A Quick Overview on Harley Davidson Throttle Cable Length Chart

Placing a lot of trust in the throttle cables of your motorcycle can have disastrous consequences. You might be in trouble anytime if you are unaware of the cable length. The throttle cable on a motorcycle is responsible for controlling the engine’s intake and exhaust flow. You risk losing control over the engine’s performance and fuel tank hardware economy with improper cable length.

Fortunately, knowing the correct cable length isn’t difficult. Here, we will discuss how to measure throttle cable length and show you the Harley Davidson throttle cable length chart. We will also tell you how to select the right cable length for your motorcycle and if special tips come with certain models.

Harley Davidson Throttle Cable Length Chart

Harley Davidson Throttle Cable Length Chart – Choosing The Right

Harley Davidson Throttle Cable Length Chart - Choosing the Right

Throttle cables play a crucial role in controlling the throttle response of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. They connect the throttle grip to the throttle body. Allowing the rider to control the speed and acceleration of the bike. The length of the throttle cables is an important consideration.

As it affects how quickly the throttle responds to the rider’s input. It is essential to ensure that the throttle cables are properly adjusted and have the correct length for optimal performance and safety. Here is the Harley Davidson throttle cable length chart:

FLHR/I, FLHRC/I, FLHT/I FLHTC/I FLHTCU/I & FLTR/I (2002-2007) 39-inch
FLHX/I (2006-2007) 39-inch
FLTR/I (1998-2001) 41.5 – Inch
FLHTCU/I (1996-2001) 41.5- Inch
FLHRS/I (2004-2007) 41- Inch
XL1200L, XL1200C, XL1200N, XL1200R, XL883, XL883C, XL883L & XL883R (2007-2009) 30.5-inch
XL1200C & XL883C (1999-2006) 28.5-inch
XL1200L (2006) 28.5-inch
XL1200R (2004-2006) 28.5-inch
XL1200S (1996-2003) 28.5-inch
XL50 (2007) 30.5-inch
XL883 (1996-2006) 28.5-inch
XL883L & XL883R (2005-2006) 28.5-inch
VRSCA (2002-2006) 29.5-inch
VRSCAW (2007-2009) 29.5-inch
FLST/I (2006) 30.5-inch
FLSTC/I (1996-2008) 30.5-inch
FLSTC/I (2009) 32.5-inch
FLSTF/I (1996-2009) 30.5-inch
FLSTN/I (2005-2009) 30.5-inch
FLSTS/I (1997-2003) 30.5-inch
FLSTSB (2008-2009) 34.5-inch
FLSTSC/I (2005-2007) 30.5-inch
FXCW & FXCWC (2008-2009) 30.5-inch
FXST/I (1999-2009) 30.5-inch
FXSTB/I (1999-2009) 26.5-inch
FXSTC (1996-1999) 30.5-inch
FXSTC (2007-2009) 32.5-inch
FXSTD/I (2000-2007) 30.5- Inch
FXSTD/I (1996-2003) 32.5-inch
FXSTS/I (2004-2006) 30.5-inch
FXD/1 (1996-2005) 32.5-inch
FXD/1 (2006-2009) 28.5-inch
FXD35 (2006) 30.5-inch
FXDB/I (2006-2009) 32.5-inch
FXDC/I (2005) 32.5-inch
FXDC/I (2006) 28.5- inch
FXDC/I (2007-2009) 30.5-inch
FXDF (2008-2009) 28.5-inch
FXDL/I (1996-2005) 32.5-inch
FXDL/I (2006-2009) 30.5-inch
FXDS-CONV (1996-2000) 32.5-inch
FXDWG/I (1996-2008) 32.5-inch
FXDX/I (2000-2005) 32.5-inch
FXDXT (2001-2003) 32.5-inch

FLH/FLT Models

FLH/FLT Models

Harley-Davidson offers to shorten the length of the throttle and idle Barnett Throttle Cables on select models. This allows for a more precise and responsive ride and improved performance and durability.

