Maximizing Performance With The Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart

The clutch cable on a Harley Davidson uses friction to engage and disengage the clutch, transmitting power from the drive chain to the transmission. As a result, you must maintain and replace your clutch cable per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

This will ensure optimum Performance and durability for your Harley Davidson. Speed, weight, terrain, and engine size, determine the clutch cable’s length. If you notice a reduction in engine performance or difficulty in starting, it could be due to faulty clutches or clutches with poor maintenance.

To check the clutch cable length on your motorcycle, remove the cover from the master cylinder and locate the clutch cable housing assembly, which holds the clutch cable. Adjusting this will fix most clutch issues on your motorcycle. We’ll provide a detailed chart outlining the different lengths of Harley clutch cables and their corresponding applications. We’ll also provide tips on choosing the right cable length for your bike and installing it correctly.

Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart

What Is The Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart?

What Is The Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart

A well-defined clutch cable length chart will help you determine the ideal length for your motorcycle. The clutch cable on your Harley is the link between your foot controls and the transmission. It’s essential to have a proper and secure clutch cable length on your bike for a smooth and reliable ride.

The cable should be long enough to allow you complete control of the clutch but not too long to become tangle-prone or uncomfortable. A proper clutch cable length will also ensure optimum speed and throttle response when riding your bike.

How To Use The Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart

How To Use The Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart

You can use the Harley clutch cable length chart to calculate the clutch cable length needed for a given application. First, use the chart to determine how many inches of cable are needed. This will be based on the size and weight of the bike. Next, follow the instructions for your particular bike to determine which size clutch cable is right for your application.

The +4″ extended length is recommended for installations with electronic ignition systems and foot clutches. The clutch cable housing length can be extended up to 70 15/16″, depending on your specific needs and preference. Before installing a new clutch cable, ensure it meets all specifications and specifications outlined in the chart. This will ensure that you get a safe and functional installation.

A variable throttle closure in the intake air stream before operating the throttle plate is preferred for constant velocity carburettors. Additionally, pulling the clutch cable slowly and steadily is important to prevent raw gasoline from entering the carburettor.

A Comprehensive Look At The Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart

A Comprehensive Look At The Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart

The Harley-Davidson clutch cable length chart generates a lot of confusion for many riders. The problem is that Harley releases new models with varying dimensions each year, and the clutch cable length can vary from one bike to another. So how do you know whether you’re buying a good clutch cable? We have compiled all the relevant details for you in this comprehensive look at the Harley-Davidson clutch cable length chart.

Let’s begin with the basics. We can tell you immediately that your bike’s clutch cable should be long enough to reach your handlebar without any kinks or twists. This will keep things smooth when you’re shifting gears and prevent any potential damage to your clutch lever or handlebar assembly.

Next up is the material used to make the cable. Stainless steel cables are durable and last longer than other materials like Kevlar, which tend to lose their stretch and strength over time. Now let’s move on to how much slack you should leave in your cable.

When fitting a new clutch lever or handlebar assembly, it’s best to leave about 2-4″ of extra slack in your cable so that you can adjust it as necessary during routine maintenance or repairs. And finally, when it comes to choosing between a short or long cable, remember that both options come with their pros and cons – a short one might feel less bulky under your hand but could also lead to binding under hard use, while a longer one might feel more comfortable but could become twisted and damaged easily when not maintained properly.

Harley Clutch Cable Length Chart

Fits ’18-later Softail models
37200375 28”(711mm) $89.95
37200376 30”(762mm) $89.95
37200377 31”(787mm) $89.95
37200378 32”(813mm) $89.95
37200329 34”(862mm) $89.95
37200379 35”(889mm) $89.95
37200326 37”(938mm) $89.95
37200380 38”(965mm) $89.95
37200381 39”(991mm) $89.95
37200382 40”(1016mm) $89.95
37200327 41”(1040mm) $89.95
37200383 42”(1067mm) $89.95
37200384 43”(1092mm) $89.95
37200385 44”(1118mm) $89.95
37200386 45”(1143mm) $89.95
37200328 46”(1167mm) $89.95
37200387 47”(1194mm) $89.95
37200325 49”(1245mm) $89.95

How To Measure Clutch Cable Length

How To Measure Clutch Cable Length

Measuring clutch cable length is an important but often overlooked step in maintaining your vehicle’s clutch. With proper maintenance, including checking the length of your clutch cable, you can prevent any potential issues with your clutch system. First, park your vehicle on a level surface and turn it off. Next., check the manual for specific instructions on how to measure the length of your clutch cable. Make sure to follow these steps:

Measure from the center point of the clutch pedal to the center of the transmission housing. Then measure from that point back to the center of the clutch pedal. Finally, ensure the clutch is not engaged and adjust any slack in your cable before driving away or storing your vehicle. Measuring the length of your clutch cable is essential in maintaining it properly and preventing any potential issues with your clutch system.

