutch cable length needed for a given application. First, use the chart to determine how many inches of cable are needed. This will be based on the size and weight of the bike. Next, follow the instructions for your particular bike to determine which size clutch cable is right for your application.

The custom control cable is recommended for installations with electronic ignition systems and foot clutches. The clutch cable assembly, including the type of clutch cable housing, can be extended up to 70 15/16″, depending on your specific needs and preference. Before installing a new clutch cable, make sure to use the clutch cable clamp and slide clutch cable adjuster at the appropriate cable strap locations. This will ensure that you get a safe and functional installation.

For constant velocity carburetors, it is preferred to have a variable throttle closure in the intake air stream before operating the throttle plate. Additionally, pulling the clutch cable slowly and steadily is important to prevent raw gasoline from entering the carburetor.

Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart

Maintaining and replacing your clutch cable according to the manufacturer’s recommendations is crucial for the longevity of your Harley Davidson. By following these guidelines and utilizing Barnett’s high-quality products, you can enjoy a smooth and reliable clutch system for years to come. Experience the difference with Barnett and take your Harley Davidson to the next level of performance.

Fits ’18-later Softail models
37200375 28”(711mm) $89.95
37200376 30”(762mm) $89.95
37200377 31”(787mm) $89.95
37200378 32”(813mm) $89.95
37200329 34”(862mm) $89.95
37200379 35”(889mm) $89.95
37200326 37”(938mm) $89.95
37200380 38”(965mm) $89.95
37200381 39”(991mm) $89.95
37200382 40”(1016mm) $89.95
37200327 41”(1040mm) $89.95
37200383 42”(1067mm) $89.95
37200384 43”(1092mm) $89.95
37200385 44”(1118mm) $89.95
37200386 45”(1143mm) $89.95
37200328 46”(1167mm) $89.95
37200387 47”(1194mm) $89.95
37200325 49”(1245mm) $89.95


How To Measure Clutch Cable Length

Measuring clutch cable length is an important but often overlooked step in maintaining your vehicle’s clutch. With proper maintenance, including checking the length of your clutch cable, you can prevent any potential issues with your clutch system. High-Efficiency Stainless Steel Clutch Cables, like the Copper Canyon Longitudinally Wound Clutch Cable, are designed to handlebar the correct length cable for your vehicle.

In case you need custom length cables, such as an extended clutch cable, it’s crucial to measure from the clutch pedal’s center point to the transmission housing’s center.

  • First, park your vehicle on a level surface and turn it off.
  • Next, check the manual for specific instructions on measuring the length of your clutch cable.
  • Then, measure from that point back to the center of the clutch pedal. This ensures that you have the correct length cable to connect clutch cable and prevents any potential issues with your clutch system.
  • Finally, before driving away or storing your vehicle, always adjust any slack in your cable and ensure that the cable is properly connected to the handlebar.

How Do I Install A New Clutch Cable On My Motorcycle?

How Do I Install A New Clutch Cable On My Motorcycle

Installing the correct cable on your motorcycle is a straightforward process that can be done with a few simple steps. Follow these steps below and refer to your motorcycle’s specific manual or instructions. You can install the correct cable and keep your bike running smoothly. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  • First, gather all the necessary tools required for the task.
  • Carefully remove the old clutch cable from its position, ensuring not damage any surrounding components.
  • Next, install the new clutch cable securely, following the appropriate instructions.
  • Once installed, it is crucial to adjust the clutch cable tension to ensure smooth operation.
  • Finally, don’t forget to lubricate any moving parts and conduct a thorough test to ensure everything functions correctly.

How Can I Maximize My Engine Performance By Adjusting The Length Of My Clutch Cable?

How Can I Maximize My Engine Performance By Adjusting The Length Of My Clutch Cable

The Harley clutch cable length chart provides valuable information for motorcycle enthusiasts. It lists the various models and corresponding cable lengths, ensuring a proper fit and smooth clutch operation.

This chart is essential for riders looking to replace or upgrade their clutch cables, helping them make informed decisions and enhancing their overall riding experience. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, this chart offers the necessary guidance to ensure optimal performance and reliability on the road.

Clutch Cable Length Motorcycle Model
60 inches Harley Sportster
70 inches Harley Softail
80 inches Harley Dyna
90 inches Harley Touring

Understanding the Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart is important to maximize engine performance by adjusting your clutch cable length. This chart guides the ideal cable length for different Harley models and will help determine if you need a stock cable or a custom clutch cable.

By using this chart, you can ensure that your clutch operates smoothly and efficiently, allowing for optimal motorcycle control cables. Whether replacing a worn-out stock cable or upgrading to a custom clutch cable option, referring to the Harley stock clutch cable Length Chart will ensure you select the right product for your specific product model.


The Harley clutch cable length chart is a practical guide for ensuring optimal Performance and safety when operating your motorcycle. It provides the exact length of clutch cable you need to adjust your clutch on your bike and ensures correct clutch alignment.

A well-adjusted clutch lever allows for smoother, more consistent action and reduces the risk of accidental clutch activation. The black cable housing, cable clutch, cable in sterling, Cable lube, and cable straps are essential components of a Harley clutch cable system, ensuring smooth operation and optimal Performance.

With regular use, short cables tend to stretch and harden, which can cause premature wear to motorcycle clutches and reduce their lifespan. So use the chart to find the correct length for your vehicle and get optimum Performance. We think you have everything you need to know about clutch cables and their lengths.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Length Of A Clutch Cable?

The length of a clutch cable can vary depending on the specific make and model of the vehicle. It typically extends from the clutch lever on the handlebar to the clutch cable adjuster cover near the engine.

How Do You Measure A Harley Clutch Cable?

To measure a Harley clutch cable, start by measuring the overall length of the cable from end to end. Then, measure the length from the cable end to where it connects to the cable to the handlebar.

How Long Is The Clutch Cable Sportster?

The length of the clutch cable for a Sportster can vary depending on the specific model and clutch cable option chosen. It is also important to consider the presence of a clutch cable guide ring, which can affect the overall length.

How Do You Measure A Clutch Cable?

To measure a clutch cable, start by measuring the length of the cable from end to end. This will give you the overall length. Additionally, you can measure the length of the inner wire and the outer housing separately for more detailed measurements.

How Much Play In A Harley Clutch Cable?

The amount of play in a Harley clutch cable should be minimal, typically less than an inch. However, it is always best to consult the owner’s manual or a professional mechanic for the specific guidelines and adjustments for your particular Harley model.

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