The shorter cable length is available onHarley-Davidson Road King Classic EFI FLHRC,Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Classic EFI FLHTCI, Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Classic FLHTC, Harley-Davidson Road Glide EFI FLTR, and Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic EFI FLHTCUI models.

The shorter idle cable is available on these motorcycles with a throttle cable length of fewer than 150 inches (3850 mm). This option can improve performance and safety by reducing the time it takes for the engine to idle after idling. Additionally, this option allows for more precise control when putting the motorcycle into gear or moving off the standstill position.

FLH Models

The Harley-Davidson 56871-08 BRACKET THROTTLE CABLE GUIDE S&S SUPER E G HARLEY CARBURETOR is available with a length of throttle and idle cables, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Drag Specialties offers a comprehensive Harley Pushrod Adjustment Chart for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The EVO Carburetor Throttle Cable brake lever bracket Short for Harley Davidson by V-Twin is another good option if you’re looking for a shorter cable. We designed both options to improve performance and reduce emissions. So they will help you get the most out of your bike.



The Harley-Davidson FXSTS/FLSTC models come with various throttle and choke cables. Including those for the golf cart, clutch, and brake hose. The motion pro-Black vinyl throttle cables are made with high-quality materials and all necessary fittings, including a control cable with a range of throttles from slow to quick.

If you plan on riding off-road or in areas that require a longer cable, such as when using a golf cart or riding in heavy bailing wire traffic, you may want to consider investing in a longer cable. You can find this and other accessories to suit your needs online at various websites. Additionally, Motion Pro has a wide range of other products for your motorcycle, such as clutches, brake lamps, oil filters, and more.

VRSC Models

VRSC Models

The Throttle Cable and Idle Cable housing lengths for VRSC models are typically 39″ long and replace OEM #s 56523-02 and 56237-99A. Custom cables can be made to fit VRSC models with the correct specifications. So, you’ll need to identify the correct throttle assembly for the VRSC bike model to ensure the right cable is purchased.

Sometimes, a throttle cable bracket short may be needed depending on the VRSC bike’s replacement cable model. You should check the OEM#s to ensure you purchase the correct cable lengths. When replacing VRSC bike throttle cables. It is important to identify the correct cable assembly for the model of the bike being replaced.

FL Models

The Harley Davidson FL models only have a throttle cable length of the outer housing, excluding the elbows and adjusters. It would be best to route the cable through the carburettor mounting bracket or directly to the carburettor. The Harley Davidson FL models need a Bracket Throttle Cable Guide S&S Super E G Harley Carburetor Length Wire Pre Cv.

A compatible carburettor throttle cable bracket short is available through V-Twin for $25.15 plus $10.00 shipping costs. These specially designed cables reduce the risk of damage and improve throttle response by ensuring proper throttle tip engagement on all models.

FXLR Models

FXLR Models

The Harley-Davidson FXLR throttle cable length is 39 inches long, replacing OEM #s 56523-02 and 56237-99A. The Motion Pro®Black Vinyl Throttle Cable is available in various throttles, from slow to quick turning. For a Harley Davidson V-Twin throttle cable bracket short, purchase at $25.15 + $10.00 shipping. The Harley-Davidson BRACKET THROTTLE-CABLE GUIDE 56871-08 is available for $29.95 with free shipping.

FXR Models

We stock a wide range of throttle cable lengths for FXR models, including 39-inch cables to replace OEM #s 56523-02 and 56237-99A. To determine the right specifications for a throttle cable, we need to know the type of throttle and carburetor. The desired length of the cable and the type of elbow needed.

When replacing your cable, it’s important to ensure that you choose one with the proper connectors and end fittings for your bike. Certain types of bikes require end fittings designed specifically for them in some cables. At the same time, others may use either set or both options. A custom cable is a great option if you need one that meets your requirements.