Why Following the Chart is Important?

The Harley clutch cable length chart is important for several reasons. For one, it provides information on the optimum cable length for various motorcycle model years. This helps ensure the proper clutch operation and prevents premature wear and tear on the transmission. Another benefit of a long clutch cable is that it reduces the likelihood of losing control or stalling when pulling away from a stop.

A long clutch cable can also help smooth shifting at higher speeds. It is advisable to check the clutch cable length regularly to ensure it is short enough. This helps prevent drivers from buying a new motorcycle that requires a longer or shorter clutch cable and ends up causing unnecessary costs or damage to their car or motorcycle.

A long clutch cable on a Harley is beneficial for many reasons. First, it allows you to position your clutch lever further away from the handlebar, which gives you more leverage and control over your throttle. This makes it easier to shift gears and make fast acceleration or deceleration. Another benefit of having a long clutch cable is that it provides more flexibility in riding your motorcycle.

It can be wrapped around the engine for additional protection or positioned farther back on the bike for better control. Finally, a long clutch cable can help you solve issues with clutch chatter, which can be frustrating when driving on bumpy roads or trails. Overall, a longer-than-average clutch cable on a Harley is an excellent addition to your riding kit that will help you easily tackle any trail or road.

The Potential Drawbacks If Not Followed

The Potential Drawbacks If Not Followed

Having a short clutch cable can lead to trouble shifting gears and accelerated wear due to improper tension. A shorter cable may not fit certain Harley models, so the wrong size may have to be purchased.

The shorter cable may also be liable to breakage due to increased stress and tension. This can cause problems with clutch engagement, which can affect braking and handling. A shorter clutch cable may not provide enough clearance from the frame, resulting in rubbing and damage to the bike. Hence, getting a longer clutch cable for better Performance and reliability of your Harley is advisable.


The harley clutch cable length chart is a practical guide for ensuring optimal Performance and safety when operating your motorcycle. It provides the exact length of clutch cable you need to adjust your clutch on your bike and ensures correct clutch alignment. A well-adjusted clutch lever allows for smoother, more consistent action and reduces the risk of accidental clutch activation.

The chart also highlights the benefits of using a longer Harley clutch cable over a shorter one. With regular use, short cables tend to stretch and harden, which can cause premature wear to motorcycle clutches and reduce their lifespan. So use the chart to find the correct length for your vehicle and get optimum Performance. We think you got everything you need to know about clutch cables and their lengths. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Is The Best Clutch Cable Length Chart To Buy?

Ans: For your Harley Touring model, consider buying the 66 11/16″ long Black Vinyl Coated Clutch Cable from Motion Pro. This cable makes of a tempered-steel inner wire and an inner nylon sleeve for smooth operation, and it features a Black Vinyl coating to keep it looking good and protect it from rub marks.

2.What Are Some Things To Consider When Buying A Clutch Cable Length Chart?

Ans: When buying a clutch cable length chart, you should consider the following factors:

  • Clutch cables are 12″, 18″, 24″, or 30″.
  • They can make from stainless steel or black vinyl-coated steel.
  • Cable ends have a high-quality chrome finish.
  • you can purchase complete cable and handlebar kits.

3.How Do I Install A New Clutch Cable On My Motorcycle?

Ans: The first thing you’ll need to do is determine the length of the new cable. Once you determine the length of the new cable, you’ll need to replace the old one with the new one. The ends of the cable should have a high-quality chrome finish which will protect against corrosion and other damages.

4.How Can I Maximize My Engine Performance By Adjusting My Clutch Cable Length?

Ans: By adjusting the clutch cable length, you can change the friction between the clutch and the flywheel, which affects acceleration and fuel economy. There are various factors to consider when adjusting the clutch cable length, such as engine type, vehicle weight, and driving habits. It may be a good idea if you need help adjusting the clutch cable length.

5.What Are Some Factors That Can Affect The Correct Clutch Cable Length?

Ans: Several factors can affect the correct clutch cable length.

  1. The housing it is contained in: The clutch cable must be long enough to protect the Harley from rub marks fully, and high-efficiency cables can reduce lever effort by up to 40%.
  2. The throttle can affect the idle speed when the choke is engaged: The throttle can also affect the idle speed when the choke is engaged, depending on the model of Harley.

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