Harley Davidson Boot Size Chart: A Quick Guide

For most of us, Harley Davidson boots are a thing of a dream. They’re an icon of rock-n-roll and rebellion in the world of fashion. They’re also a symbol of freedom and self-expression.

You’re not alone if you’ve always wanted to own a pair of Harley Davidson boots but are still determining the size. We’ve got all the information you need to make an informed decision, from the size chart to tips for picking the perfect pair. Finding the right boot size for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle is difficult.

Here, we will discuss choosing the right boot size to suit your motorcycle and tips you can follow when shopping for a new pair of boots. We’ll also talk about the Harley Davidson boot size chart, which will help you easily find your ideal size Davidson boot.

Harley Davidson Boot Size Chart

What Is Harley Davidson Boot

Harley-Davidson boots and clothes offer various footwear options for riders of all abilities. These include riding boots, casual boots, combat boots, work boots, tall boots, riding shoes, and casual shoes. Choosing the right footwear for your motorcycle ride is integral to safety and comfort.

We recommend buying Harley-Davidson boots and clothes from reliable online stores. These stores offer a wide range of products from top brands that ensure optimal safety and comfort. The fit of the footwear should be comparable to other brands of boots. Motorcycle footwear from Harley-Davidson provides protection and stability while riding. This helps riders stay confident and secure on the road.

Motorcycle shoes are versatile and can be worn for any occasion. They are comfortable enough to be worn all day long in style or comfort. Whatever boot style you choose, make sure it is the right fit for your foot and bike.

Details Harley Davidson Boot Size Chart

Details Harley Davidson Boot Size Chart

The Harley Davidson boot size chart on the website can be a helpful tool when purchasing any motorcycle-related items, as it gives detailed information regarding the boot’s length, width, and preferred height. It also provides general sizing guidelines.

Additionally, customers can refer to this chart when purchasing motorcycle-specific clothing such as riding jackets or pants. The chart lists the various measurements and corresponding sizes to help customers find the correct sizing fit easily. Here are 2 boot size charts:

Man Boots Size Chart:

Regarding finding the perfect pair of Harley Davidson boots, it is important to know your size. By using the man boots size chart and taking these factors into account, you can ensure that you find a pair of Harley Davidson boots that not only look great but also feel comfortable on your feet.

US size Eur size UK size Insole Length (mm)
6 39 6 257
7 40 6.5 264
8 41 7.5 270
9 42 8.5 277
10 43 9.5 283
11 44 10.5 290
12 45 11.5 296
13 46 12.5 303
14 47 13.5 309
15 48 14.5 316

Woman Boots Size Chart:

US size Eur size UK size Insole Length (mm)
5 35 3 231
6 36 4 238
7 37 5 244
8 38 6 251
9 39 7 257
10 40 8 264
11 41 9 270
12 42 10 277

Different Measurement Systems (US, UK, EU)

Different measurement systems (US, UK, EU)

When it comes to finding the right size Harley Davidson boots, it’s important to understand the different measurement systems used in various regions. The most common systems are US, UK, and EU sizes. In the US, boot sizes are typically measured in men’s and women’s sizes, with men’s sizes ranging from 6 to 14 and women’s sizes ranging from 5 to 11. In the UK, boot sizes follow a similar pattern but may have light sweater variations.

For example, a US size 9 may be equivalent to a UK size 8. In the EU, boot sizes are measured in European sizing, which ranges from 36 to 48 for both men and women. To ensure you get the right fit, it’s recommended to consult a Harley Davidson boot size chart that provides conversions between this different measurement for sizing systems.

Finding The Right Fit For Your Foot Shape

Finding the right size boot is crucial for comfort and safety when riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. To ensure a proper fit, it is important to consider your foot shape. Harley Davidson offers a comprehensive size chart that takes into account different foot shapes, including narrow, regular shoes, and wide widths.

By measuring your foot length and width and comparing it to the size chart, you can find the perfect fit for your specific foot shape. It’s essential to remember that everyone’s feet are unique, so taking the time to find the right size will ensure a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

Tips For Choosing The Right Harley Davidson Boot Size

Tips For Choosing The Right Harley Davidson Boot Size

Choosing the right boot size is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience with Harley Davidson boots. Remember, finding the right boot size is essential for both comfort and safety while riding your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Take your time and consider these tips to ensure a great fit that will keep you comfortable on every ride. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect fit:

  • Measure Your Foot: Use a tape measure or ruler to measure the length of your foot from heel to toe. This measurement will help you determine the correct size.
  • Consider Your Riding Style: If you plan on wearing thick socks or want extra room for comfort, you may want to go up half a size. On the other hand, if you prefer a snug fit, you can consider going down half a size.
  • Read Customer Reviews: Many online retailers have customer reviews that can provide helpful insights into how the boots fit. Pay attention to any comments about sizing and whether customers found them to be true to size or if they needed to adjust their usual sizing.
  • Try Them On In-Store If Possible: If you have the opportunity, visit a Harley Davidson store or authorized retailer to try on different sizes and styles. This will give you a better idea of how each model fits your feet.

What To Look Out For When Shopping For Boots?

When shopping for Harley-Davidson boots, looking for high-quality leather and durable construction is important. Look for boots with reinforced toe and heel for added protection, as these features provide additional protection against scuffs and bruises. Also, make sure to get the right fit – consult with a professional at a footwear store for the best advice. This will ensure you get the perfect fit and experience optimal comfort while wearing the boots.