To ensure that you get the best performance from your Harley Davidson. It’s important to ensure you replace the cable at least once every few years. Cables wear out over time due to friction from moving parts. So replacing them regularly is essential to keep them working at their best. Whether replacing an old cable or upgrading to a new one.

How To Measure Throttle Cable Length

How To Measure Throttle Cable Length

You can use a few different methods to measure the length of your throttle cable. One method is to use a tape measure and measure the length from one end of the handlebar to the other. Make sure that you account for any slack in the cable.

Another method is to use a gauge or a ruler and measure the length from one end of the handlebar to the other with extended hands. The final option is to use a device such as a mini-Install Cable tester or a tension meter.

Measure the tension in the Incorrect cable while turning the throttle lever. The best way to determine how long your throttle cable needs to be is by testing it yourself. But if you can’t access a mini-cable tester or a tension meter.

Then, you can use trial and error to determine how long your throttle cable needs to be based on your bicycle’s specifications. For example, if you have a road bike with an 8-speed shifter. Then, you would need a 5′ – 6′ long throttle cable for optimal shifting performance.

Tips For Selecting The Right Throttle Cable Length

Tips For Selecting The Right Throttle Cable Length

When selecting the right throttle cable length for your bike, you should consider a few factors. Proper installation of the pushrod adjustment chart is crucial for accurate valve adjustment on Harley motorcycles. The clamp screw is an essential component used to secure and adjust Harley pushrods. A gas tank is typically made of metal or plastic and is designed to be durable and leak-proof.

  • Refer to the Harley Davidson Throttle-Cable Length Chart for accurate measurements.
  • Measure the existing throttle custom control cable length to determine the correct replacement size.
  • Choose a throttle cable length for proper operation without excessive slack or tension.
  • Consider any modifications or handlebar changes affecting the extended cable length requirement.
  • Ensure the throttle completion of the cable has enough clearance to avoid interference with other components.
  • Check for compatibility with your specific Harley Davidson model and year
  • Consider seeking expert advice and guidance from a professional mechanic or Harley Davidson dealer.


Motorcycle engine enthusiasts commonly use the term’ throttle cable length. It refers to measuring the distance between the carburettor’s throttle handle and the T-Bolt. The length of the cable determines the length of travel in proportion to the movement of the handlebar.

A Harley Davidson motorcycle made for the American biker’s lifestyle is the most authentic choice if you are searching for the perfect one. If you are new to the world of Harley Davidson motorcycles, this might help you understand the differences between all of their models and the Harley Davidson throttle cable length chart.

Now that you know how to measure your cable length and what to measure, start by reading up on the types of Harley Davidson motorcycles, as they vary in shape and size. This way, you can opt for one that suits your needs best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Harleys Have Two Throttle Cables?

Harleys have two throttle cables for redundancy and safety. If one Cable lube fails or gets stuck, the other cable ensures that the throttle can still be controlled. This design feature provides an extra layer of assurance and prevents potentially dangerous situations that could arise from throttle malfunction.

How Are Harley Davidson Throttle Cables Measured?

Harley Davidson throttle cables are typically measured by their overall length, which is the distance from one end of the cable strap location to the other. This measurement is important to ensure the proper fit and functionality of the throttle system on the motorcycle.

How Does A Throttle Cable Work?

A throttle Cable question is a mechanical component that connects the accelerator pedal to the throttle body in an internal combustion engine. When the driver presses the accelerator pedal, the cable exits and pulls on a lever attached to the throttle body, controlling the air entering the engine.

What Size Is Throttle Cable?

The size of a throttle cable end fittings can vary depending on the vehicle or application. Throttle cables can come in different lengths and diameters to fit the requirements of different engines and throttle systems. 

How Do You Adjust The Throttle Cable On A Harley?

To adjust the throttle cable on a Harley, locate the throttle grip and follow the cable barrels down to where it attaches to the throttle body. Loosen the lock nut on the cable adjusters adjuster and turn the adjuster to either tighten or loosen the cable tension.

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