Harley Davidson Street 750 Problems – Know Before Buying It

Today I want to talk about the Harley Davidson Street 750 problems.  Street 750 is one of the best members of the Harley Davidson family. Also, it is a great bike for both beginners and experienced riders.

You can take it on the city riding or across the traffic at good mileage. In short, the Street 750 will surely put a smile on your face every time you ride it. Unfortunately, over the years, many riders or bike owners have reported multiple issues when they ride Street 750.

In the bikers’ forum and blogs, I have found people talking about the Harley Davidson Street 750 problems they face to have this bike though there were good feedback. The main problems of Harley Street 750 include low mileage, low-quality exhaust, problematic stock headlight, and smaller and more discomforting seat. 

So, I have gathered information regarding Street 750 Harley faults or defects from these sources. You can learn about them in the latter part of this blog. I hope you won’t mind spending a few minutes here. 

Harley Davidson Street 750 Problems

List Of Harley Davidson Street 750 Problems

List Of Harley Davidson Street 750 Problems

Harley Davidson Street 750 is an outstanding motorcycle. Yet, it has a few problems that you need to address before grabbing it. 

Problem Name

What Happens

Low mileage 

Around 20-25km per liter 

Good for only city riding

Not suitable for long trips

Low-quality exhaust 

Needs sound improvement 

Faulty Brake

Suddenly Stops

Very basic design

Looks average than other Street models

Excessive heat emission

Rider feels the heat from the engine

Less informative speedometer 

Shows only one info at a time

Stock headlight 

Halogen bulb as headlight

Small seat

Low space for seating

Engine startup problem

Engine delays to function

So, these are the most reported problems found in the Harley Davidson Street 750. Please, continue reading to learn more about these issues below:

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Low Mileage 

Street 750 comes with a powerful 749cc/ 46ci 4-stroke V-Twin engine. So, it gives the bike ample power to hit the traffic. But many riders have already reported that they get a very low mileage. Some of them claimed that while riding this motorcycle, they can only travel 20-25 km per liter.

This mileage is not a big deal in riding on city roads. But it can be costly if the rider wants to travel a long way on the bike. 

Not Ideal For Long Trips

The structure of the bike is not friendly to go on distance travel. One reason is its seat is not so comfy or wider to sit for many hours. If you want to sit comfortably, you may need to change the stock seat. Another reason can be that the maintenance cost is comparatively higher than other Harley bikes. Besides, you may feel the heat from the engine more. 

Low-Quality Exhaust 

Low-Quality Exhaust 

“Riding street 750 on the street is super disgusting…” – this is one of the complaints I have found over the internet. Hence, the purpose of producing this bike may be primarily running on city roads. But the exhaust system is not good for the ears.

It will produce excessive noise when the engine revs, which is not ideal for roaming around the city.  If you want impressive sound from the engine, you may need to install a new, high-quality exhaust

Faulty Brake

In another model (Street Rod) of the Street series, the front wheel has a dual disc, providing much better ride control. But Street 750 has a single disc, which is good for short-distance riding at comparatively average speed. You may not get smooth control of the bike when the bike is at a higher speed. As a result, the safety of the rider and pillion is compromised. 

Again, some riders have complained about the gearbox as the neutral never falls. They often find the gear in neutral at an unexpected time, especially starting from a signal. You may need to contact the dealer from where you bought the bike to solve these issues. 

Very Basic Design

Very Basic Design

The riders expect each Harley bike will have user-friendly, attractive, and ergonomic in design. But the Street 750 is also lacking here as it could be ergonomically more impressive. It is not so bad nor so good in design. Hence, many riders expected this to be more vibrant than the stock color. 

Excessive Heat Emission

The heat produced by the engine is excessive. It makes the rider uncomfortable as their seat and feet remain closer to the engine. Moreover, the cooling fan attached to the front side of the bike also pushes air toward the rider. As a result, the safety of rider’s feet becomes a major concern in this burning heat. 

You can ride this bike while staying comfortable for a short time. But if you want to ride for long hours, you may need to install the heat deflectors. 

Less Informative Speedometer

Less Informative Speedometer

Most modern bikes have digital LED speedometers showing multiple pieces of information. For example, the rider can learn about the fuel quantity, mileage, distance of traveling, duration etc. But the Street 750 lags its counterparts though it is a royal bike. 

In this bike, you get a conventional speedometer showing only one piece of information at a time. For example, you cannot learn about fuel quantity if you have selected the distance you have traveled. So, it becomes tough to know while you are on a ride on the highway. Again, there is no fuel meter or tachometer to know about the rpm. 

Stock Headlight 

The design of the headlight is quite impressive. But it consists of a halogen bulb which is not practical in modern bikes. This light is good in less dark environments. But if you love to ride at night, you may find it hard to see objects at a minimal distance. After all, halogen doesn’t have the power to spread well or reach a good distance. 

If you want to take the bike at night, you may install LED or custom lights that fulfill the demands. 

Small Seat 

The bike’s stock seat is not much wider to sit on comfortably. Even the cushioning system is not so friendly to spend hours on the road. Again, the pillion seat is also tiny, which can be a bit complex for the passenger behind the rider. It will also provide less space to carry bags or necessary things when you want to travel across the cities. 

If you want to ride the bike with full satisfaction, you may need to order a custom seat and install exchanging stock. 

Engine Startup Problem

Engine Startup Problem

Few riders have reported that their bikes stopped on the road unexpectedly. Again, sometimes, it appears complex to turn on the engine faster. It makes the journey dull and not up to the mark. When you face a engine problem, you may need to contact the dealer to repair the engine parts. 

Final Words

In conclusion, Street 750 is a great bike, but it does have some problems that riders should be aware of. Low mileage, poor-quality exhaust, and a small seat are some of the most reported problems. 

However, the Street 750 can be an excellent bike for city riding and long trips with proper maintenance and care. I hope you have the concept about Harley Davidson Street 750 problems now. Thanks for spending your precious moments.

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