When looking at customer reviews, consider factors such as durability, fit, and comfort level to determine the boots’ best quality and comfort level. Following these guidelines, you can find a pair of Harley-Davidson boots that perfectly fits your style and needs.

Tips For Measuring Your Foot Size Accurately

Measuring your foot size accurately is crucial when it comes to finding the right Harley Davidson boots. By following these tips, you can ensure that you find the perfect fit for your Harley Davidson boots and enjoy maximum comfort while riding. Here are some tips to help you get an accurate measurement:

1.Use A Ruler Or Measuring Tape: Make sure you have a ruler or measuring tape handy to tape measure parallel the length and width of your foot.
2.Measure Your Foot In The Afternoon: Feet tend to swell throughout the day, so it’s best to measure your foot size in the afternoon when they are at their largest.
3. Stand On A Piece Of Paper: Place a piece of paper on the floor and stand on it with your heel against a wall.
4. Trace The Outline Of Your Foot: Use a pen or pencil to trace the outline of your foot on the paper. Make sure you keep the pen perpendicular to the paper for accurate reading measurements.
5. Measure The Length And Width: Use the ruler or measuring tape to measure from the tip of your longest toe to the back of your heel for length, and across the widest part of your foot for width.
6. Compare Measurements To Size Chart: Once you have your measurements, refer to Harley Davidson’s boot size chart to find your corresponding size Specifications.

Common Fitting Issues And How To Address Them

Common Fitting Issues And How To Address Them

When it comes to finding the perfect fit for your Harley Davidson awesome boot, there can be some common fitting issues that you may encounter. Remember, finding the right fit may require some trial and error, so don’t be afraid to explore different options until you find the perfect pair of Harley Davidson boots that provide both style and comfort. Here are a few fitting issues and how to address them:

  • Boots Feel Too Tight: If your boots feel too tight, try wearing them around the house with thick socks to stretch them out. You can also use a shoe stretching spray or take them to a professional cobbler for stretching.
  • Boots Feel Too Loose: If your boots feel too loose, consider adding an insole or heel pad for added comfort and stability. You can also try wearing thicker socks or using a bootstrap to help secure your foot in place.
  • Boots Rub Against Your Ankles: If your boots are rubbing against your ankles and causing discomfort, try using moleskin or padded ankle cushions to provide extra protection and cushioning.
  • Boots Are Too Narrow Or Wide: If you find that the width of the boots is not suitable for your feet, consider trying on different styles or sizes from Harley Davidson’s boot range to find the best fit for you.

Taking Care Of Your Harley Davidson Boots For Longevity

Taking care of your Harley Davidson boots is essential for their longevity. By following these care tips, you can ensure that your Harley Davidson boots stay in great condition for years to come. Here are some tips to help you maintain and protect your boots:

  • Clean Your Boots Regularly: Use a soft grey brush or cloth to remove dirt and dust from the leather surface. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the leather.
  • Condition The Leather: Apply a high-quality leather conditioner to keep the leather moisturized and prevent it from drying out and cracking. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.
  • Protect Against Water Damage: Use a waterproof spray or wax to create a barrier that repels water and prevents it from seeping into the leather. This will help protect your boots from stains and damage caused by moisture.
  • Store Properly: When not in use, store your boots in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid placing heavy objects on top of them, as this can deform the shape of the boots.
  • Repair Any Damage Promptly: If you notice any signs of wear or damage, such as loose stitching or worn-out soles, take your boots to a professional cobbler for repairs. Promptly addressing these issues can extend the life of your boots and prevent further damage.


Harley-Davidson is a patriotic company popular for its history and the amazing innovations and designs in the motorcycle industry. From the first motorcycle to be mass-produced in 1903 to the evolution of the design through the years, this company has been at the forefront of motorcycle innovation. You can choose from various styles, colors, and sizes to find one that fits your needs.

In addition, you can read reviews from other customers who have bought Harley Davidson Boot Size Chart. To sum up, the Harley-Davidson boot size chart is an essential tool for anyone looking to purchase a pair of their iconic motorcycle boots. With various styles and sizes available, it’s essential to ensure you get the right fit to maximize comfort and performance. You can confidently select the perfect pair of Harley-Davidson boots for your next ride using the size chart and accurate foot measurements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Harley Davidson Boots Fit True To Size?

Yes, Harley Davidson boots generally fit true to size. However, it is always recommended to refer to the brand’s specific sizing chart or reviews from other customers to ensure an accurate fit.

What Size Is My Boot Size?

I cannot determine your boot size without more information, such as the measurement of your feet or the size indicated on a pair of your boots.

What Size Is 41 In Motorcycle Boots?

The size 41 in motorcycle boots typically refers to the European shoe size. In this system, a size 41 corresponds to a foot length of approximately 26 centimetres or 10.2 inches.

What Is Boot Size M Or B?

Boot size M typically refers to a medium width, while boot size B refers to a narrow width. These measurements are used to determine the width of the boot in relation to the length.

Should Boots Be One Size Bigger?

No, boots should not necessarily be one size bigger. The correct size of boots will depend on the individual’s foot measurements and the specific brand or style of boot. It is important to find boots that fit properly and provide enough support and comfort.

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